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WINNER: Sarah Maintained Her 10st 2lbs Weight Loss & WON £1000 Cash

WINNER: Sarah Maintained Her 10st 2lbs Weight Loss & WON £1000 Cash

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After maintaining her 10st 2lb weight loss for over a year, Sarah decided to enter our Transformation Challenge to show others that you CAN lose weight & keep it off. Here, she shares how her appearance, mindset and health have completely changed and how the challenge has been a great way to make herself accountable.

Congratulations Sarah!

New You: Why did you decide to join the challenge?

Sarah: To keep myself accountable because obviously I’ve never been able to maintain in the past so to have maintained for over a year now is amazing. I still log onto Secret Slimmers because it does help. Even though I’m maintaining, it’s lovely to see everyone’s journey and all the other people who have maintained. I just thought the time is right because I hit a milestone of maintaining for a year. I wanted to enter it to keep myself accountable and show other people that when you hit your target you can maintain that weight loss.

New You: So tell us, how much weight you have lost?

Sarah: So, I have lost 10 stone 2 pounds and it took me ten months to lose that. Even now I still look at myself and I just think, I don’t know who that is, even now I’m maintaining. I mean I’ve never been able to maintain before, so to be maintaining has changed my whole life. When I was nearly 22 stone and I’d go shopping, I struggled to walk. I’d have pain in my knees. Now I run up and downstairs, I run around all the shops. I’m going into town today. From where I live, it’s a 3 mile walk, so I’m going to walk there, shop and walk home. It just completely changed my whole life. I went to a theme park last week and I can now go on all the rides, whereas before when I was bigger, I didn’t have the confidence to and I mean, in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have fitted into a lot of the rides. It completely changed my whole life.

New You: And how long have you been maintaining your weight loss?

Sarah: Just over a year. I know I’m never going to go back because following New You Switch is so easy and it fits in around my life. On the days when I work, I do just my New You products, and then other days I just add in either occasion days or the nourished days. It’s so easy. I’m never ever going back.

New You: We’d love to know how you heard about the plan?

Sarah: Someone at work was doing New You because her mum had done it. She was making a product at the time and I started asking her questions about it and I thought, I’m going to give this a go because I’ve tried everything else I could think of and nothing had worked. I’ve never looked back.

Getting Started…

New You: What was it that made you start the plan?

Sarah: I’ve always felt like a thin person in a bigger person’s body, screaming to get out, but I thought, I’m never going to be able to do it. Well, I did. I used to feel embarrassed because I’d try and exercise and I’d think that people would look at me and just really judge me on my size and I just didn’t have the confidence to do things like theme parks. I could only shop in certain clothes shops and I really felt people would judge me. My self-esteem and my confidence were rock bottom. And like I say, I still have to pinch myself, that it’s happened and what I’ve achieved, but I’ve done it and I feel fantastic.

New You: How did you find your first week on plan?

Sarah: It was funny because my first week I actually had to self-isolate because it was when we were in COVID. My nephew had had COVID and I’d been near him, so we had to self-isolate. I just thought, oh I’m going to really struggle,  but I got into a routine and it was exciting. I must admit, after the self-isolation, I went to see my dad and they were eating. I took my crisps with me, but I did have to leave the room once because I just thought I couldn’t stay there while they were eating. But it got easier because of all the support on Secret Slimmers. I kept going on there and I loved all the food. The support really helped and kept me going.

New You: What motivates you do to stay on track?

Sarah: I took lots of pictures and I still look back on them now. It’s all the non-scale victories, all the things that I can do now. I can now paint my own toenails. It’s the small things.

I’m always talking about New You to people and I’m just so proud. When I show them photos they can’t believe it. When I got back from having my hair done, my nieces didn’t recognise me And they’ve seen me all the way through. One time, I was walking with my granddaughter and my dad rode past me and he had to do a double take. That sort of thing has happened a few times – my own dad didn’t recognise me.

New You: What does a day on plan look like for you?

Sarah: Every morning I have either Muesli or Porridge. For lunch, I have either Soups or Shakes. I love the Hazelnut and Vanilla ones. I love the Bars as well. I’ll take either the Crispy Caramel or Peanut one with me for my walk into town today. And then I love the Asparagus Soup and Mushroom Soup. When it comes to the meals I love the Chili, the Spicy Spaghetti, the Mexican Tacos and Indian Dall curry. And the Brownies and Salted caramel Cake and the They’re all so tasty. I love them.

Life Changing…

New You: What is the nicest compliment you’ve received since you’ve achieved all this?

Sarah: My niece saying that I look like deflated like a balloon, and when they people say they don’t recognise me anymore, or say that I’m an inspiration. I suppose that’s probably because I never thought I could do it, and I’ve done it. And I feel fantastic.

New You: Has your perception of food changed?

Sarah: I’m a Nurse and there’s always lots of treats at work. Now that I’m maintaining I can sometimes have some of the goodies, but when I was doing the plan and there was loads of food around me and I resisted, I actually felt really good. I felt really strong. You sort of see it differently, because I didn’t get to nearly 22 stone by just eating salad. Obviously, I was in a vicious circle because I didn’t like myself for being big and because I always turned to food as my comfort – I’d eat. But then once I’d done it and I binged, I felt worse. So, yes, you do see food as more of a nourishment.

New You: What would you say to something thinking about starting the plan?

Sarah: Stick to it, because it can change your life. Also, keep checking in with Secret Slimmers, because that is such a valuable tool.

New You: What’s next?

Sarah: To keep maintaining! New You will always be in my life. When I’ve hit the two year maintenance, I might go in for another Transformation Challenge.

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