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Anna Blog 4 – Week 9 – 80lbs* gone so far!

Anna Blog 4 – Week 9 – 80lbs* gone so far!

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Written by Tasha Hynes




The AMAZING Anna Part 4 – 80lbs* gone and counting!! 


*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Anna started the plan on the 1st of October 2015, from then she has lost a MASSIVE 5 Stone and 10lbs so far!!!! Over the Christmas period she came off plan for a refeed break just so she could enjoy the holidays with her husband to be!! This week she is on week 9 of The New You Plan and loving life!! 

She is getting everything ready for her wedding and she is doing a lot of it herself, she is so creative – this week she has been focusing on the dresses! This is something that she uses to keep herself on track and focused, this takes her mind off the others things that could knock her off track. 

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.*

Today Anna Talks all about her dresses for the wedding and the wee bits that she has left to do ?? , she is so excited and this is making her weight loss journey easier and easier, she has so much support and motivation around her. She also talks about exercise and the ‘support’ she gets from certain clothing items. She is such a pleasure to watch and talk to she really has a heart of gold and she knows what she wants!!  This is most definitely a woman on a mission and she has the power in her to smash these lbs right out of the park ????!!!

Watch this Video NOW to see Anna’s reaction to her weight loss this week!!!

We are all itching to see how well the AMAZING Anna does on her weight loss journey, Cant wait to see all the beautiful pictures. Only 2 months to go ?????
If you would like to get support from all our other slimmers then our Secret Slimmers is the place for you it is AMAZING!!! So many people are there to help everyone day in day out – Just click on the image below and we can get you sorted 😀 😀

New You Plan support
Lots of love Tasha xxxx

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