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New You Plan Customers Share Their WINNING TFR Recipes

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TFR recipes

Check out our customers’ winning TFR recipes, created using our tasty New You Plan Meals and get some inspiration for your next meal.

At The New You Plan, we love a competition and last week, we launched a competition in our Secret Slimmers group. As our customers are always getting creative in the kitchen using our meals, we asked them to share their favourite TFR recipes.

The great thing about our plan, is that our range includes over 40 meals and snacks. But what’s more than this, is that there are some amazing ways to combine them to create even more tasty options. From patties to banoffee (yes really), you’ll find yourself asking: “Diet?? What diet?!”

When we posted the competition we were flooded with responses, so much so that we couldn’t pick just one winner. In fact, we have FOUR amazing winning TFR recipes to share with you! They’re so easy, quick to prepare and most of all, tasty. The ultimate in guilt-free treats, give these recipes a go this week.

TFR recipes

Louise’s Crunchy Banoffee Pie

  • Sieve the Chocolate Caramel Muesli
  • Combine the Muesli powder with 60mls of cold water and a Banana Shake to create a caramely flavoured mousse
  • Chill in the freezer for 15 minutes
  • Tip the mousse onto the chocolate balls from the Muesli and keep some to sprinkle on top

TFR recipes

Vicky’s Valentine Truffles

TFR recipes

Pauline’s Patties

  • Add about 100mls of cold water and herbs and spices of your choice to the either the Cottage Pie or Spicy Noodle Nosh
  • Leave to soften
  • Using your hand, form patties to any size you like
  • Fry in a little spray of Fry Light, turning until crispy

Claire’s Spicy Burrito Wrap

  • Soak Spicy Noodle Nosh in hot water for five minutes
  • Form into a patty
  • Bake for 5 minutes at 200 degrees (fan assisted)
  • Make an Omelette in a medium sized frying pan
  • Once cooked, place on a plate and add the Noodle Nosh patty in the centre
  • Fold the Omelette wrap around the Noodle Nosh and enjoy

Fancy coming up with your own New You Plan TFR recipes? Check out our Special Offers section and get started today.

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