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3 Pounds for Week 3 – Consistency Wins

3 Pounds for Week 3 – Consistency Wins

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Today is my week 3 weigh in day, and I am down another 3 pounds.

My results so far are;

Week 1 – 6 pounds

Week 2 – 3 pounds

Week 3 – 3 pounds

Total Lost – 12 pounds lost in 3 weeks.

We normally tell people to expect 14 pounds in 3 weeks, so I am a little bit below average.

For a moment part of me felt a bit frustrated that I wasn’t “being average” but I honestly let that thought go as fast as it came (because I have committed to making myself a priority and not worrying about what other people think – I found this mindset change very easy, it would have been a lot harder for me to do this 1 year ago. Read my blog post from yesterday about self love here.)

In a way I think it is actually GOOD that I am a little below average.

I really want to get across the message that CONSISTENCY WINS.

Big Results Can Sometimes Make People Give Up

Here is a scenario that I have seen in our customer community many times;

A customer celebrates their amazing weight loss in week one of 10 pounds!!! They are so excited and motivated…

Then week 2 weigh in comes and they only lose 2 pounds. They feel deflated. 2 pounds seems so small compared to 10 pounds.

They think they could have ate loads in slimming world and still lost 2 pounds. In week 3 they throw in the towel and decide to try another diet, and gain back the 12 pound lost over the next few weeks and struggles for months.

Meanwhile someone else who only lost 5 pounds in week one, keeps a consistent average of 3 pounds a week and is 3 stone lighter in a few months.

If you really want to succeed you need to commit to the process and being consistent.

Do Your Best And Be Consistent & You Will Get To Your Goal

If I keep losing 3 pounds a week I will have lost 2st 11 pounds in 12 weeks. that is a life changing amount of weight loss. Consistency wins.

Don’t compare your weight loss results to other people, and don’t feel disheartened if you do not lose the same amount of weight as someone else.

You are you. Just do the best you can. Appreciate every improvement. Feel proud of every pound. And stay focused on the process.


My Week In Review

The 2 things I wanted to improve on this week were moving more and getting up early. I did pretty good with both. I was up at 5am most days this week, and most days I went for a walk on the beach too. I will be focused on building both of these into my daily habits and being more consistent with them!

I did get a bit of a cold this week, thankfully it didn’t really take hold, I did my best to fight it off and I am feeling pretty good that I didn’t use it as an excuse to come off plan 🙂 Read my blog post about that here. I’m actually heading for another epson salts and Olbas bath after I publish this blog post 🙂

My food this week is still mostly the same as last week. Lots of the oatmeal porridge, it really is my favourite, coconut bars, and vanilla iced coffee shakes! I’m enjoying these products so I am happy to stick to them for now.

This week I journaled about everything that I could achieve by June 2020. This is such a motivating exercise to do, I do these regularly to keep myself energised and excited for my new me! Check out my blog post about that here.

Overall I had a really good week 3. I feel like all areas of my life are moving forward. It is a good feeling.

I feel like I am in the Spring Season of my life. Jim Rohn says, the best thing about winter is that spring always follows it.

If you are in your winter season in life, hang in there, spring will come soon. xo

My First Non Scale Victory

2 people said to me yesterday that my face was looking slimmer. That is my first compliments from people noticing my weight loss. Non scale victories are great motivation, and I am looking forward to experiencing more of them on my new you journey.

Taking Photos and Capturing My Journey

I realised how bad I have been at taking photos of my weight loss journey so far, and that is one thing I need to start doing, as I really want to capture this journey as much as I can!

On to Week 4

I am delighted to have made it to week 3, the first 3 weeks are the hardest. I call it the “battle stage” of building your new you.

You have to fight off all your old habits and after doing that for 21 days your mind and body start to believe you that you are serious about making this change, and they start to accept that is your new routine and way of thinking. Things get easier.

I hope to keep tweaking my routine this week. I use an app called way of life to keep me on track with everything. I will probably do a blog post about that soon! I am big into tracking my habits and it keeps me on track with all the areas of my life from weight loss, health, kids, money, dog, home, beauty, emotional health, learning, business, team and more!

Have a great week everyone!

Day by day, we can achieve anything we want!

2020 is our year.



PS. I am on a mission to lose 3 stone for Easter, if you would like to join me, order your tasty meal bundle from our website, and join me and thousands others in our amazing secret slimmers community.

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