NewYouCookOff: TFR Unusual Combinations & Fishy Dishes!

NewYouCookOff: TFR Unusual Combinations & Fishy Dishes!

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Its cooking time again in the New You kitchen and this week we have been looking for even more tantalizing treats to really get our taste buds going. The New You Cook off allows our community to get creative in the kitchen with both our TFR products and healthy recipes for our maintainers. It is the perfect opportunity to add a sprinkle of fun to the weight loss journey.

To tighten the apron strings this week on the NewYouCookOff we decided to push the boundaries a little and asked our community to come up with recipes for 2 different themes. For our TFR customers we wanted to see unusual combinations. A weird and wonderful approach to our packs. Customers had the choice of picking 2 or more packs and creating a new combination for them to be proud of. The concoctions didn’t have to be all unusual, this was an opportunity for customers to create new dines or recipes they had already seen on Secret Slimmers e.g. porridge cookies or strawberry shake pancakes.


For our Maintainers we launched a ‘Somethings Fishy’ theme. We wanted to see what different ways our customers approach the all time favourite fish category. This welcomed all types of fish from seafood to the classic cod.

We know how good fish can be for us with a high dose of omega-3, protein and vitamin D in every portion.

We wanted to experiment with different flavours and recipes to inspire fellow cooks who needed a little guidance as to how they could welcome fish into their diet.

The goal for this weeks challenge was to discover amazing creations that would help motivate our fellow New You customers to put on their aprons and try for themselves. Let’s see how our TFR customers got on..

The TFR Cook Off group approached this will full force and looked at how they could use their packs in a different way. The combinations were left completely open so we allowed any 2 packs to be used together. This opened the door to many weird and wonderful creations. Can you add burger mix to pancakes? Create a strawberry milkshake omelette? Let’s see the recipes:

cookoff6 cookoff3

Both Laura and Caroline gave us sweet treats to die for! Perfect recipes to give yourself that sugar fix with a fraction of the calories.

Laura took inspiration from the classic lemon drizzle cake and combined maple syrup pancakes with our favourite lemon cake bar. To add an extra bit of zing she poured lemon water flavouring over the top to taste. Amazing result!

For all you chocolate lovers out there Caroline has created the not so naughty chocolate flipover. This devilish creation combines a pancake mix and brownie pack together to create a cake like dessert. An inspiring brownie upgrade that we all can’t wait to try.

cookoff7  cookoff10Sarah and Nicky make a twist to the classics and created some warming home cooked delicacies.

Sarah created her own version of a spicy cottage pie by layering our chilli with a cottage pie topping. A mouthwatering creation that would satisfy all the family.

Nicky created  an inventive spin on the all time favourite taco’s. She substituted the taco shells with pancakes and teamed them with our vegetable chilli. Who knew maple syrup and chilli would go so well together?
Valerie and Jolly took on the challenge of combining sweet and savory to create the ‘its so wrong its right’ chilli chocolate combination. Valarie created a spicy approach to the chocolate brownie by adding chilli flakes to the brownie mix.

Jolly created a classic dunk style meal by teaming chocolate vegetable chilli with oatmeal biscuit dippers. A main and desert all in one! Her creation blew us away so much that she won the TFR cook off challenge this week. Congratulations Jolly 🙂

Now onto our Maintainers..

Each week the maintainers do not disappoint by creating a selection of mouth watering tasty yet healthy recipes we all want to try. Finding new ways to enjoy fish can be a difficult task if you don’t like to experiment with different flavours. The CookOff cheerleaders set the task to come up with some fishy dishes to inspire our new and existing maintainers.


What better way to get kick off the fishy dishes with a classic fish pie! Anne cooked up this lovely recipe by using a carbonara pack to create the bubbly top.

Sam kept things simple and looked at how to add extra nutritional value to her fish dishes. We loved her ‘Irish Fishy Flag’ creation including green spinach, salmon fillet on a puff pastry base and corn on the cob. So creative that we marked her the winner of the Maintainer cook off challenge this week. Congratulations Sam 🙂

Her second recipe was a healthy spin on the classic salmon breakfast. She teamed her smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and avocado for a mixture of textures and a treat for the taste buds.

Jennie created a super healthy smoked haddock dish that look truly divine. She simply cooked her fillet in tin foil with seasoning and teamed with steamed veg. An all time classic packed full of nutrients and taste to match. A creative plate of goodness!



Thank you to everyone who got involved in this weeks CookOff challenge. Do you want to put your cooking skills to the test? Get involved by checking out next weeks theme on our Secret Slimmers community on Facebook.

Remember you could be in for the chance of winning £50 cash points to spend on your next New You order for simply sharing your creations. Don’t forget to hashtag all entries with #newyoucookoff.

Happy Cooking!! 


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