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How To Handle Social Events Whilst On TFR

How To Handle Social Events Whilst On TFR

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Handle Social Events

Today, Customer Transformation Coach Candida answers one of the most commonly asked questions by our customers: “What do I do when invited to a social event?” Here, she shares why you don’t need to blip and can still have fun, using her top tips on how to handle social events whilst on TFR.

Handle social eventsLet’s face it… we all love a good wedding or the anticipation of a date but this is no mean feat whilst on a diet. The ruthless calling of a luxurious buffet or endless array of tempting tapas is enough to throw any hardened dieter off their pathway of reaching their weight loss goals.

But what you have to ask yourself is: “Why forfeit your goals by giving in, when you can still party smart without ruining all you have achieved so far?”

To help you overcome this common obstacle, I have come up with a list of survival tips to help you handle social events whilst on TFR.


Be prepared

No matter what event you are going to, you NEED to be prepared with your products. Bars, shakes are snacks are without a doubt the easiest to take with you to a social engagement. If you are going on holiday, you are allowed to take your products on the plane with you, so no need to worry about that.

Handle social events

Fill up

Plan ahead and eat a New You snack or New You meal before the party so you don’t fall victim to the tempting snacks.

The buffet

Now this can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If it is a sit-down buffet, you may have to say to your fellow guests at the table that you are on a strict diet and you really don’t want to ruin it or simply say that you ate before you came. Make socialising your priority by focusing on the people not the food. If you sit there quietly with an empty plate you will only draw attention to yourself. Keep the conversation flowing and they will soon forget that you are not eating what they are.


Make yourself the designated driver so you can say that you are not drinking due to driving. Sip sparkling water with lots of ice from a champagne flute or wine glass so it’s less obvious that you’re not drinking. It’s so common these days for people not to drink at events due to driving so don’t let it be a factor.

Date time

So, you have been asked out on a date and a meal out is suggested. Really try to be open and honest from the start and say you are on a strict plan but perhaps meet up for a drink or a coffee instead. No harm in that whatsoever. If he/she is a decent person, they will accept this. After all it is your company they want not to see what you order for dinner.

Handle social events

Works events/conference

Now this could be a buffet or a working lunch with platters of delights. You don’t want to seem odd in front of your colleagues – this is totally understandable. However, do you really want to sabotage your diet? Are they really going to think less of you if you eat a bar or a packet of New You crisps? Surely this shows dedication and commitment, which are aspiring qualities in any person. At the end of the day you are trying to become the best you can possibly be!


We all know this is not really the time when you want to be thinking about dieting. After all, you did all the hard work to get into your holiday clothes beforehand. If you are still on your weight loss journey, I would suggest you follow Family Focus and have three New You products per day and then a healthy low carb meal in the evening, always being mindful of what you are putting on your plate.

A planned blip

If you really must eat through pressure you are unable to handle, choose mindfully and keep your portion sizes small. Choose high protein and leafy veg and avoid carbohydrates. Leave all sauces well alone and step away from the bread basket. Potatoes, rice and pasta are a no no!

If you are going to be dining out at a restaurant, find out what is on their menu before going so that you choose wisely and most good chefs have no problem if you ring ahead and explain that you are on a special diet.

If you are going to a wedding and you have to choose your food prior to the event, have a little chat with the bride and explain your circumstance. It is highly unlikely she will say no to you.

No alcohol unless you have been on re-feed for 7 days prior and make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Handle social events

Never panic about social events – there is always an answer! Sometimes it really is the best option (and in my opinion, the only option) to be up front about your diet, which will also make you accountable. People may try to say “it’s only one night” or “it’s only one drink” but we all know it never is!

Be strong, stand your ground and walk away from those who chastise you for it.

Your body, your mind and your choice!

Handle social events





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