Don’t Stress – Be a Hero!

Relationship between stress and weight gain – Be a hero and don’t stress!  During the first COVID-19 lockdown there was an increase in behaviours related to weight gain (1). The significant behaviours linked to this were frequent intake of ultra-processed food, snacking, being less active having less portion control, higher reported levels of stress and emotional eating (2,3). Stress and […]

Dominic Our £2000 Cash New Year New You 2021 Transformation Challenge Winner!

Inspiring men everywhere, here’s Dominic, the second-place New Year New You 2021 Transformation Challenge runner-up. Once a cynic, Dominic’s weight loss isn’t the only thing that’s been transformed – he’s now utterly obsessed with the New You Plan and can’t stop telling everyone he knows how great it is!   Read on to find out exactly how transformational this challenge […]

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