5 Healthy Life Lessons The Lion King Can Teach Us

5 Healthy Life Lessons The Lion King Can Teach Us

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Whether it’s your first time watching, or you are skipping to the cinema full of nostalgia from watching the original version, The Lion King is a movie that is guaranteed take you through a full range of emotions.

The movie tells the story of Simba, a lion cub who is to succeed his father, Mufasa, as King of the Pride Lands. The best thing about animated movies is that you can enjoy them no matter how old you are. The difference is that, as a child, you love the story and that fantasy world as it is presented. When you get older, you begin to understand that the fantasy world is a reflection of the one you live in.

At New You HQ we see so many parallels in the movie to our customers on their Total Food Replacement journey. Avoiding spoilers, here’s 5 healthy life lessons we have learned from The Lion King.

“Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you”


How many times have to tried to lose weight? For many of our customers, before finding The New You Plan, they have been on and off diets for most of their adult lives. They might lose some weight only to gain it all back again. Or weight loss is discouragingly slow resulting in them falling off and on the diet wagon.

At New You HQ we understand how difficult it is to believe that a diet will actually work. That is why we share our customer testimonials with the view that if a new customer can see our Total Food replacement plan works for others, they will in turn, believe it will work for them too. That belief in yourself is what will make your New You journey a success. Believe you can commit to 4 packs a day. Believe you can reach your water target. Believe you can reach your weight loss target. Because guess what? You can.

“Look beyond what you see”


When you start losing weight with The New You Plan you will see results very quickly. This is because our Total Food Replacement option creates a nutritionally balanced calorie deficit. On average our customers lose 1 stone a month. However, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose it can be easy to be discouraged about ‘how far’ you have to go to reach your target weight.

Visualisation plays an essential part in your weight loss journey. You need to see and hold and image of yourself at your weight loss goal. If you have trouble envisioning a thinner version of yourself, try creating a vision board. A vision board is a collage representing a goal you’d like to achieve. All you have to do is gather a few pictures of yourself when you were at a healthier weight or even pictures of celebrities who are at or near your goal weight, and pin them on a board. These images will motivate you to keep going and if you are losing weight at a rate of 1 stone a month you will soon see and feel significant changes.

“Remember who you are”


For many of our New You customers, remembering the person who they used to be before they gained weight, is an emotional process. We all know the physiological reason why we gain weight; we are consuming more calories than we are using up as an energy source. However, the psychological reasons for consuming those extra calories are rarely spoken about.

Perhaps you are going through a relationship break up, maybe a parent is unwell, or you might be taking medication which increases your appetite. The reasons for consuming extra calories are always personal to you. However, with weight gain, there tends to be a loss of other attributes. Self-confidence. Self-esteem. You might want to cover up more as your clothing choices change. Black (slimming don’t you know) becomes a ‘colour’ of choice. You might become quieter. Less opinionated for fear for being ridiculed. Not for your opinion but for your size. You might try to make YOU smaller.

This bit is important.

Underneath whatever armour you have built around yourself as protection is still YOU. The You who can command a room during a presentation. The You who can nurture and love children. The You who can multitask with the skillset of 10 people.  The You who can have friends in fits of giggles with just a look. Remembering who you are, the powerful beauty of You, will drive through doubts and unmotivated moments as you embark on your weight loss journey. The fact that you are taking part in or considering signing up for our weight loss programme tells us that you are not done fighting for a healthier happier You.

“Look, sometimes bad things happen — and there’s nothing you can do about it. So why worry?”


One of the major concerns our customers have when starting our Total Food Replacement plan is whether they will be able to stick to it. Total Food Replacement means just that. You replace your daily food with 4 or 5 packs of our nutritionally balanced meals, shakes or bars. There are over 40 different meals to choose from so you will never be bored, and you will be sure to find your favourites. At New You HQ we recommend only consuming the TFR packs and snacks for maximum weight loss. However, life happens. So, what happens if you succumb to temptation?

Nothing. You simply pick up where you left off. The key to The New You plan is consistency not perfection. If you have a ‘blip’ we encourage you to forget about it and move on. There’s no point in beating yourself up. The key is to get back on the TFR horse as soon as possible. Don’t let a blip bump you off your diet for a week. As ‘you’ve ruined it now’. You ate something that wasn’t on the plan. You can’t do anything about it. So, grab some water and get back to business. 4 or 5 packs. 4 litres of water. Consistency is key.

“Change is good”


‘You are fine as you are’. ‘You don’t need to lose weight’. ‘You will just put all the weight back on again when you eat normally’. ‘You won’t be able to socialise’.

These are common concerns expressed by friends and family members of our customers considering The New You Plan. The underlying reasons behind them are due to the resistance of change. One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain.

Change can be hard. Change can be scary. But it’s change that takes us from where we are now to where we really want to be.

Let your choices reflect your hope, not your fears. If you are considering a weight loss journey, The New You Plan will provide you with support and encouragement as you go through the various cycles of change. We are with you every step of the way. Because we have travelled in your footsteps. We have experienced that tentative glimmer of hope that maybe just maybe this is the one. The weight loss plan that will actually work. From our founder Julz to our Community manager Gareth, we have each been on our own weight loss journey.

If you are ready to take a lion size leap into a healthier, happier life, we are ready to jump with you.

For information on how to get started on the Hakuna Matata of weight loss programmes click here.

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