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Big Leaps & Baby Steps

Big Leaps & Baby Steps

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When you want to create a big change – what do you focus on?

Big Leaps or Baby Steps?

Some people think you should focus on making small tiny improvements consistently over time.

Other people think you should make one big move that will change everything and quantum leap your success.

Why not do both?

Today we had a team meeting in work and we were discussing how to improve the new you plan and the customer experience. We want to create some big changes and work on some new projects, but we can also see lots of small things that we could keep working on improving. So we have come up with a plan to do both.

On my weight loss journey my big move is committing to total food replacement because this will help me to create that wow transformation over the next few months. While I am working on this big project I am also looking at how I can make the small improvements to my lifestyle every week.

When you combine both, I think that is when you supercharge your success.

If you just focus on the big leap – and don’t keep optimising the small things, you can feel on shaky ground, annoyed by so many things that are not right.

If you just focus on the small stuff – you can lose motivation because the results do not come along fast enough to make you feel rewarded.

When you combine a BIG LEAP WITH BABY STEPS – you get to feel and see fast results, as well as get that stable feeling that everything around you is getting better.

Get Confident, then optimise!

It normally takes approx 21 days to settle into a habit. The first 3 weeks on total food replacement, your main goal should just be getting into your new routine and becoming comfortable with the plan.

Doing total food replacement is a quantum leap – it is a big life change, you do not need to accompany it with going to the gym or signing up for couch to 5k all in the same week. If weight loss is your goal – make total food replacement your MAIN FOCUS FIRST. Once you get settled into your routine, then start to add in the extras.

Bit by bit, start optimising your routine, your habits and your journey.

Every week or so, keep tweaking your lifestyle, keep making the baby steps, while you make your big leap towards your new you.

By continuously improving your lifestyle and routine, you are building solid foundations for you to land on when you arrive at your NEW YOU target.

Keep going with your new you journey, keep improving and keep believing in yourself!

You can achieve SO MUCH between now and Easter. You can recommit to your goals of a big leap towards the person you want to be anytime.

Keep choosing you. x


Julz xox

PS. Keep checking back everyday for my latest blog, I am going to be blogging every single day in 2020. I have set myself this challenge to improve my creativity and writing over the year! Also to keep myself accountable on my transformation journey! I appreciate your support and encouragement! 

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