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Hele’s weekly diet blog: 3st 1lb gone in 10 weeks*

Hele’s weekly diet blog: 3st 1lb gone in 10 weeks*

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In her week 10 diet blog, customer Hele reveals her week 10 results and how she’s feeling ahead of her re-feed next week. Find out how much weight she lost and what she learned this week!

One of the things we teach all our customers is that everyone’s bodies are different. We all lose weight at different rates and factors such as genetics and monthly cycles will have an effect on this.

Hele has had big loses every week, and in her tenth week she lost 1lb. BUT, as she rightly puts it, a loss is a loss. Plus, it’s likely that she has lost inches from her body this week.

And next week, she could experience a bigger loss.

So if on one of your weekly weigh ins, you feel a little disheartened and feel like giving up… DON’T! Who knows what next week has in store for you. The scales are still moving in the right direction and you are inching even closer to your gaols.

Stay tuned for next week’s instalment from Hele!


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