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How To Avoid Easter Food Temptations

How To Avoid Easter Food Temptations

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With Easter weekend coming up, Customer Transformation Coach Candida shares her top tips to avoid Easter food temptations and stay on track!

Easter overeating… all that heavenly smelling chocolate, Easter egg hunts, homely roasts and an abundance of treats only ever seen at Easter and Christmas. This is a mental dread of dieters and maintainers alike!

Easter-Stay 960x960pxWe know from experience that we cannot realistically get through Easter time by willpower alone. We are only too aware of the minefield of family meals and get togethers. Somehow we have to navigate our way through this immense challenge with motivational strategies. I love Easter but without sounding like the Easter Bunny of Doom, why is it socially acceptable to overeat at this time? We can still celebrate this time with our friends and family without basing it around large amounts of food and choccy treats.

We have all heard the phrases ‘once you start, you can’t stop’ or ‘just one won’t hurt’. Try to acknowledge that you cannot have just one. Once you start doing something, it often takes more self-control to stop than it does to just avoid doing it in the first place; it gets harder to stop the longer the behaviour goes on. So, it’s easier to abstain. Oh dear, I can hear your little hearts sinking, fear not my little chicks, I am not trying to stop you from eating, I am trying to stop you from getting into the self-sabotage downward spiral that will put you back to square one and undo all that incredible work you have done so far!

So, here are my top tips for staying on track this Easter time:

Easter-Control-960x960px1) We often confuse hunger for thirst – so keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

2) Make sure you get adequate sleep! Lack of rest can skew your appetite and could indeed lead you to the gold choccy bunny.

3) Bring your own New You Bars and Crisps to any get together. By having your own healthy options with you, you won’t be tempted to stray too far from the day’s intentions.

4) If you are having a planned blip day, skipping breakfast and lunch so you can enjoy a big dinner is an exceedingly bad idea. Not only will skipping them slow down your metabolism it will also drain your will power just when you need it the most. So have your three packs and then be mindful of your Easter meal, avoiding carbs and sauces.

5) Keep your portions small. By taking smaller portions you get to have the things you like which in turn, makes you feel less deprived.

6) Eat slowly! It takes around 20 minutes for food to reach our stomachs! If you are in the middle of a conversation, put your knife and fork down to allow yourself time for your food to digest! So what if everyone has cleared their plates and are now loosening their zip and belt, take your time and enjoy the taste of your food!

Easter-Worth-It---960x960-px7) “Who is ready for seconds?” Don’t let pushy relatives catch you off guard. Cover your plate with your hands and say no thank-you!

8) If you are having alcohol, don’t go mad. Empty calories are not the calories you need or require. Try adding soda water to your alcoholic drinks. If you simply cannot get through Easter without chocolate, choose the dark, plain kind. Dark chocolate satisfies your taste buds much more than milk chocolate, so you will eat a smaller amount. Dark chocolate also contains flavenoids, which act as an antioxidant.

9) Get moving! Suggest a walk out in the spring air or something to get you moving and burning those calories.

10  Time to reflect! Do you feel lethargic, are you feeling anxious or do you feel satisfied, energetic and happy? Your body will let you know whether or not you made the right choices. One mindful thing you can try when you want to turn down Easter treats, is to think NO and make a fist with your hand. Making a fist is the action you make when you are refusing something.

Making a fist + thinking no = saying no to unhealthy food!

So there you have it! If you have the right plan you can manage those naughty little temptations without damaging all your hard work! Don’t use Easter as an excuse to give up on all your goals.


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