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[Back To New You School] Lesson 4 Of 4: Calm Down & Get Your Life In Order

[Back To New You School] Lesson 4 Of 4: Calm Down & Get Your Life In Order

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Calm down

This month, we’re going back to New You School & discovering what it is about this plan that works. Today’s fourth & final lesson is on how to calm down & stay focused during your weight loss journey.

Take a deep breath, and relax…. That is probably the first step to losing weight.

A lot of the time when we gain weight it is because we haven’t been putting our health first and putting too many things in front of our own health and wellbeing. At the end of the day there is nothing more important than our health, and we need to make sure we look after ourselves.

Calm down


(Answer YES or NO)

1.)  Do you get LESS than 8 hours sleep a night? (Yes/No)

2.)  Do you feel stressed out most days? (Yes/No)

3.)  Do you feel tired and lie up on the sofa most evenings? (Yes/No)

4.)  Do you have a sedentary lifestyle and spend most of the day seated? (Yes/No)

5.)  Do you prefer not to sweat when you exercise? (Yes/No)

6.)  Do you eat bread and white carbs with most meals? (Yes/No)

7.)  Do you treat yourself most days with chocolate, buns, sweets? (Yes/No)

8.)  Do you order take away food most weeks? (Yes/No)

9.)  Do you like an alcoholic drink more than you should? (Yes/No)

10.)  Does unwinding, relaxing or having fun, usually involve food and drink for you? (Yes/No)

11.)  Do you find the morning times to be rushed and stressful? (Yes/No)

12.)  Do you often sit and day dream about what unhealthy foods you are going to eat next? (Yes/No)

13.)  Do you smoke? (Yes/No)

14.)  Do you feel down on yourself and talk negatively to yourself? (Yes/No)

15.)  Do you believe you are destined to always be overweight? (Yes/No)

16.)  Do you have the habit of putting your own health and well being last, and putting everyone else and everything else in front of you?  (Yes/No)

17.)  Do you normally rely on ready made meals over cooking from fresh? (Yes/No)

How many questions did you answer YES to? 

The more YES’S, the more you need to work on improving your lifestyle.

Calm down

The great news is that TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT gives you the breathing space to transform yourself inside and out.

Starting on plan immediately helps you to stop the bad eating habits, and the fast results boost your confidence and self esteem. But this is also a time when you should be focusing on your health overall.

Calm down

Making sure you get enough sleep everyday

If you are not sleeping enough, you will get run down and even when you are 100% on plan the results will be demotivating.

You need to get enough sleep so that your body can function properly and metabolise your fat and keep you healthy. You should aim for 8 hours sleep a night.

Calm down

Making sure you are moving more and getting fresh air

If you are not moving enough throughout the day, this has a knock on effect on your mood and makes it harder for you to sleep.

There is a saying that I love…


If you are not moving much your mood will be low. If you want to change your mood and feel better — MOVE.

Getting fresh air and being in nature is also good for your immune system. This will keep colds away coming into the winter months.

It is important to get your heart rate going when you are exercising, I love the fit bit as it tracks my sleep, my steps and my heart rate.

Calm down

Making sure you do not let stress take over your life

If you are sleeping well, eating well, exercising and getting fresh air, these things will automatically have an impact on lowering your stress levels.

Some things that have also helped me to decrease my stress levels are meditation, journaling, turning off my phone, spending time with my children and being 100% present, being grateful and writing lists.

It is also crucial to put your problems into perspective.

See yourself as bigger than your problems.

See your problems as challenges that when you overcome life is going to be better and you are going to be stronger.

I have learned that although spa days are nice, if you are not sleeping enough and not exercising enough, then it is just a sticky plaster on stress. What you do day in day out matters more, and the healthy habits are free to install!

Calm down

Making sure you are organised and start the day in a nice way

Every Sunday I plan my week. I write out my goals, and I schedule in how I am going to make everything happen. When I do this, I don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, I have a great week and feel proud of myself.

Every morning I wake up and I have a simple morning routine I like to follow. The days I follow it, I have my best, productive and healthy days. If I start the day disorganised with no real plan of action, life takes over. I miss my meals, forget to exercise and end up feeling deflated and have more chance of blipping!

Calm down

Making sure you are aware of your thoughts and eating desires

When you are on total food replacement be aware of how you think about all the food and drinks that are not healthy.

If you can’t wait to get to your target weight so that you can go back to eating your old favourite foods, then the chances are you will go back to your old weight.

Changing how you think is a process.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens over time.

The first step is to be AWARE of your thoughts.

The next step is to decide that you do not want to think that way. Eat those foods again, rely on alcohol as much etc., etc.

Then replace the thought with something more empowering and healthy.

Start now to plan out what your new life is going to look like. Implement all the habits, and activities that will support you at your new slim figure.

Change how you think about food and exercise, and you will be able to maintain with ease.

Calm down

Start to build in as many healthy habits as you can now, to support you on your weight loss journey and be in flow when the time comes to maintain.


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