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[Back To New You School] Lesson 3 Of 4: Lose More Weight On Social Media

[Back To New You School] Lesson 3 Of 4: Lose More Weight On Social Media

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This September, we’re going back to New You School & discovering what it is about this plan that works. Today’s third lesson is on how you can actually use support on social media to lose more weight.

Yes… it sounds CRAZY but it has been proven that being in an online social media support group can result in more weight loss compared to people who just see their doctor.

One of the things we are most proud of at The New You Plan is our support group called Secret Slimmers. Being part of this special community can really help you to get motivated, inspired and stay on track.

New You Plan Secret Slimmers can boost your weight loss results!

social media

The New You Plan isn’t just about dieting… it’s a life changing experience and Secret Slimmers is an amazing inspiring community to cheer you on every day!

We are all about supporting each and every one of you throughout your weight loss journey. We encourage each other to achieve our goals and live a healthy, happy, vibrant lifestyle!

“Slimmers who get help on Facebook do better than those being seen by their GP.”

A study published in the Journal of Health Affairs has revealed that dieters given weight-loss support through social media shifted more pounds.

Experts studied more than 1,800 people with a body mass index over 30 — classed as obese. Half were given online help from medics and other slimmers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

They did better than patients who simply saw their GP, losing an extra 0.64 on average from their BMI. Experts say social media could be key in tackling the obesity epidemic.

Social media

Health policy expert Dr Hutan Ashrafian, from Imperial College London, said:

“The use of social media encourages patients to be more pro-active and empowers them to contribute towards their own treatment.”

When you join The New You Plan, you will receive FREE access to our exclusive, online Facebook community. Over 8000 slimmers are waiting to inspire, motivate and share in this amazing journey with you!

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Supporting you on your weight loss journey

The New You Plan is unlike any other Total Food Replacement diet you have ever tried before! We are there every step of the way as you begin your total transformation journey.

Just like any diet, there are ups and downs but with 24/7 support at the touch of a button, you’ll find a whole community of people who are there to offer support, words of encouragement and advice should you need it and we promise lots of laughs along the way.

The fact that you are embarking on this journey with so many other people makes the experience even more special and you will definitely make a few new friends for life!

In our Secret Slimmers group you will find so many encouraging, welcoming and inspirational people. Your very own personal cheerleaders are waiting to will you on to smash your goals.

Join today and meet some amazing people including our photo shoot winners, inspirational success stories and the whole New You Plan team! We’re all here to answer any questions and give you the support you need.

Join our Secret Slimmers Support Family TODAY!

Social media

The New You Plan Secret Slimmers Group is on Facebook

This means that anytime you log in, you will find other people available to chat to, ask questions, and share in your journey. Over 6700 people to be precise! This exclusive group is totally secret, so none of your family and friends will be able to see anything you post or like in this group. This privacy allows everyone to talk openly and share their experiences, without fear of anyone else seeing it.

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Take part in our daily challenges

At The New You Plan, we endeavour to ensure your weight loss journey is as easy and fun as possible! With this is mind, you’ll be able to take part in our daily challenges, try our new meals and snacks before anyone else and win spot prizes along the way! From Slimstory Sundays, to Video Thursdays, random acts of kindness and plenty of motivational quotes, everyday in Secret Slimmers is an adventure!

Be a special part of our supportive community

To give you an understanding of how amazing this group is, check out just a few posts from the past couple of days! With over 6700 members, this group is a constant hive of activity. It’s the perfect place to vent, share, advise and support each other and it’s waiting for YOU!

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How to join Secret Slimmers:

If you are a New You Plan customer, then you are eligible to join the Secret Slimmers group! Here’s the instructions on how to join as well as our key rules, which we ask customers to follow, to ensure the group is the best it can be!

  1. Place an order from The New You Plan first.
  2. You need to be friends with our Julz Muldoon Facebook Profile HERE.
  3. Send a private message to the above profile to say you are a customer and that you want to join Secret Slimmers.
  4. Once we confirm that you are a customer you will be added to the New You Plan Secret Slimmers group.
  5. We want to keep the group focused on Total Food Replacement – so you have to agree to chat being “food free”.
  6. All diets are full of highs and lows – but we want to keep this group a place of positive inspiration, support and encouragement.


Start Your TFR Journey Today!

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Getting started is the first step in your journey to a brand New You! To help you understand fully how our plan works, our Get Started page with designed specifically for people new to the plan.

Head over to our site where you’ll find tonnes of important information including how our plan works, the science behind it, loads of top tips, information on our meals, as well as real customer testimonials.

Click here to visit our Get Started page!

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