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NEW PRODUCT: Tea & Peach Flavoured Drainer Stick

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Introducing…The New You Plan Tea & Peach Flavoured Drainer Stick

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The New You Plan Tea & Peach Drainer is a detoxing drink, bursting full of natural ingredients and high in antioxidants. It also acts to remove excess water and boosts removal of fat in the body. With a deliciously refreshing fruity flavour, consume ONE daily and enjoy its amazing benefits! This can be taken for both weight loss and maintenance.


What is the Tea & Peach Drainer Stick?drainers

New You Plan Tea & Peach Flavoured Drainer Stick naturally promotes the removal of excess water, by eliminating wastes and toxins accumulated in the body, strengthening it in the process.

When do I take a Tea & Peach Drainer Stick?

Consume no more than 1 drainer per day. Add to cold water and enjoy its amazing properties.

Why should I drink a Tea & Peach Drainer Stick?

Detox effect: Enjoy the detoxifying effects of dandelion and hibiscus as they act together to eliminate the body’s waste and toxins.
Anti-oxidant effect: Tea polyphenols and betalain from cactus fruit are full of antioxidants.


Promotes removal of excess water: Naturally promotes the removal of excess water in the body thanks to the natural effects of ash leaf, cherry stem and meadowsweet.
Slimming effect: Consume one of these drainers a day to enjoy its slimming action. The removal of fat is promoted by the effect of the caffeine and tea extract. Plus, dandelion extract acts on glycemic regulation to help limit the storage of sugar in the form of fat.


We got some samples in for people to try and here is what they said:


Anna, UK: very tasty satisfying beverage


Lidnsey, Uk: Loved loved loved this product, I felt really refreshed after using it. I would definitely recommend to others to help aid weight loss


Jane, ROI: Just to add that the taste is delicious, it’s very refreshing and reminds me of summer and drinking peach iced




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