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Welcome to the team Candida – our new Customer Transformation Coach!

We have some VERY exciting news here at the New You Plan HQ that we can’t wait to share with you. There is a new member joining the team!! Our Secret Slimmer, friend and cheerleader, Candida Woolcott is coming on board as our new Customer Transformation Coach. We are so thrilled she has accepted our offer as we know she will be a great value to the New You Team and community. Most of you already know who Candida is but for those who don’t let’s get you properly acquainted..   Name: Candida Woolcott Job Title: Customer Transformation Coach Start Date: 16 stone 6 lbs Weight Lost on TFR – […]

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Hello February – What we have in store this month!

February has arrived and we are thinking all things LOVE! The theme for this month is ‘Love Your Body’. We want you to change your mindset and create a positive attitude towards your body. Whether you are only starting out or are near your target weight, we want you to appreciate what you already have and love yourself inside and out. The thing we need to remember is we are all unique so we should embrace our different qualities and learn to love them. As you know each month at the New You Plan we launch various different deals and challenges to help keep you focused on achieving your goals. […]

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New You Awards 2016 – Top Motivator of the Year – Jennie’s Story

NEW YOU AWARDS 2016 Name: Jennie Chandler – Stokes Start date: Jan 7th 2016 Start Weight: 16stone 6lbs Weight lost: 6 stone Current Weight: 10stone 13lbs Target: 9 stone Awarded – Top Motivator of the Year 2016 No matter what is happening in your life we all need a little motivation from time to time. This can merely be the motivation to get up in the morning or the drive you need to reach 5pm on a Friday. Much like Inspiration, motivation can be achieved in a variety of different ways. The term motivate is define as ‘providing someone with a reason for doing something.’ To motivate someone is to leave […]

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6 Ways to be Happier in 2017!

No matter what journey we are on in our lives Happiness is something we all want to achieve. The term happy is ‘to feel or show pleasure or contentment’, in a broad sense you think that would be quite easily achieved but everyone’s happiness is found in different ways. For some time with a loved one is all the happiness they need and for others a mere object or song can bring them back to a happy time where they can reflect on the feeling and relive the good times. When you are happy nothing seems impossible, your mindset is full of positivity and whatever task or goal you are […]

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New You Awards 2016 – Most Inspiring Secret Slimmer – Jolly’s Story

NEW YOU AWARDS 2016 Jolly Sabs aka Sabrina Started plan on: 16th July 2016 Start weight: 15st 6lbs Lost: 4 stone Current weight: 11st 6lbs Awarded Most Inspiring Secret Slimmer of the Year. Everyday throughout our lives we find inspiration in many wonderful ways. To inspire someone is to leave a positive presence on someones day. When undergoing a weight loss journey the starting point is as important as the end and that little nudge to push you over the first hurdle is a need contribution. Our Secret Slimmers community inspires people each and everyday. New and existing customers know that whenever they get some free time they can log in […]

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5 Pillars of a Healthy New You in 2017!

We all know that a weight loss journey like TFR is more than just a diet, it is a complete lifestyle change. The new habits picked up a long with way makes the continuation of a healthy lifestyle after the diet is over a more manageable tasks. Throughout this journey we start to appreciate new approaches to food, a new admiration for exercise and a positive change in mindset. All of these can have an overwhelming affect on your daily routine. It is all well and good talking about these now but how do you actually achieve them if you are only starting out? Scientific research has proven that it takes 66 days to […]

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10 Ways to get Motivated on your New Year Diet!

New Year brings with it new opportunities. New chances to become the best version of you possible. It is human nature to have these thoughts when January comes around but following through with them can sometimes be quite difficult. After the Christmas period we can all feel a bit sluggish and bloated and the day 1 of the diet can seem a little daunting. The thought could be there but doubts like ‘its too hard’ or ‘I can’t do it’ can take over and day 1 is pushed further away. We have all been in this situation before and know that nothing is unachievable if you put your mind to it. […]

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New You Awards 2016 – The WINNERS!

Each year we like to recognise the achievements of all our Secret Slimmers by hosting a special New You Awards ceremony, from incredible transformations, true inspirations and brilliant motivation tips, each and every one of our community deserve an award for all the hard work they have put in this year. Everyone’s journey is different but the hard work and determination of all our Secret Slimmers each year is all the motivation needed to believe you can do this.  We believe that all of our Secret Slimmers deserve an award as they all are truly a bunch of inspirational people making the change to achieve a healthier, happier version of […]

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The Countdown to Success this Christmas – Our Secret Slimmers share their weight loss victories just in time for the Festivities!

Secret Slimmers

Lets take a step back and think about a time a few months ago.. After Halloween is over the Christmas chaos soon starts easing in (if not before!). Its during this time we start to think about all that Christmas entails, fancy events, work do’s, parties and of course seeing that group of relatives you haven’t seen since this time last year. The initial fear starts to creep in as everyone wants to look their best during the festive period. Simple things like ‘what outfit to wear?’ can soon become ‘does it still fit?’ and the worry can overwhelm you even though you know it is still months away. This […]

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New Year, New You? Our SS Cheerleaders give their top 5 tips to be Set for Success!

From starting the New You Plan we have had some incredible success stories, some truly inspiring customers who really prove that this plan works and that results can be achieved if followed 100%. The end of the year brings about a lot of planning as to what the New Year will bring, with this in mind there of course comes the inevitable ‘New Year New You’ idea. This phrase comes around January after January but the percentage of people who say it and actually follow through with it are very different. Don’t fall into the false promises category, make 2017 the year you chose to make the change and better yourself. […]

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