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Our Winner Angela Is Finally enjoying Her Life!

Our Winner Angela Is Finally enjoying Her Life!

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Anyone who starts the New You Plan is a winner to us, because you’ve chosen to make your health a priority. This week though, we felt we had to bring Angela to everyone’s attention as she is November’s Transformation Challenger winner. She took first place with a prize of £1000 CASH!

Just like many of you, Angela discovered New You purely by chance and was inspired by the reviews she read. 

Read Angela’s inspirational story of how she went from feeling miserable, fat and frumpy to being happy, healthier and 3 dress sizes smaller.

“Before staring New You I felt fat, frumpy and excluded myself from so many events. I wasn’t very happy and tried to hide it. Probably wasn’t great to be around either moods up and down as I ate lots of rubbish and snacks. Used to tell myself I was buying for the kids and not me.
I found New You by accident online and once I read reviews I bought a 7 week bundle knowing this was my last chance at trying to sort my weight out. I was 16st 6lbs .

I felt super excited when I received my delivery. The first week was tough especially water intake. But the -8 ibs loss the first week and feeling full of energy spurred me on. I stuck to packs for first four weeks then started experimenting etc after seeing others do so on the fb page. Week 2 I lost 4ibs then 3. In my first 12 weeks I lost 2st 10ibs.

Loved the chilli’s, cottage pie, curry noodles and the crisps were a life saver to add to meals too. Even though I bought a 7 week bundle I still place 2/3 orders the first month as I wanted to try everything. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. I didn’t use many bars first few months but now I can have easily 2 in one day.

I decided to join the transformation challenge after I received lovely comments from family ,friends and others in the group and when I could really see a huge difference in my pictures. I’m so. Glad I did. I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes.
I’ve learnt that emotions play a huge part in my journey with food and trying to avoid reaching for sugary snacks and having a jelly instead. The minute I’ve had a blip I feel rubbish and it really does nothing for me just makes you feel rubbish knowing you could have avoided it and didn’t really need it.

My first 12 week refeed was tough trying to control portions and thinking I was in total control and I wasn’t not all the time. That’s when I relied on the group page and switch page for advice and help. Everyone has been at this stage at at some point and can give good tips and advice.

Smaller goals made it easier to reach a good weight loss. Not too much pressure on myself. Treating myself along the way to smaller clothes too also helped. Getting into a size 12 jeans few weeks ago really shocked me on how far I have came. A fab NSV as I thought I would be happy at a size 14. I plan to add exercise to tone up soon too.

Without the support of the staff Glynis, Julz, Tammy and the people on the site Simone, Derek, Jan and Sam to name a few have been inspiring and a great help to keep me focused as they have all done fantastic.

Also the challenges and competitions New You do are fun , keep me motivated and feels very personal and inclusive to us all.
New you has given me many fab memories the past year especially getting dressed up to go out and feeling really good about how I look for The first time in 20yrs. I’m a much happier person to be around too. Alcohol used to be a weekend occurrence too but now I don’t even think about it unless it’s a planned blip for a special occasion.

Don’t think about trying New You, go for it as you have nothing to lose and stick with it, it certainly changes your life for The better and the changes for me were instant especially the energy I had. Made it super easy to keep going.
Thank you so much to everyone for this amazing plan that has literally changed my life
I appreciate everything you do for us all.”

2 stone 10lbs is a great result for 12 weeks on the New You Plan. And although Angela admits she did struggle at times, it was the support and learning to deal with her emotional eating that really got her through

Angela decided to enter our Transformation Challenge because of the encouragement of others – they could see the changes that she couldn’t. Compliments can be so powerful, so take pride and post your pictures on our Secret Slimmer’s Facebook group, as it could do wonders for your confidence and self esteem.

Fancy £3000 CASH just for losing weight?


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