June Weight Loss Challenge: Winners’ Stories

June Weight Loss Challenge: Winners’ Stories

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June Weight Loss Challenge

This week we caught up with the first 2 winners in our June Weight Loss Challenge to see how they’re feeling about the challenge and their prizes.

Did you start June full of good intentions that you would make this month matter and finally get stuck into your summer transformation?

If you didn’t, don’t panic! There’s still time. Although there might only be a week left of June, it isn’t too late to make an impact this month, and set yourself up for success in July.

This month, to keep all of our customers (both old and new) on track and determined to smash their goals, we launched a June Weight Loss Challenge.

You see, we asked our Secret Slimmers what it is that keeps them motivated the most and they told us it’s our challenges. So this month we worked on creating one that is bigger and better than all the rest.

So what’s it all about?

Each week, we’ve been asking you to share your weight loss results on our dedicated blog post. And those entries for that week are all entered into a draw to win a prize of their choice from over £600 worth of items, including:

✔ Fitbit

✔ Fire HD 8

✔ Fitbit Smart Scales

✔ Spectrum Make-Up Brushes Set

✔ NutriBullet 600

✔ 1 Month Bundle

As well as this, we’ve been giving away some pretty amazing daily prizes!

So far, we’ve had two winners, and we had a chat with them this week to see how they’re feeling about the challenge and their prizes. Here’s what they had to say…

WINNER 1: Leanne Cromack – 1 Month Bundle

June Weight Loss Challenge

Leanne has lost 2st 2lbs so far*

Leanne, how did you feel when you won?

I was so pleased and surprised. I was having a bit of a tough time keeping focused after 10 weeks on plan and it was a huge boost to keep going.

How are you planning to use your prize?

I chose the free 1 month bundle so I can keep going to lose the last stone or so.

Do you find the challenge motivating?

The challenge is really motivating and so is the Facebook group in general. It’s the most friendly group I’ve ever joined.

Tell us about the support in Secret Slimmers

It’s fantastic. Constant motivation and conversations help you keep going. There’s never any nastiness or debates that get out of hand, which is rare on Facebook.

Why do you think people join in with the challenges?

It gives you something to focus on and reminds you that you are not on your own on the journey and the fact that the business you are buying from wants to give something back is lovely.

WINNER 2: Sara Johnston – Fitbit Scales

June Weight Loss Challenge

Sara has lost 3.5 stone so far*

Sara, how did you feel when you won?

I felt amazing. I never win things so it was a complete surprise. Plus I was having a very stressful day so it massively cheered me up.

How are you planning to use your prize?

My scales broke on the same day that I chose my prize so I will be using them to keep track of my weight every week.

Do you find the challenges motivating?

I have loved all the challenges. They help to focus my mind and keep me on track.

Tell us about the support in Secret Slimmers

I cannot praise the support from Secret Slimmers highly enough. It is phenomenal! I have never been part of such a lovely group before and for me it is pivotal to my success.

Why do you think people join in with the challenges?

I think people join in because it’s fun and motivating and reminds us we all have a common goal. Also the prizes are really great.

It isn’t too late!

You can still join our June Weight Loss Challenge!

Click the button below to join now!

June Weight Loss Challenge


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