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OMG What Did I Just Watch? (Traumatised): Watch The Documentary “Obesity: The Post Mortem?” NOW

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Have you heard about the new documentary called Obesity: The Post Mortem?

There has been a lot of talk about it in the newspapers in the last few days.  It was released on 13th September on BBC 3.

Obesity The Post Mortem

You can watch it online HERE.

 One of our Secret Slimmers just watched the documentary today. She wrote in our group:

 OMG, what did I just watch!?!

Obesity: The post mortem (BBC 3)

Forget Day 1 tomorrow. Day 1 is NOW!

I wanted to switch it off :/ but couldn’t!

If anyone wants a harsh slap in the face why we need to reduce our weight (Especially me: apple belly fat shape, 19 + stone), this is something to consider watching.

I am feeling a tad traumatised.. But sometimes only the harsh truth will do.

I’m gonna drink loads of water and start as I mean to go on. Day 1!!

If anyone does decide to watch.

Please watch with caution.

Not for the queasy or faint of heart.





Rather than watching the soaps tonight, this would be a better option. Watch the documentary to help you realise that losing weight is not just about vanity; it is about your health and what your fat is doing to your body.



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