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Why being 100% changes your WHOLE life

Why being 100% changes your WHOLE life

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Being 100% on plan really changes you whole life! It is amazing the difference that it makes. In this blog post we look at 6 reasons why it changes everything. If you have been struggling to commit to being 100% on plan, this is the blog post to read.

It is common that people will struggle to commit to being 100%. It is hard! But boy is it worth it.

One of our customers who has been trying to commit to her total food replacement journey has been struggling for a while. Today she posted in our amazing secret slimmers community that she is now on day 18 100%.  This is what she said….

“Sticking to goals feels so liberating (in my own opinion) for the first time in a long time, I feel I finally have control over every aspect of my life. I have lots of challenges ahead of me this year, but one by one I am going to smash each and every one of them. Positivity really is key.”

How amazing is this?

I love love love love – reading customer comments like this.

I want to have a deep dive into why being 100% changes your whole life.

Yesterday was my week 3 weigh in, and in my blog yesterday I summarised my week by saying;

“Overall I had a really good week 3. I feel like all areas of my life are moving forward. It is a good feeling.”

I see this happening all the time. When people get to around 3 weeks of commitment to EVERYTHING CHANGES. Not only is doing the diet easier, but life is easier too.

Why Does Being 100% On Plan Make EVERYTHING Easier

1.) Your Health Is Your Wealth

The most important thing you have in your life is your health. Everything ripples out from your health and wellbeing. If you are consistently day in day out taking actions to improve how you feel and improve you health, this will naturally spread to ALL areas of your life.

2.) You Are Building Trust With Yourself

If you have been giving up on your diet, the chances are you have been giving up on other goals too. When you say you are going to do something, and you don’t follow through or give up when it gets hard. You start to lose trust in yourself. When you don’t have faith in your own word, you have no confidence in yourself, and this results in low self esteem.

The only way to break this cycle is to commit to doing something, and stick with it, so that you start to build trust with yourself again. When you commit to total food replacement and stick with it you start to believe in yourself again.

3.) You Can See The Best Version Of Yourself Is SO CLOSE

Who is the best version of you? Someone who is healthy, slim, focused, strong, attractive, stylish, and a total badass who lets nothing stand in her/his way? Yeah something like that 🙂

It is amazing how different you feel when you are being 100%. You start to realise that in a few short months you can be living your best life as your best self. It feels so liberating and exciting to get a sense on how soon everything can change! The motivation is insane!

4.) You Start To Believe In Your Dreams Again

Once you start to believe that you CAN get to your healthy target weight, you start to dream again. You connect with all the possibilities that can improve every area of your life.

You see yourself dating again, You see yourself going on that family holiday to Disneyworld, You see yourself going for that Job Promotion, You see yourself going clothes shopping with your best friend and having a Ball! You see yourself riding horses, swimming, hiking and having adventures!

5.) You Believe You Are A Badass Who Can Handle ANYTHING

Being 100% is HARD. It takes mental strength, will power and self discipline. You have to be determined to stay on track no matter what happens. When life is tough, you need to dig deep and be strong.

Doing this builds an incredible sense of inner strength. You know that you can face challenges with grace and courage because you believe you can get through anything.

6.) You Have More Energy & More Mental Clarity

When you are 100% on plan your body moves into a natural fat burning state called ketosis. This means that your body is tapped into your body fat as its primary fuel source. If you have a lot of fat, guess what? You have a lot of fuel for your body, and this makes you feel good! You have great energy and great mental clarity. This impacts all areas of your life because you have the energy to show up as your best self, and you mind is clear to problem solve and think creatively!

Make Being 100% Your BIGGEST GOAL & Change YOUR WHOLE WORLD

We have just 2 months until Easter is here, and 5 months to the summer months. There is still so much time to create an amazing transformation in time for summer. If you have been struggling, then I really urge to JUST COMMIT. Commit to being 100%. And most of all commit to KEEPING YOUR WORD TO YOURSELF.

Think about how it would feel in 21 days time if you could feel HEALTHY, CONFIDENT, EXCITED, EMPOWERED, CREATIVE & ENERGISED?

This is how you can feel inside, but also think about the changes you will have to your face, and your waist line. Once you start to see the changes in the mirror and feel your clothes fitting you better, the motivation from that alone is incredible!

Everything changes, when you commit to 100%, and show up everyday to CHOOSE YOU.

Big Love,

Julz xox

PS. I am on a mission to lose 3 stone for Easter. I have lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks, and I am feeling good. If you would like to join me please check out the SPECIAL OFFERS page on our website, pick a meal bundle and then join our amazing community so that we can support you every single day!

Make 2020 the best year of your life so far, start with YOU, become the best version of you, and watch your whole world change.

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2 thoughts on “Why being 100% changes your WHOLE life

    • Author gravatar

      Thank you very much. I’ve been trying to do vlcd for almost 10years. spent 1000s of products, thrown lots of packs away when expired. Eats the bars as snacks mainly. I’m waiting for my 3rd package from nyp, I hope I will receive it today. Take a picture and start properly. Even this week, I’ve tried and failed 3x already. I have loads of products, some from sns. I will definitely succeed this time. Thanks again

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Esther,
        It’s great to hear about your determination to succeed this time. Starting with a positive mindset and commitment can make a significant difference in achieving your goals. Remember, progress is a journey, and consistency is key. If you ever need support, advice, or have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out. Wishing you all the best on your journey with New You Plan! You’ve got this!
        Warm regards,

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