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Week 5 Weigh In: 2 pounds down and 24 pounds total*

Week 5 Weigh In: 2 pounds down and 24 pounds total*

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24 pounds lost in 5 weeks on VLCD

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

Well this week I lost 2 pounds, I had hoped to lose more, but when I look at my overall weight loss over the 5 weeks I do feel good! 24 pounds is great and I am really feeling better for it.

On review of the last week I do think I need to do 2 things this week:-

1.)  Drink more water

2.)  Eat less bars

I do find the diet easy now, Im very settled into it, and most times don’t even think I am on a diet, and that has somehow made me slow down on my intake of water.  Drinking plenty of water is definitely essential on a VLCD /Total Food Replacement plan, as it helps your body to burn fat faster.  So I will be making more of an effort to keep to daily targets throughout the day to drink 1 glass every hour.

Being away in a hotel and going on my course I ate bars only for those 2 days and generally being busy this week I did tend to go for bars more often than normal, just for handiness sake really!  The TFR Meal Bars won’t slow everyone down, but I do tend to think they do personally slow me down, so I will be limiting them to just a few for the whole week this week.

If I can lose 4 pounds this week I will have lost 2 stone in 6 weeks, so that is my goal!!  🙂

I have updated my weight loss in the new you monthly weight loss challenge!  I hope you will join in 🙂

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