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Ali Campbell – Tried & Failed

Ali Campbell – Tried & Failed

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Ali Campbell Project New You


The content in this course is life changing. 12 Modules to cover the core key problems that we struggle with when we are losing weight, from self sabotage, stress, emotional eating, cravings, dealing with envious friends, and much more. Ali shows us how to deal with all the daily stuff and the inner stories that are holding us back and keeping us feeling trapped. Everyday we are going to cover each module and how it is going to help you on your weight loss journey.


Losing weight doesn’t have to be a battle. We’re going to show you the easy way to lose weight & keep it off.


Weight loss has very little to do with food and has everything to do with YOUR relationship with food. This is the core reason why 91% of the time people set out to lose weight and fail. The good news here is if you know what is not working and why then you can start to find ways to change this. This is what Project New You is all about.

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In Module 8 Ali discusses 3 tips that will tell you how to change your mind to change your body!!


Watch his video below!!


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Module 8 Ali Campbell

Therefore, to unlock the power of your own ability it is crucial to appreciate the value or indeed the lack of value that a thought really has. Remember just because you are thinking about something, does not make it real or true.


Kick Self Sabotage to the Kerb TODAY!!!


We have 2 AMAZING offers that will help you get summer ready and keep you on track!!


Shop our 4 Week and 8 Week bundle and Get The Whole Ali Campbell – Project New You Module FREE as well as a New You drop a Jean Size Journal to record your weight loss achievements etc.

We have so many people joining us at the moment and everyone is after the same thing, that is the ability to change the habits that got us here in the first instance and that stop us from making the change we know we deserve. Ali Campbell the celebrity life coach has teamed up with New You to help you break the mental barriers that have been holding you back!


Not only that you will also get our 21 Day Drop a Jean Size Journal free with these bundles. The Journal is designed to give you a range of mindset tasks to get yourself really focused on being 100% for 21 Days so that you can see and feel the difference in your clothes.


Get ready to Save Save Save and change your Mindset for a Fabulous Healthy summer <3


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