6 Week WOW Summer Transformation Bundle

6 Week WOW Summer Transformation Bundle

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6 week wow

Are you fed up feeling fat and frumpy? Feel like you’ll NEVER lose weight and being at your ultimate dream size is just that… a dream?

The fact is this… thousands of our customers have been in your shoes! They’ve tried every diet under the sun, but have never been able to stick at it or have hit that stage where they can’t seem to lose any more weight.

BUT, the good news is that they found The New You Plan, and totally changed their lives in the process. And, now you can too!

If you want fast, safe, exciting weight loss results, our 6 Week WOW Transformation Bundle will help you drop 2 dress sizes* just in time for summer.

Which of these exciting weight loss results could be yours?

  • If you are a size 22, you could be a size 18
  • If you are a size 20, you could be a size 16
  • If you are a size 18, you could be a size 14
  • If you are a size 16, you could be a size 12
  • If you are a size 14, you could be a size 10
  • If you are a size 12, you could be a size 8
  • If you are a size 10, you could be a size 6

You probably started the year full of good intentions, with the believe that this year is your year. Hold onto that belief because we want to prove that you can do this!

With our 6 Week WOW Transformation Bundle, you’ll receive all the meals you need for the next 6 weeks. But not only that, we’ve added in some AMAZING free gifts to really keep your motivation sky high to help you do this!

With your bundle you’ll receive your choice of 168 TFR Meals – that’s x4 delicious meals per day! Plus, you’ll also receive FREE gifts worth £217.55 / €280.64 to enhance your journey, and help you maximise the next 6 weeks!

Your FREE gifts include:

  • X4 snacks in case you need a little extra, worth £7.96
  • X2 Water Flavouring to help you easily up your water intake, worth £11.98
  • X2 Pineapple Fat Burners – kick start the fat burning process, worth £2.58
  • X2 Peach Drainers – Rid your body of nasties, worth £2.40
  • £30 voucher to spend on your next order
  • Printable weight loss trackers to record your amazing progress, worth £9.00
  • Daily motivational video delivered straight to your emails to keep you focused & on track, worth £42.00
  • Project New You with celebrity life coach, Ali Campbell, the ultimate weight loss mindset coaching programme specifically for New You Plan Customers, worth £97.00
  • ‘What’s Next? Eating Guide’ to help you continue your good work & maintain that weight loss, worth £7.99
  • Access to our private, EXCLUSIVE Secret Slimmers Weight Loss group – your secret motivational weapon… priceless!
  • FREE shipping

Plus, all new customers will receive a FREE Blender Bottle to easily mix up our delicious Shakes!

This 6 Week WOW Transformation Bundle is only 199.99 / €257.99, saving you a massive 40%, and at only £4.76 / €6.14 per day, it’s an absolutely steal!

So what are you waiting for? Say hello to a brand New You and shop your 6 Week WOW Transformation Bundle TODAY!

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

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