#Mission – Win Ali Campbell Project New You Worth £97

#Mission – Win Ali Campbell Project New You Worth £97

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Be in for the chance of WINNING Ali Campbell Project New You Worth £97


Just Answer the simple Question Down below 😀 😀

This Monday we are going to be focusing on #Mission


#Mission – What is your WHY? Why do you want to be slim and healthy? What does it mean to you? How will your life improve? How will it benefit the people you love? What opportunities will you have because you are more confident and happy with how you look? How will your health improve?


Everyone has got a WHY – I know I want to lose weight because I feel unhealthy, I am unfit, I am out of breath all the time!! I just want to feel AMAZING I want to look AMAZING!!!


I know we all have different Why’s –


You may want to be a better role model


Do more with your kids


Your WHY is what maters!!!

All You have to do is watch the video and Answer the questions below to be in for a chance of winning:

1) Why do you want to lose weight


2) Why do you want to be slim and healthy?


3) What will it mean to you?


Remember as long as you answer the above questions in the comment section below ⬇⬇⬇ you will be entered into the prize draw!!! 

Good Luck 💜💙💚




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5 thoughts on “#Mission – Win Ali Campbell Project New You Worth £97

    • Author gravatar

      Why do I want to lose weight?
      To feel good about myself.
      To be able to do all the things that I don’t do at the moment because I don’t want to embarrass myself?
      To be able to join in with fun family activities.
      Why do I want to be slim and healthy?
      My mum died young from a stroke she was only 52 then my dad who was 57 went into terminal decline, he died at the age of 70 of multiple complicated illnesses. I want to be fit and healthy so I can see my four boys grow up, and so i can be there to see their children grow up. And so I can be there to help my husband and 2 boys who have a neuromuscular disorder.
      What will it mean to me?

    • Author gravatar

      I want to lose weight so I can run around with my kids, have less body pain and wear nice clothes.
      I don’t want to be wearing baggy t-shirts and track bottoms forever. I want to learn to make healthier choices when out and about. I want to do other things instead of worrying about my weight.
      Health is Wealth.

    • Author gravatar

      1) Why do you want to lose weight
      The obvious is health, however the outside is a reflection of the mind, so loosing weight is loosing mental confusion too.

      2) Why do you want to be slim and healthy?
      Physically to be comfortable with myself, I know that being slim and healthy means a calm and controlled mental mind. At peace and balanced.

      3) What will it mean to?
      To be proud of the person I am inside, living by the advice I would give others, helping my children see you can always break the mold you put yourself in.

    • Author gravatar

      Why do I want to to lose weight?

      This is the first time I’ve ever asked myself this question. I’ve always known I’ve needed to, from i was a child my dad used to tell me I need to sew my mouth up but I’ve never actually sat down and thought why? There are a number of reasons, I’d love to say I need to do.it for my children, I need to do it for my health, I need to do it for my partner but the truth is I need to do it for my own mental health. Because it’s starting to be affected by the lack of confidence I have to even leave the house, the disgust I feel when I put anything other than a pair of pj’s on, and the fact I’m so lethargic I struggle to get out of bed each day.

      Why do i want to be slim and healthy?

      As I’ve said I’ve always been heavy, grew up with only one brother Nd he was always so active and I felt all my life I was always compared to him, but where he was active I was intelligent so I focused on my studies as a way to try and In many ways be better at him at something. But that lead to late night munching and general bad eating habits. He used to buy nice cloths and trainers with his pocket money, I spent all mine on comfort food. I went through a few relationships along the way and at 22 I met my first husband Paul. He didn’t seem to notice my weight and I think in hindsight I married him just to prove I could. My grandmother told me weeks before my wedding that I couldn’t seriously be considering walking down the ailse the weight I was. Looking back now I would love to be that weight lol I was 13 stone.

      So I got married, but it quickly became emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. I had a daughter and miss carried another. Eventually I left after 2 more children.

      I learnt how to love myself again. I learnt that I didn’t need to be thin to be happy. I fell in love again and last week I got engaged to the love of my life (it’s not official yet as the rings not been returned from the jeweller as it needed resized).

      But this time instead of having the mindset of he loves me I don’t need to lose weight anymore, I’ve decided I love him and I want him to be with the best of me. I want to live forever lol I want to be fit and healthy so I can enjoy days on the beach with him and the kids. My children are 6, 7 and 10. I want to be around for their weddings. We would love to have a child together to complete our we family and I believe my weight is preventing us from getting pregnant. And i want to look and feel beautiful the day I marry Matthew. I want to pick a dress because I love it and not because I found one that fits, actually in general I want to be able to wear clothes I Like and not just ones that’s fit lol I’d love to buy a top in primark for a fiver rather than having to pay £30 in Evans for the same top because it fits me.

      In the short term I’d love to shift a few pounds for my holiday in June but realistically I’m in for the long haul and I know that takes some guts after following every one else’s story. I want to be gutsy for once. I want to succeed. I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to be able to visit my grandmother without leaving her house crying. My kids tell me every day I’m beautiful, I want to see myself the way they do. I want to play in the park with them or go up the mountains. I want to be able to cross my legs when I sit down like a proper lady lol

      What does it mean to me?

      To be honest it would be a dream come true. Like a fairy godmother gift. I think in the past I’ve given up on myself, and nows the time to make it happen. If I think of the end result the journey will feel to daunting, so better in small steps, like the first stone, the next weight bracket etc. When ever I make a wish it’s never for money or material things, it’s always been please let me lose weight.

      Can I add in here that for ages I’ve struggled to get into the mindset I’ve needed to get on plan, this exercise this morning is just what I needed, to sit back and take stock of why I’m Doing this and how important it is that I succeed. Thank you xx

    • Author gravatar

      I want to lose weight because I’m fed up bursting into tears every time I look in a mirror. I want to lose weight so that I feel confident enough to have family photos taken instead of hiding behind people or avoiding pictures at all. I want to lose weight for me.

      I want to be slim and healthy so that I can buy nice clothes instead of always going for the baggy tent like clothes. I want to be healthy so that I live long enough to see my grandchildren born if I am blessed and privileged enough to have some one day.

      This would mean absolutely everything to me. To walk down the street with my head up and full of confidence that I look good as well as feel good instead of looking at the pavement. To set an example to my children that they can achieve their goals and dreams if they work at it. To finally break the cycle of yoyoing weight loss and gain. This would change my whole life.

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