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WINNER: Nakita Lost 6 Stone* & Won £1000 Cash

WINNER: Nakita Lost 6 Stone* & Won £1000 Cash

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After suffering from depression and health issues, Nakita decided she needed to do something about her weight. Thankfully, she found New You, has lost a MASSIVE 6 stone* so far & WON £1000 cash in our Transformation Challenge. Here, she shares how her life and health have dramatically changed.

New You: Nakita, what was your biggest motivator for joining the challenge?

Nakita: I just thought why not? I’d already lost a lot of weight by that point so I thought it was worth giving it a shot. You don’t lose anything for trying, so why not give it a go?

New You: So tell us, how much weight have you lost?

Nakita: I’ve lost 6st 4lbs in 20 weeks*. I’m finally into the next stone bracket as well. I haven’t been into the 15 stone bracket since I was in high school. I’d like to lose another 3 stone minimum, because I originally set a goal for 13 stone. Even at 13 stone, I’d still be classed as overweight. So I’m pretty much just going to carry on until I get to a comfortable target for myself.

I remember when I started, there was a woman in Secret Slimmers and she won the last challenge for maintaining her 10 stone weight loss*. I remember looking at her and thinking that’s the target I want to get to. But I thought, how am I going to do that?! That’s going to take years! I’m never going to do that. I’ll maybe just lose a few stone. It’s just mad to think that I have lost six stone because my son got weighed the other day for his two year assessment and he’s literally just over two stone so I’ve nearly lost three of him. I know carrying him sometimes he feels really heavy. So to think I was just walking around carrying all that extra weight is crazy. At the time, you don’t think it impacts you, but obviously when you realise that that’s the reason why you had all these health problems such as struggling to walk or to bend down and be out of breath etc.

New You: We’d love to know how you heard about the plan!

Nakita: Thinking back to it, I kind of just stumbled on it. I was looking at other diet plans online and The New You Plan was at the top of the search results. I read up about it and then looked at the blog and some of the transformations and thought, why not? Why not try it?

I was also won over by the variety of products. There were so many items to choose from. Also the bonus of the snacks, because not a lot of other plans have snacks. So when you’re a binge eater who eats all the time and you hear that you can actually have a snack when when you’re dieting, obviously, it’s a big plus, a big bonus.

Getting Started

New You: What led to you starting the plan?

Nakita: The week before Christmas, my partner of 10 years split up with me. He just decided he didn’t love me anymore because he felt that we weren’t in a relationship anymore. I was just a mum to our son. I know part of it was my weight as well because I didn’t feel like I wanted to make the effort or anything because I was so big. Because when I met him, I was quite a few stone lighter. I’ve always been big, but I was quite a few stone lighter and when I had my son, I just let myself go. I was very depressed as well. I never wanted to leave the house at all, which was horrible for my son because he was always on the go. I felt ashamed. It’s just embarrassing.

New You: And tell us about that first week…

Nakita: I’d say the first day felt pretty easy and I felt tricked into thinking it was going to always be easy. Obviously, I was hungry, but I knew that I needed to be. I read all the tips on the Secret Slimmers page. The Facebook group is such a good tool for everyone because you read all the advice from people that are doing it or are maintaining.

On the second day, I woke up with the headache and was feeling really low. On day three, I just seemed really hungry and I knew it was all in the head.

But then it started to get easier and before I knew it, it was time for my first weigh-in and I couldn’t believe it when I’d lost 13.5lbs*. I was already feeling much better and that made me keep going. I felt less bloated and generally much better. Towards the end of the week, I started feeling like I had more energy as well. I remember I actually got up and started cleaning, whereas I used to put it off all the time because I just didn’t have the energy after looking after my son all day. I would always put it off until the weekend whereas now I clean every day.

New You: What meals and snacks can’t you live without?

Nakita: In the evenings, I always do the Mexican Tacos and the Vegetable Chilli together. It’s amazing and like having the real thing. I LOVE the Raspberry & White Chocolate Wafer too. I remember eating it for the first time and thinking that it shouldn’t be on a diet plan. It’s so nice.

New You: Any tips on how you stayed on track?

Nakita: I think having a holiday booked helped a lot, because I’m going away with my partner’s family and they’re extremely slim. They’ve always been extremely slim. So that was a kick to be like, I don’t want to be the fat person of the group. I’m still going to be bigger than others, but I don’t feel as self conscious about it now because I know I’ve done really well and I’ve lost quite a lot. They tell me all the time that they’re amazed because they live about an hour away, so they only pop round every now and again. They saw a massive change in me because it was a few months since they last saw me. I also have a dress that I really wanted to take on this holiday that I bought years ago. I’ve never worn it. I hung it up on the back of the door and I’ve looked at it all the time and I was like, I’m going to get in it, I’m going to get in it. And I do fit in it now.

Life Changing Results

New You: What difference has the plan made to your life?

Nakita: My blood sugar levels have gone right down to pre-diabetic levels, which I’m delighted about because I’ve been diabetic since I was 15 or 16. I was also on two tablets for my blood pressure and I’ve been able to drop one because my blood pressure has normalised. On average, it used to be over 200, which is heart attack level and I’ve been hospitalised a few times because of it. I also used to have a lot of problems with my hips and I was really struggling with walking. I was going to doctors all the time.

New You: What is the nicest compliment you have received since losing weight?

Nakita: People have said that I seem a lot happier in myself. I’ve had quite a few people say that I look great and congratulated me on my weight loss.

New You: Finally, what would you say to someone thinking of starting the plan?

Just do it. Literally, what have you got to lose other than weight? Just take it one day at a time. It’s so daunting to look at it as an overall, picture. But you just say, I’ve got to take each day as it comes and just keep doing it. If you blip, write that day off.

Want to join Nakita?

Nakita is proof that you can lose weight* and change your health for the better!

Whether you want to lose half a stone or 10 stone*, have a slimmer figure, or are just looking to get maximum nutrition in minimum time, then New You can make the perfect partner to get you to where you want to be.

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