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5 Top Tips For Dieting This Summer

5 Top Tips For Dieting This Summer

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With the good weather arriving much earlier than usual, it can be hard to get motivated to keep dieting this summer. Here, we share our top tips to keep you on track for smashing your goals, despite the good weather.

There’s no doubt about it… our spring has been more like summer. For many of our customers, the good weather is an incentive to keep going and stick to their diet. But for others, it can be hard to keep the momentum going, which sees some giving up and thinking: “What’s the point?!”

But that definitely doesn’t have to be the case. Now is actually the perfect time of the year to lose weight. The fact is… it’s still spring. Summer doesn’t officially start for a few weeks yet, and if this good weather is anything to go by, there will be plenty of days still to come for you to showcase your new slimline silhouette.

In a few weeks time would you like to be exactly as you are now, wishing you had stuck to you diet. Or, looking as the time you spent on plan as one of total transformation, as you enjoy summer feeling fit and fabulous and proud of how far you’ve come.

The good news is that we are all in this together. Both our team and customers have stuck to this plan throughout the good weather. Because of this, collectively, we have some AMAZING tips to make dieting this summer a breeze!

5 Top Tips For Dieting This Summer


1. Water intake…

The first one we have for you is water… This is always at the forefront of our plan and is important in so many ways. A hydrated body performs best and will benefit you physically and mentally. We suggest having three to four litres of water a day. If you find this a bit bland, our delicious collection of Water Flavourings are perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer’s day. Plus, you can even try them with sparkling water for an invigorating change. Shop our Water Flavourings here.


2. Summer treats…

The second tip is to use small treats to help keep your moral high but don’t have any impact on your goals. For us it has been Water Flavouring ice pops! These can be made by mixing up your Water Flavourings, popping into ice lolly moulds and freezing. They’re delicious and totally guilt-free. Or, how does a delicious iced latte sound? Simply add a spoonful of coffee to your Vanilla Shake, mix up and serve over ice. The best treats are the ones that leave your conscience clear!


3. Exercise…

The third tip is for keeping active. For so many these words raise fears of cycle machines and tread mills, but exercising can mean different things to different people. It’s all about keeping active in a way that suits your lifestyle and preference. For example, a leisurely walk with the dog, playing with the kids on the beach or practicing yoga in the garden are all enjoyable experiencing that won’t leave you sweaty and sore. Exercise releases endorphins making us happy and the more you do it, the more likely you are to stick to your weight loss goals.


4. Planning ahead…

The fourth tip is to plan your day. Fail to prepare = prepare to fail!

If you have your day planed it is easier to ensure you have the time to stick to it 100% and complete the things you need to do to avoid stress. Giving yourself some time is key to ensure you can destress, reorientate your focus on your goals. Have your meals decided for the day and pop an extra bar into your handbag in case of emergency.


5. Picture the future…

Our final tip is to Picture yourself at your goal weight. Think of skimpy summer clothes, skinny jeans and little sun dresses and BELIEVE you WILL be wearing them. Positive thinking is key to success!….

REMEMBER dieting during the summer can be just as exciting. Just keep thinking about all the lovely summer dresses and outfits you could be wearing. Keep it going and enjoy yourself along with your friends and family!!

Please feel free to let us know your summer tips and how wonderful you are doing on your New You Journey 🙂

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