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Your Summer Slim Down Mindset -Sunshine love

Your Summer Slim Down Mindset -Sunshine love

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Your harshest critic is you. It’s sad to say but it’s true. You compare yourself to others, but you can’t help it. The problem is that you don’t see yourself as others around you do. 

It’s important to see how your friends and family see you as it will make you feel loved and more positive, which will give you extra energy to boost your summer slimdown transformation.

Now is the time to look in the mirror and see the real you!

Now is the time to let yourself shine from the inside!

This week, over on the Secret Slimmer’s Facebook page, Pascale is coaching you on how to tap into your inner sunshine. She wants you to shine bright and feel fantastic about yourself because you deserve to.

One of the great ways to see yourself as others do is to ask! Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family if they can tell you what qualities they admire about you. Anyone who genuinely loves and cares about you will be happy to share your amazing traits with you.

Don’t just stop at friends and family! You could ask:

  • Colleagues
  • Neighbours
  • Hairdresser/beautician etc

Also, don’t forget to ask yourself! Maybe there was a time in the past when you were happier. Write down what made you feel better about yourself back then. 

Tapping into the future you

It can be great to do a little imaginary time travelling to the future to see what you will be like. Visualising your future self, having achieved your weight loss goal is a great motivator. Ask yourself:

  • What will I admire about myself?
  • Will I be more confident?
  • How will my daily life have changed?


A token of happiness

Do you ever smell something and it stirs a memory that takes you back to a place in your past? 

Objects can do the same. So this year, whether you’re going on holiday or not, find a souvenir that will make you feel good, give you an instant smile and remind you of a happy time or experience. Keeping an item like this close will encourage positive thoughts which you can use to fuel your motivation and remind you of the strength you have to complete your summer slim down plan.

Items could include:

  • Jewellery
  • A pretty shell or stone
  • Perfume
  • A postcard
  • A photograph
  • Clothing

…anything that’s tactile and tangible to get those memories stimulated!

Enjoy the sunshine

This is so important. Take any opportunity to get out in the sunshine for a boost of vitamin D and the feel-good hormone serotonin! This will help you to feel calm, positive and focused on your weight loss journey.

And don’t forget:

  • You are amazing!
  • You can do anything!
  • You choose to be positive!
  • You celebrate your individuality!
  • You are prepared to succeed!
  • You can do this!


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