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Hannah Blog 5 – Week 10 total of 44.7lbs lost!

Hannah Blog 5 – Week 10 total of 44.7lbs lost!

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The Struggle is Real

Hello Lovely Slimmers!


What a tough week this past week has been! At the start of my New You journey, I decided to set myself goals to focus on. My first goal was to be 100% on Fast Focus until Easter which would mean 8 weeks on plan before then and then refeeding for Easter week. In these 8 weeks I lost an incredible 3 stone!

Easter week came and I started refeed on the Monday. I wasn’t scared of starting refeed at all. I had researched ketosis so much that I was 100% clear of the right keto friendly foods to eat. I am really glad hat I decided to come off for Easter as it showed me that I was able to make the right food choices and when I did eat a few naughty things over the Easter weekend, I didn’t feel nice at all and that showed me just how good you feel eating the right things and just how horribleand sluggish you feel eating the wrong things!

I decided that I was going to start off Fast Focus until I went back to work on the Tuesday following Easter.

I jumped on the scales Tuesday morning and the scales was brutally honest with how bad I had been over the weekend! That was ok though as today I was jumping back on the New You horse and that weight would drop off by Friday!

I woke up so ready that morning! Had my morning strawberry shake, a litre of water and headed into work. Sat and my desk and felt like I was going to try. After 5 wonderful days with my baby girl, I was back at work and not able to spend the day with her. By this point, I was ready to quit on the day and I hadn’t even been in work 15 minutes! In the end, emotions took over and I couldn’t battle with my mind any long. I went and got a tea cake from the canteen, ate it and enjoyed it. It really did make me feel better. It was as if my body and mind had accepted that fact that today is going to be a little easier because all I had to be down about now is the fact that I was away from my daughter and not that I had to get through my first day back on New You.

I wrote Tuesday off and I didn’t beat myself up about it for the rest of the day or week because I knew that if I went on and on thinking about failing, I would probably fail the next day and the next day. I just drew a line under it and got on with the day.

Wednesday was a new day. I was ready, again! Same as Tuesday, I had my shake and a litre of water. Came to work and started to feel that feeling again. I tried my hardest to ignore it. I knew that I had to stick to it! If I quit again then that week would have been written off and I would have even less time to get to my goal. No matter how hard I tried though, my mind just kept telling me that I couldn’t do it! I needed to talk to someone, I needed to reach out! I went over to the secret slimmers group on facebook and told everyone that I was struggling. What I found out was that others struggle as well. Not just me! The struggle is real! I also spoke to my friend about it and she reminded me just how far I had come so far and how I couldn’t quit now. I thought hard about the reasons that I was doing New you. I thought to myself, if I quit now and go back to the way I used to be, I will probably put on what I have lost by the end of the month! I couldn’t do that! There were reasons I was doing New You and I just had to stick to it!!!


Monday morning, I jumped on the scales and there it was! I way back down and less that my pre Easter break! I had done it! I fought with the demons in my head telling me that I couldn’t do it and I did it! I was now down to 16 stone 4 3/4lbs! So so close to seeing the 15s!!

That Monday morning I woke up in the BEST mood!! No only had I got back on the New You horse, it was day 1 of the Spring Challenge and I was so happy to be taking part!! I spent the weekend doing my before photos to send to to the New You team. I even took my measurements that I had never done before! I cannot wait to compare these in a few weeks time!!

I then compared my Spring Challenge photo to my first photo at the very start of my New You journey. WOW! I could not believe just how far I had come in 8 weeks. It is incredible and just shows me why I needed to stick with it, because it works!!!
image1 (1)

If you feel like you are struggling to get back on the plan after a break or struggling to get through your first days on the plan, YOU CAN DO IT! I DID IT!! Remember why you are doing this. Write down your reasons and your goals. Talk to the secret slimmers community. Remember that there are other people out there struggling as well but together we can help each other and get through!!

Remember to sign up for the Spring Challenge, that is such a fantastic challenge to be park of and keep you on plan!!

I did it, you can do it! Can’t wait for next weeks weigh in!

Keep strong every one.



Love ya, bye!
Hannah xx

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