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3 Easy Steps To Create Limitless Self-Belief

3 Easy Steps To Create Limitless Self-Belief

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They say you have to see it to believe it but, when it comes to your New You journey sometimes, we have to believe it first in order to see the results.

When you decided to commit to be a healthier, happy version of you and invested in yourself by starting your New You journey, you might have made a promise to yourself that this was it. This is the last time you will need to lose weight.  And you meant it.  You started strong.

Then, somehow along the way your motivation dipped, you struggled to keep your promise to yourself or you came off plan entirely.

It’s often because doubt creeps in. You think, ‘This isn’t working.’ You tell yourself the promises you made are too difficult to keep. Here at New You we have a new trick up our sleeves for these creeping self-doubts.

This Is Where The Magic Happens

There’s more neural activity in the brain when it encounters negative stimuli – we’re inclined towards a ‘negative bias’. Why? It’s a survival technique; we’re always looking for the bear about to attack. Even though it’s likely that today there are no bears waiting to pounce, the nervous system has been evolving for 600 million years and we are genetically trained to look for the negatives in life to keep us safe. But from what? Failure? Change? Whenever you decide to commit to become a healthier and happier a tiny part of your mind will tell you ‘There’s no way,’ and come up with any excuse why you can’t commit to your plan. There is always resistance – and we justify it by finding evidence for these negative, limiting beliefs.

But, although we’re evolutionarily predispositioned this way, the brain is adaptable if we practise thinking differently. This is called neuroplasticity. By beginning to look for positive evidence, which proves that we can achieve our goals rather than can’t, we start to rewire our brains and develop new neural pathways that support positive bias and the ability to automatically think, ‘Yes! I can do that.’

Instead of finding weak and insignificant evidence to back up a limiting belief that would only hold you back, try looking for evidence that makes you feel positive in believing you can do it – for one,  if you have lost weight using the New You plan in the past,  the huge fact that you’ve already mastered the habit of consuming 4 New You Packs and 4 litres of water means you have changed your life for the better once before. You can do it again. Check out our real customer testimonials and transformations for further evidence of how well the New You Plan works.

It’s easy to set goals and make promises, but it’s your mindset and belief system that make them happen, and that’s all in your control. At New You HQ we believe that’s an enormously empowering thought.

Here’s 3 Steps To Erase Self-Doubt

1. Notice It

Start to identify the stories you’re telling yourself that could be holding you back from making healthy changes.

2. Challenge Your Beliefs

Examine your excuses and ask: ‘Are these true? How do I know? How are these beliefs keeping me “living small”?’

3. Make New Beliefs

Build trust that you can keep up healthy habits by switching focus; looking for positive, not negative, evidence that proves you can.

Your reality is a reflection of your strongest belief. We believe you can be a healthier happier version of you.

Start Your TFR Journey Today!

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Getting started is the first step in your journey to a brand New You! To help you understand fully how our plan works, our Get Started page was designed specifically for people new to the plan.

Head over to our site where you’ll find tonnes of important information including how our plan works, the science behind it, loads of top tips, information on our meals, as well as real customer testimonials.

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