New You Awards 2016 – The WINNERS!

Each year we like to recognise the achievements of all our Secret Slimmers by hosting a special New You Awards ceremony, from incredible transformations, true inspirations and brilliant motivation tips, each and every one of our community deserve an award for all the hard work they have put in this year. Everyone’s journey is different but the hard work and […]

Set your 2017 weight loss goal

Set your goal & run with it! Okay, okay… we know it’s Christmas Eve & the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your diet and loosing weight, but if you think about it, now is actually the perfect time to get in the zone! In just a matter of hours, Christmas will be over, and the next date in […]

The Countdown to Success this Christmas – Our Secret Slimmers share their weight loss victories just in time for the Festivities!

Lets take a step back and think about a time a few months ago.. After Halloween is over the Christmas chaos soon starts easing in (if not before!). Its during this time we start to think about all that Christmas entails, fancy events, work do’s, parties and of course seeing that group of relatives you haven’t seen since this time […]

2016 Secret Slimmer Diaries – ‘I am fitter, faster, healthier and so much happier’ – How the plan has turned Jennie’s life around in a year!

In this instalment of the ‘2016 Secret Slimmer Diaries’ we hear Jennie’s story. Jennie started the New You Plan back in January this year. Like a lot of customers January can be the trigger point with the iconic phrase ‘New Year, New You’ being advertised all over the media. As predictable as this saying it it doesn’t mean people shouldn’t […]

2016 Secret Slimmer Diaries – ‘Cycle 270 Miles in 4 Days??’ – How the plan helped Christina achieve her goals!

When undergoing a weight loss journey like ours your goals and aspirations may change over time.¬†At the start of your journey completing each week 100% focused will be a goal in itself. As the weeks go on these goals become easier and easier to achieve and you start to think of new goals to work towards. By having goals in […]

{ Guest Blog Post } Don’t let your Ho, Ho, Ho turn into Oh No, No! – Candida J F Woolcott

Don’t let your Ho, Ho, Ho turn into Oh No, No! Christmas overeating, a mental and universal dread to dieters and maintainers alike! In my last blog I talked about self-sabotage and the cycle of self-sabotager, so I thought I would follow this by talking about combating overeating at this festive time! We know from experience that we cannot realistically […]

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