Spring Forward! COUNTDOWN CODE

This Sunday the clocks spring forward! To mark this Spring Milestone, we have launched our popular countdown code. The code is CLOCK20 and it will give you 44% off on Wednesday, and this will drop by 1% every day until Sunday. Spring will be different this year, and our lighter evenings will be spent in our gardens mostly. Although are […]


The UK has went into lockdown mode after the Prime Minster announced it on Television. Some movement is allowed for essentials, like food and medicine. People are allowed to go to work if they really have to, and allowed to exercise outside once a day. It is strange times we are living in, there is hope though that all these […]

I Just Discovered House Party App

Today we downloaded HOUSE PARTY APP and it looks great. I am still learning about all the features but it looks like an amazing way to stay connected with your friends and family. You can talk to multiple people all at once and play games together. Tonight me and my girls played a drawing game with my mum. One person […]

23 Funny Memes that Made Me LOL This Week

There is no doubt about that we are facing a very difficult time ahead. Maintaining some sense of humour throughout this will help us to keep our spirits up. In today’s blog, I decided to share some of the meme’s that made me laugh out loud this week. 🙂 If you have any more meme’s please send them to be […]

Mini Julz Up Date: What a CRAZY week!

I seriously could not believe that today was Tuesday, I felt like it was Friday, as I feel like I have done a weeks work in the last 1-2 days. My life has changed dramatically in the last week or so and this meme sums me up perfectly lol I haven’t really done a personal update in a while, so […]

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