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#mchallenge – How a #makeover can make all the difference!

#mchallenge – How a #makeover can make all the difference!

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Sometimes its the little things in life that make all the difference, whether it is a kind word from a loved one or an unexpected gift to cheer you up. It is these things that can really impact on your mood or mindset during a trying time. This week on the #mchallenge we have looked at this idea in a bit more detailed and focused this weeks theme on  #makeovers. A makeover can relate to anything, it is defined by how you approach it. This could include a new hair do for an ego boost, redecorating a neglected room or simply rearranging an unorganised area. All these things can set your mood from zero to hero in a matter of moments. Each different approach to makeovers all have something in common, you have to focus on the task in hand to ensure you revel in the end result. A similar concept to the weight loss journey, by staying focused and on track you can benefit from the finale when it comes around.15085729_1809694052649468_919047252755973124_n

This week our community have been delving into the makeover theme in a variety of different ways. Stemming from home improvements, beauty updates and physical fitness, our Secret Slimmers have definitely been busy. Like all of our #mchallenge themes it is another perfect challenge to inspire fellow customers to new ideas as to how they can get involved in something new to shift their mindset to positive thinking.  Let’s see what they have got up to..


To start off Lynn took on the physical makeover and has set herself the goal to get fit. This is something makeover1we all aspire to at some point in our life and we have to congratulate Lynn on taking on the task in the first place. This is a perfect example of setting new goals once you start to see the benefits of being on a plan like ours. If one goal is working then push yourself to take on something else. Like Lynn by incorporating a little physical fitness into your regime you could reap the benefits of both a healthier happier you but also a fitter one.

Jerri shared with us her challenge to go for a new look. This can always be a tricky one to get your head around especially if you are use to the same look for the past few years. Somebodies look can easily become their identity so introducing a change can sometimes cause a negative affect but this is only a thought and not reality. By makeover3going for a new look it opens the box of a new found confidence that you didn’t have before so embrace it. If you feel good in how you look then everyone else will notice that confidence and agree with you. We loved how brave Jerri was by going from her bright locks to a more natural do. Both styles looked great but sometimes a little push to try something new is just what you need. We rewarded this bravery by choosing her as one of our #mchallenge winners of the week. Congratulations Jerri 🙂

Nicola took a different approach to the #makeover theme. Highlighting it doesn’t have to be directly linked to yourself. She took on a room she wasn’t happy with and made it something she was proud off. makeover2After all ‘Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind’. Keeping a clear head is very important when trying to stay focused on the weight loss journey. Nicola challenged herself to sort out the room as it was for her children. By taking a before and after shot she got to see the before and after take of all her good work. Like Jerri we were really impressed by this effort and awarded her our second #mchallenge winner.

Christina shared with us a great quote that we all can live by ‘To be outstanding get comfortable with being uncomfortable’. This can be adapted to all walks of life, sometimes pushing yourself that little bit further out of your comfort zone is what you need to get the result 14955963_10205920376769062_7805810673287259543_nor reaction you want. Embracing who you are as a person is what matters and feeling good in your own skin. Remember why you are on the weight loss journey in the first place and how you feel when you have reached your goal.

Next week we are looking to get you all up out of your seats and embrace the #move theme. Like #makeovers, this can be adapted to suit so many different things so get creative to how #movement can be incorporated into your lifestyle this week. Don’t forget to hashtag your posts with #mchallenge to be in for a chance to win New You cash points.


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