Fasting for Lent with Total Food Replacement Shakes and Soups

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Lent starts in a few days time on Wednesday 22nd February.
Many Christians follow lent as an opportunity to prepare for Easter by fasting…
Here are some types of fasting you can do:-
– Total fast (be careful and receive guidance)
– Water only Prepare your body for it.
– Liquid only (like Juices or TFR Shakes/Soups)
– Eliminate certain treat foods No deserts, no caffeine, no junk food, no takeaways
– Media fast NO television, NO movies, NO paper, NO internet, NO Facebook, NO video games, etc.
– Multiple possibilities – You can also be creative and specific-but a sacrifice- must cost you something
During a fast, when your desires kick in, you have a higher meaning to stay on course and not give up on your sacrifice for 40 days.
If you want to follow a TFR Plan for 40 Days to mark Lent then New You has created special bundles for both men and women, and we will be managing a team encouragement tracker to help keep you on track.
As Lent starts in a few days if you are interested in doing Total Food Replacement then please do not delay in placing your order to ensure you get it on time for 22nd February.
These special bundles have 18% discount built in, you do not need to enter a promo code as we have already discounted the bundle price.
40 Day Bundle for Men (or taller ladies)
40 Day Bundle for Ladies
*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.
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