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Julz’s Top Tips For Success

Julz’s Top Tips For Success

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Tips for success

New You Plan Founder Julie-Ann uses her own personal experience to share her tips for success to help you smash your New You Plan weight loss goals.

Tips for success

“And if things don’t work out…. Just take another shot!” 🎯

I Β this. In my life I can honestly say that I had to take sooooo many shots to achieve the best things in my life.

I think I stopped smoking 100 times. I used to joke that I was brilliant at stopping smoking as I have done it so many times, lol. 🚬 I haven’t smoked for 9 years now. One time I stopped and soon realised that “just one” was never worth it.

I was 32 when I met my husband. Before I met him I was really clear on the qualities I wanted most in a man. This was the first time I had been clear on what I wanted. I could only get clear on what I wanted because I had experienced what I didn’t want. I lost count how many times I had my heart broken πŸ’” or felt totally disappointed on a new date! You know that feeling when you realise 5 mins into a date that he is totally not your cup of tea! 😜 I have been married 7 years next month! πŸ’πŸ’ and we have 2 beautiful girls. πŸ‘­

I used to be a nightmare in my 20s for going out at the weekend and drinking wayyy too much. I don’t know how many times I said “never again” until I finally decided. NEVER AGAIN!!! 😫😱

Tips for success

From I was a little girl all I wanted was to have my own business. I did a BTEC in business. I did a degree in business. I started and failed 5 businesses in my 20s. I was thinking I was a failure. Then I started The New You Plan when I was 34 and I applied all the lessons I had learned from my failures and created a business success that will have grown every year for 8 years! πŸ“‰ πŸ“ˆ

I used to dream of buying my own car. My mum kindly bought me a car when I was 24 years old. I was 36 years old when I bought my own first car. The car my mum bought me was 12 years old at this stage! I think every year since that car was 4 year old I had a goal to buy a new car that year! I never could achieve that goal. Now I have my dream car! πŸš™

I remind myself of how many times I tried to achieve these things when I feel like giving up on my current goals.

It doesn’t matter how many times you try to lose weight and maintain. What matters most is that you never stop giving it another shot. Always try to apply lessons from the past to your next shot.

  • I’m still mastering weight loss and maintenance.
  • I’m still mastering being a better person.
  • I’m still mastering business.
  • I’m still mastering happiness and inner peace.
  • I’m still mastering being a wife and mum.

Tips for success

I will keep giving everything another shot.

I will keep aiming to get better.

Even when I take 2 steps back.

Success rarely happens in a straight line.

Success always follows persistence, consistency, and self belief. X ❀


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