4 Ways to Make August Your Best Month Yet

Feel like skipping August? Thinking of putting your New You journey on hold until September? If you want to get ahead of the health game here, we share 4 ways to avoid procrastinating and make August count. Ah August. (How? How is it August already?!)  August is a funny month. Half holiday mode. Half back to school and routine mode.

5 Healthy Life Lessons The Lion King Can Teach Us

Whether it’s your first time watching, or you are skipping to the cinema full of nostalgia from watching the original version, The Lion King is a movie that is guaranteed take you through a full range of emotions. The movie tells the story of Simba, a lion cub who is to succeed his father, Mufasa, as King of the Pride

Spring Transformation Challenge Week 5 Task Winner

This week’s Summer Transformation Challenge Task winner has been revealed! We kicked off the week with task 5 of our Summer Transformation Challenge & what an amazing one it was! A new task is announced every Monday and the winner is shared on Friday. This means that you have 4 days to share your answer. Not only will you have

3 Ways To Prevent Weekend Overeating From Sabotaging Your Goals

Are you ‘good’ all week? Perhaps you have a treat at the weekend…then start back with the ‘goodness’ again on Monday? A quick Monday morning jump on the scales to check your progress…only to find that your weight loss is non existent. But you’ve been SO good… apart from Friday’s takeaway… Saturday’s brunch and a Sunday roast that is… but

4 Ways Being A Nice Person Makes You Gain Weight

We love our customers at New You HQ. They really are the nicest of people. And that’s part of the problem. Being nice can actually lead to you gaining weight! Here’s why… Research has shown one common behavioural pattern seen over and over again among people who are unable to lose weight is the People Pleaser.  A People Pleaser is

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