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Tasha blog 3 – Week 2, Total loss 10lb – week loss 6lbs

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WOOOOOHOOOOOOO I weighed in this week and guess what ……


I feel AMAZING I can’t believe that I am now into my 3rd week!! Last week I was at my boyfriend’s house and his mum was making my favourite dish and I was actually thinking to myself it smells so good but I didn’t actually want it, something then triggered in my head and I just kept thinking why ruin what I have done so far? What is the point? It isn’t going to make me feel better. So I sat at the table with them and I had my New You pancakes! I felt so proud of myself!!! Look at my image below, I can see the difference already … can you??



week1and2 side

Do you ever just sit back and think I can’t do this?

I did, the first few days I was on plan I just felt hungry and I myself love food (which is why I am in this state now) The first few days of starting the plan I was just thinking why am I doing this, I want to eat this – I want to eat that!! We are only human and it does happen, it is scary at how much our lives revolve around food!

I always have questions from our slimmer’s asking what can they do with friends!! When socialising you would normally go out for lunch/dinner, or you would go for a coffee and have a treat, you go out for drinks, for special days you have food – everything always revolves around food!! This can make dieting so much harder but do you know what – there are so many different things that you can do that don’t include food or drink, some people are not able to get their heads around the fact that you cant have a drink at the weekend or your normal Saturday night takeaway!! But look at it this way – why spend the money on something that might make you happy at the time but miserable in the long run because you are gaining weight!! Dont get me wrong I love going out with the girls but I just keep telling myself it is only 12 weeks of dieting and I could be down 3-4 stone!!! I would rather give us drink for a few months and lose weight than continue to have a ‘good time and be 3-4 stone HEAVIER!!

To keep myself on track I have started doing a few things that get me out and about and I enjoy it:

✅ Walking by myself in the evenings with my earphones in

✅ Bringing the big dogs for walks over the fields with my OH

✅ Going to the cinema with Friends

✅ Going swimming with friends

✅ Going for trips at the week – last weekend I was away to the beach with the dogs

✅ Going for drives

This is my wee pup Lexi – she loves her walks and this is what gets me moving (she whines looking to go for a walk lol)


None of these activities involve food but they are brilliant for keeping you distracted.

Determination and action is key and once you have it in your head you don’t ever want to give up! I am an all or nothing kinda girl! When I was on plan last year in the 11 weeks I never blipped once, nothing other than New You products touched my lips!! This time it is going to be the same I am going to stick to this 100% when I don’t have an event on.

There is nothing I want more than anything than to be comfortable in my own skin, I have felt so horrible for the last 9 months and it is time to change, I am ready to get the old me back!!


This week has been an AMAZING week for me!!! I am feeling so much more confident in myself!!!


I have lost a total of 10lbs so far! I am drinking 5 litres of water and having my 4 packs a day, I have had 1 snack from I started and I haven’t felt the need to have anymore!! When you want something bad enough you will force yourself to keep going – this is what I have done!! I have noticed that when I am on plan I am on Secret Slimmers a lot!! When I am in work (I work for New You) I am on Facebook and see all these AMAZING posts and people who are doing so well and do you know what ….. I am now one of those people, even when I get home from work I am still sitting on Secret Slimmers, I just love it, I love the people, I love the support, I love the laughs we can have I just love it all!! It is such a great asset to have in a company and that is just endless amounts of support!

I loved my WOW’s this week I just felt so good putting them up for people to see, I am absolutely buzzing!!!


Screenshot 2016-03-16 14.28.19


This Week I sat and wrote down what I wanted to give myself when lost each stone. This is what I want to get – however I will probably change my mind somewhere along the line but this is what I want for now 🙂 🙂


As I said before my Confidence coming back!!! This week I actually did a LIVE video on our main Facebook page!!! I was taking about how I have been getting on with the plan etc, I did feel comfortable doing it – it just freaked me out seeing how many people where watching it but I am looking forward to doing it again 😀 😀 It is fun 😛 I am also doing my Weigh in Video’s Live and this week I was buzzing 😀 😀 I just feel so good about myself and that I am finally making the change 🙂

Watch my weigh in video – I bet I make you giggle 😛 😛


So guys this week when I weighed myself I was at 16 stone 2lbs – I know for a fact that I am going to be breaking into the 15 stone bracket next week!!!!! Just watch this space 15’s I am coming to get you ????????????



Lots of Love Tasha xxxxx


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