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Mini Julz Up Date: What a CRAZY week!

Mini Julz Up Date: What a CRAZY week!

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I seriously could not believe that today was Tuesday, I felt like it was Friday, as I feel like I have done a weeks work in the last 1-2 days. My life has changed dramatically in the last week or so and this meme sums me up perfectly lol

I haven’t really done a personal update in a while, so I just wanted to give you a mini update tonight and make sure I do not break my streak of doing a blog post every day in 2020 🙂

Even though things are quite mental, I am practicing what I preach and grounding myself with barefoot walks on the grass, visualisation and feeling empowered throughout this crisis.

In the last week my life has totally changed, as has everyone’s!

Last Tuesday night I was lying in bed and I knew that I had to take action to protect my team, my family and the new you plan business.

I called a meeting on Wednesday and told everyone that they they had to start working from home, or if they came into work they had to work in isolation.

I also took my kids out of school and cancelled every appointment in my calendar for the next month or so.

I made the decision to self isolate with my kids from last Friday. So we have completed 5 days so far, and to be honest I find it really ok as I am quite introverted and my kids get on really well together, so we are happy as Larry so far!

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Thankfully the last few days I have been so busy I have hardly watched he news. I do like keeping up to date with Peter Attia’s updates on the coronavirus. I normally follow him for cutting edge fasting and longevity information, and I am grateful that he is taking researching the coronavirus seriously. You can follow him on instagram and listen to his podcast Drive.

I am grateful even though things are a bit crazy lol

I have been thinking about all the people who work in the health service this week, and more than ever my heart feels full of gratitude for these kind and brave people.

I am grateful that I can work from home, and I normally do work from home, so it is not a big change for me. It is a big change having the girls at home 24/7, especially being a single mum with no child care support as I don’t want anyone coming to my home.

It has been a bit crazy though; one minute I am on an important business call with my manufacturer, the next minute I am cleaning a butt, and the next minute I am giving the dog his medicine. 🙂

Juggling all the balls, I don’t normally have time to start writing this daily blog until 11pm at night!

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I am Loving ZOOM this week!

I feel so connected and a lot of that is down to zoom! My team are adjusting to working from home for the first time. We started having a coffee call every morning at 9:30am using ZOOM video meetings. It is a great way for us to connect and see everyone’s gorgeous faces.

I want my team to feel part of a team everyday and to start the day with a positive focus. It is important for us not to feel isolated while we are doing this whole social distancing thing!!

Me and my kids had a video call with my Mum tonight using ZOOM – I really recommend you try it out. If you have some friends or family who are self isolating, set up some calls so you can have a coffee and a chat together. It is free software and very good. You can use it on your computer or smart phone for free. It is great way to stay connected during this time.

I am thinking of starting some connection calls with our customers soon!

Running A Business & Home Schooling while Social Distancing. Bring it on!

Things are all new at the moment, we are dealing with a lot of change and I have spent a lot of time trouble shooting and thinking ahead to overcome possible problems in the future to keep the business running.

To be honest I love it, I thrive under pressure, and I love that I have something to do that can help my team and my customers.

My dream always was to home school, I did home school Isabella for a few years and she only started school last year when she went into P4.

Having the kids at home with me is something I enjoy. I am welcoming this part of this new chapter in our life.

Obviously Now is the perfect time to add a new pet into our lives 🙂 ha ha

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Yesterday I asked my friend if she would go to the pet shop and buy a hamster for my 6 year old. She video called us from the pet store and Mimi picked her first hamster. She has been asking for one for a while, and I thought that it was a good time to get her one as she will have plenty of time to look after it. SO as if I didn’t have enough to do, now we have a hamster in our house!! LOL 🙂


I am quite tired, but I am happy.

I am focused on the positives and counting my blessings.

I am grateful that the new you plan is currently able to continue helping people.

I am praying that everyone stays safe during this time.

And now I am away to bed as it is midnight.

Much Love,

Julz xox

PS. I love this quote… it reminds me of me, and it reminds me of YOU. We are going to get through this! Stay safe, stay calm, stay home xoxo

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