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Help ‘The New You Plan’ raise £10,000 to build a school in Kenya!

Help ‘The New You Plan’ raise £10,000 to build a school in Kenya!

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At the New You Plan we pride ourselves on providing that helping hand when it is needed. This can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it is that little extra push to help motivate a new customer to join one of our plans and begin their weight loss journey or welcome back an existing customer with open arms to guide them on their next step to maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Community is an important factor to our brand and working as a team to help people feel good about themselves is a key factor to our success.


This ethos is something that is very important to Julie-Ann and her team so that is why this year we are planning to take it to the next level, looking to better not only ourselves and our customers but to take the next step and better the wider community.

This Autumn Julie-Ann and other like minded business owners have joined forces to help build a new school in Kenya in the bid to give something back to those less fortunate. Teaming up with the charity World Teacher Aid (a charity committed to improving education throughout the developing world), Julie-Ann is looking to raise £10,000 to build and develop one of the 8 classrooms the school will hold. The classroom will be named after the New You brand, a heart felt reminder of what the money raised has achieved. From developing the New You brand, helping people is second nature to Julie-Ann. To have an opportunity to provide knowledge and life long skills to the children of Africa was an easy venture for her to take. The New You plan helps people all over the country to better themselves and their lifestyle, by providing a fully kitted out classroom Julie-Ann and the New You Plan are leaving a legacy of good that will benefit so many people.


Now here is the crucial part, to get this classroom up and running we need your help! To make sure we achieve the £10,000 budget needed to help build the classroom we are going to make your New You purchases even more worthwhile. Whether you are signing up to a new plan or simply buying a few meals, a percentage of the sales (3% off your total basket) will go towards the overall fund. Imagine, starting your journey to a new healthy you and knowing a percentage of your money is continuing the journey to the African community in the form of education. The £10,000 is needed to fully build the New You classroom and we will continue to fund-raise until this target is reached. The build is due to commence in December so between now and then we would love your help and support to raise the money through your New You purchases.

This new school has so much potential to better the community in Kenya. Education is so important in today’s society so why should some children be deprived of learning? We take for granted the opportunities we have to learn. It can be the simplest thing like adding up a shopping list in our head to make sure we have the right money or writing a letter to a loved one. These skills help us get through our day to day tasks, basic life skills that are second nature to us but all came from our primary education during our early years. The gift of education is a magical one and one we can get involved with by supporting this build. A school in a small community is a welcomed contribution to its people as it provides jobs for the adults and life needed skills for the children to better themselves and their future.


At the New You plan we think of our community as a family. Helping each other through the good and bad times of our journey to a healthier, happier you. It is time for our ‘family’ to provide a further helping hand to the African children that need it and to work as a team to maximise our fund-raising to the best of its ability. Not only will each of your purchases be helping us reach our target of £10,000 we want your help to promote it. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing this story all over our social media channels to spread the word of this incredible venture. We would really appreciate your support in promoting the school build by liking and sharing our posts to make sure the story is reaching new customers who might like to get involved.


Throughout this incredible journey we will keep you posted of the progress every step of the way. From the first brick to the last, we will watch this wonderful gift unfold and how the community will flourish with the addition of a new school. Our very own Julie-Ann is lucky enough to go out to Africa in 2017 to visit the school and see the wonderful work all our fund-raising efforts together has achieved. On this trip she will spend time with the teachers and pupils and get first hand experience as to how the school has benefited the community with the gift of learning.

Make sure you follow us on our social media channels for all the latest news and updates on this project! We are so thrilled to be part of such an incredible journey and are glad we are all in this together, see how your step to a new healthy lifestyle is benefiting both you and the children of Africa.


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