Is Your VLCD Diet EASY or HARD?

Being on a VLCD Diet can be easy or hard. Sometimes nothing has to change in life for you to feel better or worse…. the number one thing that will influence how you feel about anything is YOUR PERSPECTIVE. The people who find doing a VLCD diet easy – have a good perspective about it… ✔ Woohoo – I am […]

23 Mindset Tips From Our Total Food Replacement Customers!

Your positive mindset totally has the power to make your diet a success. Here, our customers share their mindset tips to help you smash your total food replacement goals! Being on Total Food Replacement (TFR) means that you are replacing all conventional food with 4 new you plan meal packs. Each pack gives you 25% of your recommended daily amount of […]

Hele’s Update: “I’ve lost 66lbs in 19 weeks!”*

Now 19 weeks into her New You Plan journey, Customer Hele shares how she’s lost an incredible 66lbs. Watch her video and read her words below, with details on how she’s feeling and her top tips to help you succeed! My meals plans I have managed to postpone my breakfast until noon now. After that I have my lunch, which […]

How To Think More Positively

Positive thinking + positive action = success. Today, our Customer Transformation Coach, Candida, discusses how you can think more positively in order to influence the success of your New You Plan weight loss journey. Positive thinking is a very powerful tool but means absolutely nothing if you don’t follow it up with positive actions. Diet can be a time of […]

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