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Joanne’s Life Changing New You Plan Story!

Joanne’s Life Changing New You Plan Story!

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Seeing her weight gradually creep on over the years, Joanne no longer felt like herself. Demotivated and frustrated by only losing 2 or 3 pounds a month, she could never quite get her head in the game… Until she found The New You Plan. Here is her life changing story.

Describe how you felt before you started the plan?

Disillusioned and frustrated! I had been slowly, very slowly gaining weight since my late 40s. After my painful divorce at 40, a near fatal car crash the following year and two young children to care for, I felt pretty worthless. With not being able to move properly for a long time, the weight piled on quite quickly.

When I was mostly recovered I moved across the country with the kids and our various pets and found a new focus in life…that focus was me.

I lost the weight I’d gained after hospital, started working again and things were pretty good. Then as I got older I realised my metabolism was getting slower. Then, when I met a new chap in 2011, things just got more comfy and settled and we all know where that leads… big family meals (I love to cook for people). And although I’ve always been careful about what I eat, it was slowly taking its toll on my waistline.

I noticed my clothes weren’t fitting anymore. I was feeling lazier in myself, which involved more telly watching and not as much walking so I started dieting properly, dropping down to 1200 calories and going to the gym. This is where the frustration lies. All of the effort and sacrifice and I was losing maybe only 2 or 3 pounds a month.

My initial thought that it was my thyroid or something more serious which was preventing me from losing weight. I went to get checked out and found out it was the menopause!! I was nearly 50 and the dreaded clock had waved its hormonal hands at me. Pretty depressing but at least I knew what was preventing me from losing weight, which offered relief in a way. And so I carried on eating healthy and trying not to feel so tired and miserable all the time but things were not getting any better.

Tell us about your New You Plan journey

Every now and again I kept coming across certain diets that were structured and I thought that having the guess work taken out of it would be a good thing. However, most of them consisted of a 1200 calorie diet, which hadn’t worked for me in the past.

And then in July 2017 I found an offer for New You. I was getting nowhere on my own so I just knew I had to give it a go. Knowing that it contained all the vitamins and minerals I needed gave me peace of mind that I was doing the right thing.

When I started I weighed 13 stone 5 pounds, which for me at only 5 foot 2 inches was definitely noticeable and made me feel very heavy indeed. I am now 10st 8lb and it’s made a huge difference losing nearly 3 stone.

New You has made me think about my whole view about food and drink, which has helped enormously in keeping the weight off.

How has the plan changed your life?

The plan has transformed my health and wellbeing enormously. I have so much more confidence now, I love doing more physical things that I would have avoided in the past, like joining in games and fairground rides. I’ve also been able to take on more work now as I have so much more energy.

I had put all my aches and pains down to my age, psoriatic arthritis and general wear and tear from my job but I can’t believe that they have all gone. No more taking painkillers everyday, no more struggling to walk up long flights of stairs or needing to take the lift.

What was your biggest motivator in staying on track?

Seeing the scales go down so rapidly was an amazing feeling. When the weight started to come off and the dress sizes were dropping, I loved not having to reach to the back of the rail for the bigger sizes anymore.

What’s you biggest non-scale victory?

My partner bought me a new pair of jeans as all my others where too big. They were a size 14, quite expensive and looked really good. And then a while ago I tried them on and they were too big. Luckily, I found the exact same make of jeans in a size 12 in a charity shop and they fitted. I was so happy.

Since losing weight, what is your happiest memory/proudest moment?

Small really but walking up the escalator in Boots and looking over at the mirror which runs along the side and literally smiling at myself as I looked blooming good! I also caught some young men checking me out…that’s a good feeling at my age.

What is the nicest compliment you’ve received since losing weight?

“Wow, you look like a seriously sexy rock chick and there’s no way you’re nearly 52.” Pretty cool I’d say.

What are your favourite New You meals and snacks?

I love the shakes served nice and cold for workday breakfasts but I also really love the chocolatey ones hot in the evening. In fact, I am having a hot Chocolate Orange Shake while I type this. The Cottage Pie is yummy and the Chilli is delicious with some Cheddar Tortilla Crisps. The Asparagus Soup with the new Cheese Crackers for lunch is a great combo. If I’m going to the cinema I don’t have to miss out on the viewing munchies either. I cut up one of the lovely bars into small chunks and take a pack of the New You crisps with me. I can come out feeling just as virtuous as when I went in.

What advice would you offer anyone thinking of starting the plan?

I can honestly say it’s something you wont regret. I’ve seen some amazing weight losses in Secret Slimmers and the support you get from the other customers is fantastic. Listen to the people in the group and the support team at New You, who are excellent. If things in your life get out of control and you find it hard to keep going, just breathe and think…”This is making me better… this is making me healthier… this is going to work!” Drink plenty of water. Look at the results after a week or two, and measure yourself as well as weighing yourself.

Good luck! I did it. Now it’s your turn. x

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*Everyone is different, and we can’t guarantee how much weight you will lose. Check out our success stories to see what our customers have lost. 

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