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Stacey Won Second Place & Watch This Space!

Stacey Won Second Place & Watch This Space!

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Congratulations to Stacey who came 2nd place in September’s Transformation Challenge winning £150 New You Credit!

Because we know how inspired you are with other people’s journeys, we asked Stacey to tell us her story and how she came to enter our competition.

Stacey lost an incredible 13lbs in her first week. Continue reading below about how she broke a vicious dieting cycle to secure her future happiness.

“I started my journey with zero self confidence in my appearance and desperate for another baby. 
I was stuck in a viscous cycle of starting my diet every day, only to have a cheat part way through the day and think to myself ‘I have ruined it now’ prompting me to binge eat for the rest of the day. Over and over again.
I was in denial about how big I had actually become, until I saw my start photos I took for NYP. My face had ballooned and I was embarrassed to even look at the picture until recently. 
I knew at 35 I only had limited amount of time to be eligible for IVF, but had a significant amount of weight to lose before I could do that.  I knew about VLCD’s and in fact had previously worked for a well known one as a consultant, but the NYP was not only cheaper, but offered a much wider range of flavours and meals. I decided to give it a whirl, hoping the packs were going to be not only palatable but enjoyable.
My package arrived and it was both exciting and nerve wracking, I knew failing again wasn’t an option, and used my want for another baby for motivation. At the end of my first day, I was pleasantly surprised, the packs were tasty and as I progressed I learnt which flavours did and did not suit me. 

The bars are my fave, I would cut them into small pieces and savour them with a cup of tea in bed on a night. It felt like a real treat.
My first week I lost a whopping 13lbs which was great for motivation! I continued with TFR for around 6 weeks before moving over to Switch adding in conventional food, at which point I was steadily losing 1 – 1.5lbs per week.”
“Because of moving over to the switch programme, my journey has took me longer than others, but I still did it, I stayed true to my goal and kept plugging away, losing more than I had on other diet plans. 
I loved looking at other people’s transformation photos and so decided to go ahead and join it myself! It’s great motivation and if you inspire someone else to change their life on the way then that’s a bonus!

I have now lost a total of 4 stone and 7 lbs, I hit my IVF weight requirement, and am continuing to lose weight whilst I am in a good head space, and it has also led me to book my wedding in December. I am hoping to get another 14-18lbs off before that.
During my journey there were days I found difficult (namely when I had an unexplained gain on the scales which turned out to be hormonal water weight), but having power of mind and focusing on your ‘why’ is what keeps you going!
The New You group is amazing and so supportive if you have any questions / struggles. 
My biggest none scales victory is still yet to come, but when I have my IVF next year and hold my miracle baby, that will be the moment. That was what started this whole journey and what I have worked so hard for!
My biggest advice is focus on one day at a time, keep your ‘why’ at the forefront of your mind at all times, and in a more practical sense, identify your difficult times during the day, for me I struggle with snacking / binging on a night, so I would often skip breakfast and have an extra pack for an evening. 

I want people to know that you can still lose significant amounts even on Switch, that the journey is flexible and there is something for everyone with New You!”

Losing more than 4 stone, Stacey hit the weight required for her IVF treatment and even booked her wedding. 

Considering she started her journey with zero confidence, we think that Stacey has grown and made her journey her own by moving to switch after 6 weeks. She has proven that losing weight can be both flexible and successful with New You

With her why always at the front of her mind, we’re sure Stacey will continue with her transformation and we hope her hard work pays off along with her IVF. We’re watching this space Stacey!



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