£1000 Olympic Giveaway – Get Involved

£1000 Olympic Giveaway – Get Involved

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Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone this August and challenge yourself to becoming fitter and healthier?

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Rio Olympics 2016 takes place this August. To celebrate we are launching our New You Olympic Challenge and our Weight Loss Challenge to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and become fitter and healthier this year!!


What is the New You Olympic Challenge?? 


The New You Olympic Challenge (#NYPOLYMPICS) has been created to help you get out and move a little more. We want to encourage you to make a small change in your daily routine to become fitter and healthier!

This is going to be such a fun challenge 🙂

Why should you get involved? 


1⃣ It will Boost your confidence

2⃣ You will be out and enjoying a little exercise

3⃣ Exercise relieves stress

4⃣ Exercise boosts energy

5⃣ Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

6⃣ Exercise promotes better sleep

7⃣ Exercise can be fun

8⃣ You will be losing weight in the meantime

9⃣ You are going to have so much amazing support

🔟 You can win AMAZING prizes!!


What do I have to do? 


1⃣ All you have to do is snap a picture of you out and about doing something active every week you can chose from the Olympic games or do your own little exercise.


2⃣ Then upload your image on your own facebook/make sure your post is public or we wont be able to find you 🙁


3⃣ The Most Important thing is that you add #NYPOLYMPICS onto your public post so we can find it and enter you into the prize draw!!


4⃣ Remember to Register/update your weight loss on the August Leader-board


You can choose anything from the Olympic Games below or you can come up with your own for example, yoga, walking, going to the gym, day trip with the kids – anything at all that gets you out and moving!!

It doesn’t have to be anything that is really physical it can be anything – as long as you are out moving!


Below you can see a wee collage – Left – I am playing hockey, Middle, I was baby siting, so I brought the little man for a walk with me and the dogs! On the right is Ruth who is enjoying the sun on the beach!


You don’t need to be getting out of breath to enjoy a little exercise as long as your body is moving you are making a difference!

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What can I win you ask?



We have 3 main prizes up for grabs <3 including weekly Spot Prizes


Gold Medal – Will win a Fitbit Flex and a 2 Week bundle Worth £199.69/€257.60


Silver Medal – Will Win a 2 Week Bundle Worth £119.70/€154.41


Bronze Medal – Will Win a 1 Week Bundle £60.80/€78.43


New You Torch Holders! 


Everyday this August we are going to have our very own New You Torch holders! We are going to have 31 different people to help you stay on track and smash your weight loss goals! 🙂


What is a Torch holder?


For the Olympics the Olympic torch makes its way through many different countries in a relay – this means that there are different people carrying the torch in different towns and cities.


Throughout the years, it has become a tradition to let famous athletes, former athletes and/or athletes with significant achievements and milestones be the last runner in the Olympic torch relay and have the honor of lighting the Olympic Cauldron. The first well-known athlete to light the cauldron in the stadium was ninefold Olympic Champion Paavo Nurmi, who excited the home crowd in Helsinki in 1952. Other famous last bearers of the torch include heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (1996), Australian aboriginal runner Cathy Freeman (2000), and ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky (2010)



All our Secret Slimmers are an inspiration to everyone and this is why we want to give you the chance to become a New You Torch Holder this month!!

The Aim of the game is to stay motivated, inspired and leave your comfort zone!


What are the New You Torch Holders going to do for you? 


Our Torch holders are going to be there for you when you need that extra bit of motivation and inspiration.

Our torch holders are different in their own way, we have mum’s, dad’s, students, New and old members of secret slimmers, and so many more!

The reason we have chose so many different people is so that someone my relate to YOU and help YOU on your weight loss journey!


Check out our first Olympic Torch Holder!



Time to get out of your comfort zone!!


The best thing for your confidence is to leave your comfort zone, when you live in your comfort zone it can be so hard to get out of it because you are used to the routine.

Humans are creatures of comfort. Our comfort zone is our natural, neutral state — a place where stress and anxiety are minimal, where we know what’s coming next and can plan accordingly.

There’s nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone, unless you get too comfortable and start holding yourself back instead of challenging yourself to learn, grow and try new things.


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You can achieve SO MUCH in 4 short weeks on TFR



I hear it time and time again….  “Why did I not start this sooner? What was I waiting for?”  

Making the decision to commit to getting started is the hardest part, once you get started you will be feeling empowered and excited about the transformation that lies ahead!


TFR is the easiest, simplest, fastest way to lose weight.  

❌ No meal planning

❌ No grocery shopping

❌ No Food Prep

❌ No Cooking

❌ No Washing Up

❌ No Counting Points

❌ Carbs, Macros

❌ No wondering what to eat and what not to eat.  

❌ And the best part is you don’t feel hungry and you have ample energy! 😉

❌ With New You, the food part is EASY.  

❌ Any 4 New You Plan Meal Packs & 4 Litres of water. 



At The New You Plan we like to go that bit further and help to motivate and inspire you to build in healthy habits and mindsets.  


Keep yourself motivated and also set yourself a target by also joining our weight loss challenge. By taking part you are going to watch the lbs and inches dropping off!! A little exercise goes a long way with the #NYOLYMPIC challenge and taking part on the weightloss leader board you will smash August!! Lets do it together.







⭐ Start the #NYPOLYMPICS today and make this August count! ⭐

⭐ Make this the Month that you make a difference in your life. ⭐

⭐ Make this the month your change your routine and add in something new and exciting, even if it is just going for a walk everyday! ⭐

⭐ Make this the month that you smash your weight loss goals!⭐

⭐ Make August 2016 YOUR MONTH! ⭐


On the 1st of September we are going to be announcing the winners of the #NYPOLYMPIC challenge winners! 



What Meal Plan Do I Have to Follow To Take Part?

This challenge is going to be OPEN to everyone, not just to those who are going to follow “Total Food Replacement – Fast Focus Meal Plan” I want everyone to take part in this, whether you are committed to creating a jaw dropping weight loss transformation or if you want to maintain or lose a little.


About The New You Plan Meals


To take part we recommend you follow one of the following Meal Plans.

1. FAST FOCUS – This is VLCD TFR Total Food Replacement – you replace ALL your meals and get rapid results by creating a massive calorie deficit every day while benefiting from ketosis which means you won’t feel hungry. If you want to create a jaw dropping transformation this is a meal plan worth doing! You need to have no health issues and get your doctors consent to follow this plan.

2. FRESH FOCUS – This is New You 5:2 – This suits people who for medical or lifestyle reasons cannot do FAST FOCUS every day of the week, but they could manage it at least 2 days a week. This type of meal plan is also called intermittent fasting and comes with reams of benefits, not only weight loss, but improved cell regeneration, improved health, and anti aging benefits. We recommend on non fast days that you eat FRESH healthy foods and avoid processed carbs. You will get a free healthy eating guide when you sign up for the challenge.


3. FAMILY FOCUS – This is a new meal plan that we are promoting for those people who feel that they would be happier to do meal replacements during the day but want to eat a healthy meal with their family in the evening time. We recommend that you have one small low carb healthy meal with your family in the evening and stick to meal replacements for breakfast, lunch and snacks.


If you want to start the challenge following FAST FOCUS, and then due to a family commitments for example a Summer Holiday, move to FRESH FOCUS or FAMILY FOCUS for a couple of weeks, before returning back to FAST FOCUS.


The whole idea of this challenge is that no matter what is going on in your life, that you are still taking part, and focused on building in the healthy habits and mindsets that are going to help you change for the long term.


I don’t want anyone thinking…. “Oh I can’t take part as I am going to Spain for 2 weeks in August” You can take part, this challenge is all about being healthy and happy.


SAVE up to 62%With Our NEW Olympic Bundles


3 WEEK SPRINT – Sprint to a short term goal!

ONLY £99.99/€128.99 Save 56% Plus Bonus Gifts Worth £60.97/€78.65

So if you have a holiday, or a wedding, or you don’t have much to lose, or maybe you are just looking to maintain your weight – this does not matter! this is for EVERYONE no matter what stage of your weight loss journey you are on, and no matter what chaos is going on in your life. Make time for the challenge, and you will have the best Summer of your life!




✅84 Meals of YOUR Choice

✅5 Free Pasta Broccoli TFR Meals

✅5 Free High Protein Ketosis Friendly Snack NEW Cheddar Cheese Tortilla Crisps

✅1 Free Blender Bottle

✅Free Ketosis Friendly Berry Blast Water Flavouring

✅2 Packs of 4 = 8 High Protein Ketosis Friendly Chocolate Mousse

✅1 21 Day Drop A Jean Size Journal

✅Free Shipping

✅ 100% First Time Customer Money Back Guarantee



6 WEEK MARATHON  – Create Your New You with a steady weight-loss Marathon!


ONLY £199.99/€257.99   Save 62% Plus Bonus Gifts Worth £193.34/€249.41

✅168 Meals of YOUR Choice

✅10 Free Pasta Broccoli TFR Meals

✅10 Free High Protein Ketosis Friendly Snack NEW Cheddar Cheese Tortilla Crisps

✅1 Free Blender Bottle

✅3 Free Ketosis Friendly Water Flavouring’s

✅2 Packs of 4 = 8 High Protein Ketosis Friendly Chocolate Mousse

✅21 Day Drop A Jean Size Journal

✅Project New You with Ali Campbell Celebrity Life Coach

✅New You Information Booklet

✅Free Shipping

✅ 100% First Time Customer Money Back Guarantee


3 Week Summer Kick Start Bundle

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