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If you hate yourself for being overweight, try loving yourself instead.*

If you hate yourself for being overweight, try loving yourself instead.*

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Loving yourself

If you hate yourself for being overweight, try loving yourself instead…

Struggling with your weight can be very emotional and draining.

loveyourselfIt can be demoralising when you constantly feel down about yourself and how you look. When you go anywhere, you feel self conscious of your size and wear the same dark baggy clothes, day in day out. You don’t want to buy new clothes because you want to lose weight, but you have been wearing the same clothes for months on end now.

This feeling can be like a grey cloud that just never seems to go away. Every time you attempt to start the diet, and you keep saying: “This is it. Tomorrow I will start, and it will be different this time”. And then tomorrow comes and goes, and the motivation fades and the feelings of guilt and overwhelm arrive from yet another failed attempt at your diet.

Sometimes you may even hate yourself for always falling down. You beat yourself up for being so weak and wish that you didn’t have to live with these emotions and feelings. You just wish you could be free of this feeling.

It can be a vicious circle.

If this resonates with you then I want you to take a fresh approach.

Loving yourself

Try loving yourself instead.

Instead of hating your body for what it isn’t, take a moment to appreciate how amazing your body is!

Your body works so hard for you, to keep you alive and breathing. Your body is amazing, and it can take you anywhere you want to go! We might have scars, or stretch marks, or limitations, but this is not a reason to hate our body. You only have one body, so you might as well love it and accept it and make it as healthy as you can and live your life with contentment and happiness.

Do not think that loving yourself is a bad or selfish thing. Loving yourself is probably the most important thing you can do. You have one life, and you want to get to the stage that you are happy and content with who you are, inside and out. Life is an incredible journey. We all have our ups and downs, and our struggles.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you will only be able to love yourself when you get to your target weight.  You need to love yourself now as you are, so that you can support yourself on this journey. Remember you are not a number on a scale, you are you! You need to love you for WHO you are, and how amazing you are! You want to love yourself so much, that you will only want to think, talk and act in ways that will support and nourish you.


Loving yourself is a practice. You won’t decide to just start loving yourself today, and that it will be easy for you. Just like going to the gym once, doesn’t mean you will be super fit, or having one diet shake will make you slim, you need to be consistent to build in the habits and get the long lasting results.

Here are some exercises that you can do today to help you to realise how amazing you are. Please take the time to complete these exercises with a pen and paper.

  1. Write out a list of 25 things you love about yourself
  2. Write a letter to yourself, telling yourself why you love yourself and everything that is amazing about YOU
  3. Doodle and let your imagination flow on a page with pen and paper. Draw love hearts and your favourite quotes and your name
  4. Write in a journal every day this week. Record what you eat, what you do and how you feel. Just do this whether it is good or bad, as you will learn so much about yourself.
  5. Get this book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It“. Read or listen to it, for more in-depth information on why loving yourself will set you free.


The most powerful reason you can have to lose weight is to do it for YOURSELF. What are all the dreams and goals that you want to fulfil in this one wonderful life?? Love yourself enough to let those dreams come true!

When you love yourself, you will find it easier to follow the plan, as you will want to take actions that will improve your health and happiness. You will want to let go of the things that are holding you back and making you unhappy.

So please stop beating yourself up. Instead of saying that you are going to  start your diet, decide that you are starting a journey of loving yourself.

Loving yourself

Surround yourself with people who will support you on your journey in our Secret Slimmers group. We have an amazing fun loving community, with lots going on, and you will soon find the confidence to post and engage with other people just like you who are losing weight and creating their new you!

We are with you every step of the way, but for you to succeed then you need to start taking action to love yourself. <3

Just remember that you are amazing just the way you are!  Your body is a wonderful gift, start to love it for everything that it can do, and start to love yourself so that you can enjoy your life and your body to the max!


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