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4 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Time Of Year To Lose Weight

4 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Time Of Year To Lose Weight

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Warm jumpers, cosy nights in front of the fire and pumpkins… what’s not to love about Autumn?! But Autumn means so much more than just switching up your moisturiser and laying off the fake tan—did you know that Autumn is actually the best time of year to set new health goals? It’s true! Here are 4 reasons why Autumn is the best time of year to lose weight and make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

1. Cooler Weather is Great for Getting Outdoors

Seriously, could there be a more perfect time to go for a walk outside? You don’t have to bundle up in your thermals just yet, in fact, Autumn weather is the Goldilocks of outdoor exercise temperatures. Get those steps up!

2. Everyone feels more motivated

Call it the Back-To-School effect: as soon as September rolls around, we feel like making a fresh start. Everything feels exciting and new again, but don’t limit yourself to buying a bunch of cosy sweaters—channel that feeling of optimism into setting (and meeting) some new health goals. Whether you’re looking to lose some weight, learn a new skill or improve your flexibility, Autumn is the perfect time to get started.

3. It’s Easier to Get Back Into A Routine

Summer isn’t exactly a structured time. What with beach holidays, long weekends, loads of BBQs, and weddings galore, you’re probably all over the place—so it’s hard to stick to a specific diet or exercise plan.

But Autumn is a whole different story. Now that summer holidays are over, your weekly routine has more structure. Routines are key when it comes to forming long-lasting healthy habits, like making time for meal planning and physical activity.

The New You Plan has created a fool proof way to create a calorie deficit without the need for measuring and counting calories. Simply choose 4 of our Total Food Replacement packs from a selection of over 40 meals, and all the hard work of calorie counting and nutritional balance is done for you!

4. You Can Get A Jump Start on 2020

Starting your weight loss journey in Autumn means you will be ahead of the game come the New Year. By the time winter rolls around, you’ll be feeling so amazing that you will be better able to handle the temptation of all those Christmas treats too. Having a couple months of following the New You Plan under your belt will make it easier to stick with these healthier habits through the Christmas period too. 2020 brings with it the promise of a new decade, exciting possibilities, and a genuine opportunity to make lasting change. If you want to burst in 2020 a healthier, happier, better version of you, click here to get started.

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