Win £100/€129 Worth Of New You Cash Points!

Win £100/€129 Worth Of New You Cash Points!

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Do you want to be in for the chance of WINNING £100/€129 worth of New You Points added to your account?? 


Did you know that £100 will get you: 

  • Over 50 individual products

  • The 3 week summer kick start bundle FOR FREE

  • You could drop up to a dress size

  • You can top up on all your favs!

  • You can get loads and loads!!

  • AND you can use these points on BUNDLES!!!

This Monday we are focusing on #Meals


#Meals – If you want to get slim and stay slim the most important element is to eat healthy foods.  We recommend to follow our FAST FOCUS plan if and when possible to lose weight, and to maintain your weight with a clean healthy diet.  If FAST FOCUS is not suitable for you for medical or lifestyle reasons our other 2 meal plans, FRESH FOCUS & FAMILY FOCUS, will help you to lose weight, it will be at a lower rate but the most important thing is that you to be moving towards your healthy target weight.


In order to be entered into the prize draw to win £100/€129 worth of New you Points all you have to do is answer these 3 simple questions in the comment section below and tell us:

  1. Your Total weight loss so far – tell us when you started and how much you have lost from then.

  2. Which plan you are following (family focus – you have 1 healthy meal in the evening, Fast focus – You take 4 products a day, fresh focus – you do the diet 2 days of the week and eat healthy for 5 days of the week) 

  3. Your Daily Meal Plan – tell us what products you have, what time you have them, also tell us your favs. 



Remember as long as you answer the above questions in the comment section below ⬇⬇⬇ you will be entered into the prize draw!!! 

Good Luck 💜💙💚





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143 thoughts on “Win £100/€129 Worth Of New You Cash Points!

    • Author gravatar

      I started at the beginning of April, I have lost 12lb in 3 weeks.

      I am following fast focus plan, this means I do not have to make decisions re food for a while. That way I can try to focus on my addiction triggers.

      I have a shake and Pfb in the morning then about 11:00/11:30 a bar. Another shake I the afternoon just before or after school pick up. In the evening I have either a double meal pack or meal with pancake or omelette as I am over 17st still.

      Thank you for the competition. Xx

      • Author gravatar

        I started on 1st August 2015 and I have lost 97lbs!

        I am following the fast focus plan because although I am nearing my target I’m still not there yet and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

        I start my day early because I commute into London so at 6am I have either the plain or apple and cinnamon oatmeal or a strawberry shake, at 1pm I have either a chocolate or chocolate orange shake, and at 7.30 when I get home I have a meal such as carbonara or chill or spicy noodle nosh followed by either pancakes or a bar for ‘pudding’.

        My favourites are the carbonara, the omelette, coconut bar, hazelnut bar or…the totally amazing wafer snacks! Oh those things are to die for!! I will definitely continue having them as a snack even when I am at target!

      • Author gravatar

        Well done hun and thank you so much for sharing 😀 Good luck xxx

    • Author gravatar

      I started nearly 4 weeks ago and I have lost 1stone and 1lbs! This is the second time I have done new you, two years ago I lost 3 stone.
      I am on the fast focus plan, I have my first product about 10.30 once the school run is done and I’m dressed and make-up done lol, then I sit and have a bar and watch Judge Judy which I have weirdly become addicted to lately! My lunch is usually an omelette with pepper on and a coffee. In the evening I have a double dinner then I split my wafers in half and every evening I have one half with a cup of tea. My fave product is definitely the dark choc truffa bar, omg I adore them!!

    • Author gravatar

      I have been on the plan for 4 weeks now first week I lost a massive 14lbs continued to lose 7lbs the end of week2 and a further 4lbs by the end of week3 no weight loss week 4 but clothes feeling very loose 4packs 4 to 5litres of water 2 snacks a week loving my ny journey thankyou Julie Anne,Tasha and lovely ss family onwards and downwards x

    • Author gravatar

      Starting today with smalls goals but overall would like to shift 4 stone. I’m doing the total meal replacement plan & trying to have mainly liquid meals. I’m drinking fizzy water with the flavourings. I love the shakes with ice

    • Author gravatar

      *Started my New You journey 22nd February 2016. Now on day 64 week 10. Total weight loss so far 2st 4lb.
      *On Total Food Replacement.
      *10am have Original Oatmeal Porridge. 2pm have Creamy Chocolate Shake OR Tempting Chocolate Orange Shake. 6pm have Spicy Noodle Nosh OR Pasta Carbonara OR Cottage Pie. 10pm have Creamy Chocolate Shake OR Tempting Chocolate Orange Shake.
      Favourites got to be Creamy Chocolate Shake, Spicy Noodle Nosh, Pasta Carbonara & for snacks if out & about Chocolate Hazelnut bar & Lavish Triple Chocolate Cream Cookie.

    • Author gravatar

      Joined new you 2 years ago preparing for a trip to New York… Lost 2 stone and maintained for over a year following healthy eating plan. Between ups and downs and over indulging I regained a stone and rejoined 2 weeks ago with an aim of losing 21lbs (so that I am firmly on the right side of he scales!) and so far 8lbs gone.. I am following fast focus at the moment and so far have been 90% (with work water is an issue and the most I have managed is 2.5/3 litres a day)
      I borrowed some of the new shakes from a friends to try before ordering and loving them so far!

      I start my day with pfb and 500ml of hot water (sip it as I walk to work!)
      For breakfast I have a strawberry or vanilla shake (around 8:45am)
      Lunch I have broth and a bar around 12:30- strawberry is my new favourite- simply divine!
      I try to drink 1litre of water while at work and sip on another 500ml on the walk home.
      Dinner I have a warm shake followed by a snack.
      Before I go to bed (earlier than usual these days to keep myself away from temptation) I either make a shake or treat myself to a second bar (cookie cream.)
      I have only once had to have an extra pack to curb my hunger and certainly feel the energy boost of the pfb in the morning!

      I order weekly and swap products with a few friends that are following the plan as necessary!.

    • Author gravatar

      I started on January 1st as of Saturday 23rd I have lost 4st 12.8lbs
      I am following fast focus
      I have my first meal at lunch time and it’s usually asparagus soup it’s my favourite soup
      I always have a double meal at tea time, my favourites are double noodle nosh, double chilli, double carbonara or omelette filled with chilli.
      My 4th pack is a chocolate shake and I have it when I need it sometimes that’s as hot chocolate while watching a movie sometimes very occasionally it’s in the morning as a cold shake
      If I’m out and about or travelling I swear by the dark Truffa bars, absolutely gorgeous
      I make sure I drink 4 litres starting with Pfb mixed with fizzy water and then plain water and some orange lemon water flavour.
      I allow myself up to three snacks a week usually the salt and vinegar crisps
      I cannot recommend this diet to enough people I must be getting very boring to people by now hehehe

    • Author gravatar

      I started on 1st October 2015 weighing 19.6! I have had a total of 8 weeks off plan in that time and my current weight is 14.3 so I have lost 5 stone 3lbs! I follow fast focus 4 products each day. I have a shake at 7 am and I love all of them occasionally I have one hot then a soup at 1pm , then my evening meal (love cottage pie and chilli the most) around 6pm and a bar around 8pm and I absolutely love the coconut bar! I don’t think I’ve ever felt hungry!

    • Author gravatar

      * I started my new you journey on the 11th of April. I have just started week three today. In two weeks on this plan my weight loss has been 18lbs.

      * On total food replacement (fast focus)

      * Breakfast: Is a strawberry or vanilla shake, Lunch: Chocolate Hazelnut Bar , Dinner: Vegetable or chicken soup, Supper: Maple syrup Pancakes Snack sometimes is the High protein crisps

      * My favourites has to be the maple syrup pancakes the strawberry shakes and the chicken soup.

    • Author gravatar

      I started on 19 November 2015 and to date I have lost 56lbs!

      I am doing for fast focus plan.

      I have a shake before work at 8 am followed by a hot PFB. At 10 am I have another hot PFB to keep me going. During the afternoon I have the water flavourings, broth and a peach tea drainer. At 6.40 I have either a shake or a cottage pie or spicey noodle nosh or a soup. At about 8 pm I have a bar and before bed at about 10pm I have a hot shake.

      My favourites are cottage pie, spicey noodle nosh, pancakes, chocolate and mint chocolate shakes. My favourite bars are coconut, strawberry and the triple chocolate bars. I also like th vegetable soup too.

    • Author gravatar

      *Started one week ago today and have lost 10lb! 4lbs to go to my pre smoking cessation weight ( non smoker since January 19th!)

      * Total Food Replacement

      * I have a shake first thing in the morning, usually with a black coffee and 750mls water, about 12pm I have another shake or a bar (depending on that days schedule), 5pm I have either soup or a shake 8pm I have a shake or a bar ( again depending on the days schedule).

      * Adore the porridge, mint choice shake, hazelnut shake, spicy noodles!

    • Author gravatar

      Well I’ve been on the fast focus and this is my fourth week this week. In total I’ve lost 19pound Wahhhooo. My daily plan is 4 products so a bar, a shake, a meal and soup/bar/pancakes/oatmeal. At the start I put each day together so I couldn’t pick and choose to much and it seems to be working Wahhhooo another 3 stone to go

    • Author gravatar

      I started my weight loss journey yesterday the 24th April. I haven’t lost anything yet as it’s only my second day. Im working nights this week so I had soup at 6 and will have another at 10 as it was lovely,chilli for 1am and a bar at 4.if im still hungry when u get home I will have a porridge and use my bar as a treat. I did it 100% yesterday so will have to see how I do when working x

    • Author gravatar

      I started my journey on Monday 11th April 2016 doing Fast Focus. In two weeks I have lost 11lbs which is amazing.

      I have a Mint Choc shake made with ice and 2 shots of espresso in the morning around 8am followed by 3 pineapple fat burners made up in a litre of hot water. At lunch time at around 1pm I will either have a bar or another shake and for dinner at around 6:30pm I like to have a double meal pack such as Veg Chilli and omelette

      My favourite shake is the Choc Mint shake.
      My Favourite bar is the lemon yoghurt bar.
      Favourite meal is omelette with veg chilli.

      And of course I have water, lots and lots of water. I usually have between 4-6litres per day sometimes with water flavourings either hot or cold and sometimes plain. Occasionally I will have a savoury broth if I’m feeling cold.

    • Author gravatar

      I only started 2 days ago, so I cannot tell yet how much I’ve lost. But I’ve done this diet in the past & lost loads of weight with it, so I know it works.

      I’m following the Fast Focus diet, TFR: 4 meals a day
      When I work I usually have 1 shake in the morning at 10, a bar for lunch at 1, another shake a 3 o’clock & finally a meal for dinner at 6. When I’m off, I have a porridge or an omelette in the morning, a bar for lunch, a shake in the afternoon & a meal for dinner.

      My favourites products are the strawberry bars, the spicy noodles nosh, the hazelnut shakes et the risotto.

    • Author gravatar

      I started the new you plan August 01 2014 and lost 3.5 stone. I maintained within half a stone and I returned 04 Apr 2016 to get to my ultimate goal. In 3 weeks I have lot 1 stone 3 lbs (17lbs).

      I prefer to do fast focus, as I tend to lose motivation when I see the scales move too slow. I like to see the numbers rolling like a slot machine!

      My routine usually, I start by having green tea and a pint or 2 of water when I wake. I try hold out until 11am before having my first shake. I am always on the go, so my second shake will follow about 3pm. In the evening when my partner has dinner I will have a meal pack and then I will have a bar with mint tea in the late evening. Some nights I have a hot shake. Some days when I am working its near impossible to get a break so instead I have 2 meal packs when I get home and a load of water! On the tough days, or when I find myself boredom hungry I may indulge in part of a snack (half a wafer or only a couple of crisps). On gym mornings I will start the day with a PFB, to give me a little kick!

      I like all the products and go through phases of favourites, but chocolate usually wins. 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      I started the plan in August 2012 and I lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks and ever since I kept it down ,of course upward and downward but always between 9 to 10 stones 🙂

      I love the fast focus plan that mean 4 pks and 4 litres and a snack during the week.

      I love the original oatmeal porridge in the morning then 2 shakes then a hot meal in the evening ,it’s all so easy.Thanks for the competition

    • Author gravatar

      I originally started new you in March 2015. I lost 3st in 9 weeks! Sadly I didn’t learn my lessons and I am back where I started. I have restarted today day 1! So no losses yet.

      I am doing fast focus

      I have a shake at about 11, bar at 2pm shake 5pm and then a meal or an extra shake. Tend to try and stick to water and pfb until 11am as I find this helps me in the evenings which is my trouble time!

    • Author gravatar

      1. I started my journey on October 6th and have lost 6st 4lbs so far 🙂
      2. I’m on total food replacement
      3. I have a choc shake at 930 am, a coconut bar at 12 noon, a hazelnut shake at 3pm and then double noodle nosh at 7pm with lots of TFR jelly for a dessert. My favs are the caramel and coconut bars, noodle nosh, carbonara, chilli and cottage pie, choc shake and salt and vinegar crisps

    • Author gravatar

      1 I started again on 11 April – I am not going to weigh in every week. My next date with the sad step will be 9 May.
      2 I am on total food replacement
      3 I have a shake around 6.30am, soup for lunch around 11.30am, a meal around 4.30pm and a bar around 7.30pm

      My favourite products are mint chocolate shake, asparagus soup, pasta carbonara and dark chocolate truffles bar. I enjoy the salt and vinegar crisps with a can of Coke Zero as a treat.

    • Author gravatar

      1. Only started 3 days ago, so have resisted the temptation to get on the scales until the week has passed.
      2. I am on Fast Focus — three week bundle, as I want to get a kick start before my holiday.
      3. I have a shake or porridge for breakfast, after the school run, so around 09:30 and a flavoured drink. Around 1 ish I have a bar and drink, leaving me two meals for the evening, which I eat around 6:30. It is difficult to pick a favourite and I haven’t found anything I don’t like so far. The veg chillie is great but the hazelnut shake is sublime 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      I started the plan end of January and have lost 28lbs! I was following fast focus for 12 weeks and I am now on refeed before going again for the last few pounds!
      I love the porridge for breakfast and the asparagus soup or a shake for lunch. If I’m still hungry I have a bar late afternoon but I rarely am! Then spicy noodle nosh for dinner or yummy cottage pie! My weekend treat is wafer snacks and a bag of ny crisps so I am never hungry x

    • Author gravatar

      I started 1st March 2016 and so far have lost 27lbs and I feel amazing. I am 100% tfr and start with a choc mint shake at lunch time lemon bar mid afternoon then ginger or cinnamon nom noms for tea. I have 3 pineapple fat burners during the day and at least 4 litres of water with the water flavourings. Very hard to choose a favourite, I love the nom noms, the salt and vinegar crisps are amazing. Making the jelly is something that gets me through and feel a bit naughty..

      New you is amazing and I could not do this without the support of the so group x

    • Author gravatar

      1. Total weight loss so far is 99lbs since 2010. In the last 2 months I’ve lost 29lbs
      2. Fast focus. I love the control of TFR!
      3. Pineapple fat burner and an Apple and Cinammon porridge for breakfast (about 6.15), a bar at lunchtime (1 ish) and a double-meal dinner (about 6 pm). If I’ve been for a run I’ll have a snack too.
      4. Favourite shake- Beautiful Banana, Favourite bar – Tropical Coconut, Favourite double meal – Spicy Noodle Nosh and a Country Cottage Pie (made up with 50 ml water and baked in the oven for 20 minutes)
      Loving the #mchallenge, and Love NY xx

    • Author gravatar

      I started the New You Plan on July 6th 2015. I’ve done 6 weeks, 10 weeks. 10 weeks and on week 5 of phase 4. So far to date I have lost 6 stone 4lb (88lb).

      I’m following Fast Focus as I need the structure of the plan.

      Morning is usually pfb at 9am
      Breakfast at 11am of a hot shake. It’s either mint choc, orange choc or creamy choc
      Lunch is usually 2pm to 2.30pm and I either have a Maple syrup pancake with ginger or egg omelette with black pepper, onion granules and mixed herbs.

      Dinner is usually 6.30pm and is either Vegetable Chilli or Spicy Noodle Nosh

      Night time. I usually have my last product at about 8.30pm which is nearly always a coconut bar.

      My favourite are listed above for all my meals

    • Author gravatar

      I started last week Tuesday and have lost 6 lb so far 🙂

      I’m following the fast focus.

      I have porridge/shake at 8 or so, followed by soup for lunch at 1230 then k have a bar before dinner around 330 and dinner at 730 one of the packets. I’m loving the mint chocolate shakes!yummy and the pasta carbonara is a lot more flavoursome than I had expected.

    • Author gravatar

      I have been on the tfr plan since 4th April and I have lost 26.75lbs. I have a shake around 7.30, soup at 12 and 4, then a shake or soup at 8 or with the family dinner. I have a wafer or a orb if I feel a need for an extra treat. My favourites are mushroom soup and white chocolate and raspberry wafers.

    • Author gravatar

      I started fast focus last Tuesday so I am on day 6
      I’ve lost 4 lbs and can feel a real difference in my clothes already
      I was so fed up moving from one diet to another I have 3 stone to lose When a friend told me about the new you
      I start the day at 8.30 with a porridge
      A chocolate shake at 12pm with ice makes it so yummy
      And a little extra water to make it bigger!
      At 4pm I have a meal love the spicy noodle
      Then at 7 pm I have a soup asparagus is so creamy and mushroom
      Is the same really lovely
      I’ve ordered the pfb and fruit flavours just to have something elsetodrink other than the 4 litres of water and also the chocolate wafers there’s 2 in a pack so can have just one at a time
      Had the trufla bar. So rich and georgous
      So far so good not missing food at all but I’m focuses
      And really want to give it a good go
      Was ok last weekend cause husband was away so no temptation or drinking! Determined to be on the sparkling water this weekend
      Taking it one day at a time and have been reading the Facebook page. Great encouragement and thing keeping me going is if I stop or eat I’ll have to start again at day one – would be a shame to lose the 6 days I’ve done already and also I think how bad I would feel for a moment of eating !

    • Author gravatar

      I started the diet full TFR on 19th Sept and completed 10 wks in Phase 1. My starting weight was 16st 12!! At the end of Phase 1 I had lost 3st 7lbs. Phase 2 started on 4th Jan (with a gain of approx 6lb over Christmas). I completed a further 8 weeks on TFR before moving to fresh focus (5:2) which I’m using to maintain. My weight is now between 11st 8lb and 11st 10lb. I maintained over my wedding too.

      A total loss of @ 5st 4lb – 74lbs. I have lost over 60 inches and am now a size 12-14 with a few size 10’s too! When I started I was having to buy plus size clothing from Taking Shape in Belfast!

      When using NY products I have a pfb in the morning with water & redbush tea. My first product I have @ 2pm. I have a double dinner and I always have a bar in the evening with a cup of tea as my treat!! I love most of the products especially the Chocolate Shake, Original Porridge, Spicy Noodle Nosh, Veg Chilli, Cottage Pie, Risotto, Spagetti Carbonara and Pasta Broccoli (as a double) Omlette, Pancakes, Mushroom & Veg soups. I love the Dark Truffa Bar & the Chocolate Hazelnut Bar. I enjoy the Orange flavouring hot and the broth – both lifesavers on TFR. Oh and I love the snacks… Hot Chocolate (made into a mousse), Chocolate Mousse and the Chocolate & Vanilla wafers!! I LOVE NEW YOU!!! XXX

    • Author gravatar

      I’m on fast focus since the 4th of February 2016. I’ve lost 2 stone and 10 lbs so far. I start each day with a chocolate shake or a mint chocolate shake. Lunch is pasta carbonara. Dinner can be pancakes or more pasta and i love the triple chocolate bar for desert.I love the raspberry wafer snack and the salt and vinegar crisps. Xxx

    • Author gravatar

      here goes…..

      1) started 2nd September 2015 & I have lost an amazing 6 stones and 4lbs to date.

      2) I follow fast focus

      3) I have a double shake in the morning around 07:00 …..my favs are choccy mint or choccy orange yummy!! I like a pineapple fat burner mid morning to give me a boost and get those pounds shifting. Then usually around 12md I have a bar & a cuppa coffee. Dinner is a soup or meal when I get home from work at 5. My evening treat is an apple cinnamon biscuit with a cuppa tea…..oh and a bag of new you salt & vinegar crisps at the weekend. Not to forget lots of ice cold water throughout the day….I use a water filter bottle which saves on the cost of bottled water and makes it taste great.

      4) my FAVOURITE products are the apple cinanamon biscuits, raspberry & white chocolate wafers and milk chocolate truffle bars. I love adding lemon and orange zing flavouring to sparkling water …tastes devine.

      The New You plan really works & it’s so easy to stick with. When I started the plan the first few days were tough but I am so glad that I stuck with it. It doesn’t take long to get in the zone & feel buzzin! Seeing the stones drop off is my best motivation to keep going. New You daily emails keep me on track too. I love that for the first time in my life I feel happy, healthy and confident. Best of luck to all you New You girls & guys…..YOU CAN DO IT!! Xxxx

    • Author gravatar

      I have been on plan 3 weeks.

      Following family focus I have lost 7lb. Struggling at the moment with depression so not as fast as I would of liked.

      I like strawberry bar that I try and have about 10am.
      Then lunch around 1pm normally a shake.
      Then at 3 another shake or veg chilli. Love that.
      Then for tea having chicken salad.

      Love this plan and the support at new you

    • Author gravatar

      I started 3 weeks ago and the first week I lost 12lb, week 2 I lost 6lb and weigh in today I lost another 5lb. That’s 27lb in 3 short little weeks. UH-MAZING!!
      I have porridge, onlette or pancakes at around 9 when my girls have all gone to school.
      Then at 12 I have a meal, carbonara is my fav at the mo.
      Around 3 o’clock I have a Soup, Shake or bar.
      The dinner is a meal around 6 with the family.
      I make sure I drink my 4ltr of water and my treat day is Friday or Sunday when I have my snack. Can’t wait for the crisps to come back but the strawberry waiver is fab.
      I’m doing fast focus for next 5 weeks until my daughters communion. I plan to do family Focus that week leading up to her big day. Then it will be back to fast focus for 4 weeks before I have to have my photo taken for a project I’ve been working on. I’ll be due to refeed then and once I’ve done my two weeks I’ll be back ‘on it like a car bonnet’ for my holiday in August.
      Love The New You Plan

    • Author gravatar


      I have been on the new you plan since the 2nd of March and so far have lost 20lb in feeling great for it

      I follow the fast focus plan and usually stick to 3 shakes and a bar every day unless I find myself extra hungry and I will swap the 3rd shake for a meal (my favourite meal would be pasta carbonara)
      I have a shake for breakfast around 9am, 2nd shake around 1pm, 3rd shake at 5pm and a bar between 7 and 8 pm my favourite shake without a doubt is the mint chocolate – I could have these all day long!! And my favourite bar is the strawberry cereal bar it is scrummy!!

      I absolutely love new you and the products and most of all I love the fact that I have found me again and my confidence is steadily rising every day and feel so much happier and healthier than I did, can’t wait to get married in 11 weeks and have all eyes on me 😄 Xxx

    • Author gravatar

      I started NY on April 12th. Since then I haven’t looked back. I’m on pthe TFR plan 14 days today and I have my 2nd weigh in and measurements tomorrow and I’m so excited. I’ve lost a total of 9 & 3/4lbs to date and I’m hoping for another 3lbs this week. This plan is totally what I’ve been searching for. I’ve tried so many diets, plans and even slimming pills but this is 100% for me. I’m on 5 products daily at the moment, I try to vary them each day as I have so many to choose from. But my ultimate favourites are the banana shake and and the vegetable chilli. I’m also a big muesli bar fan. My daily eating routine usualy consists of me getting up and I try to get about a litre of water in me (that includes my PFB) then ill have pancakes or omelette but if I’m in work il have a savoury bar with a cup of tea. That’s usually around 12 then il have a meal arundel 330, drinking water in between. I’m a huge fan of the water flavourings especially the the orange zest. Around 630 il have another meal if I’m working or an omelette if I’m at home, I’ll then have a bar for my choc fix at around 9/930pm ill also have a shake in between depending on how hungry I am. Some days I don’t be hungry all the time and 4 meals do me. The meals are just so tasty and filling. I’ve never felt this positive, focused and determined doing any weight loss plan as I do doing this one. Can’t wait to see the New Me xxx

    • Author gravatar

      This is the 2nd time I have been on the new you plan,my first journey was cut short due to illness. This time though I started on the 29th of February and to date have only seen benefits.

      So I am on my 8th week and so far I have seen impressive losses of 26lbs. In all honestly I’m sure it could have been more but with my ability to move more I have taken up running and so have seen just as impressive losses in the inches going from my back, waist, hips and legs.

      I have always enjoyed what is now known as Fast Focus, I stick to mainly shakes and soups but with more and more new products coming out I have added a meal here and there and keep any snack allowance for the weekends when temptation is higher.

      So a typical weekday will start with me sitting down with my children and having a milkshake. I love the raspberry and strawberry shakes made with lots of ice and cold water. I find it particularly important to have breakfast with my children as they know that mummy is making a healthy change to get fit and quite often moan if I won’t share a little with them!
      Lunch for me is then either a veggie soup at about 1pm or if I’m a little tired a mint or orange chocolate shake!
      I tend to have pretty busy afternoons so by 5pm it’s time for me to sit down with my kiddies again and the majority of the time I have another shake, usually strawberry as this flavour without a doubt my favourite!
      Then when all the madness of the day has passed and the kids are tucked up in bed I like to treat myself to a hot shake, this is where the mint and chocolate orange ones come in!!!

      On the weekend I like to experiment and have an omelet or pancake for breakfast, shakes for lunch and mid afternoon with a meal of cottage pie or noodle nosh for dinner followed by a bag of Crisps or a wafer…

      In the past 5 years this plan has changed, more options and more flexibility… This in my opinion makes it easier and more convenient to fit into my busy and hectic life!

    • Author gravatar

      I started following a TFR diet on the 4th January 2016, I quickly changed to New you products! I am 1/2 a pound shy of a 3 stone loss.

      I have just had a very short break, now back on plan until I reach my goal. Another 2 stone to go. I am now using fast focus, 4 meals a day to ensure I get to goal as quick as possible – my birthday is the 14th june, I want to be as close to goal by then as I can!

      I tend to start the day off with a large cup of tea and a litre of water with flavouring (orange and blackcurrant together is yum!), I then have porridge around 11am. Around 2ish I then have either a bar or a soup – coconut bars are the best, and asparagus is my fave soup! I have tea around 530 – which is normally always cottage pie, then around 9 i have my last pack, either a bar or a shake depending on what i have had earlier in the day.

      I will never use another diet plan again, I LOVE new you. It has totally changed my life 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      I started NY at the beginning of November 2015 after already losing a st by cutting things out of my diet. I have since lost 35 lb on NY. Not as fast as I would have liked but life sometimes gets in the way. I’m still motivated though and I’m aiming for another 2st off.

      I usually do fast focus during the week and then family focus at the weekends as I feel this fits in better with family life and social occasions.

      I usually have a pfb at 9 am which keeps me going till a soup or shake at 2pm. Then I have a peach drainer at about 5pm before a double meal at 8pm ish once the kids are in bed. Evenings are tricky for me which is why I save the meals till then. This gives me a bar or a choc mint hot shake at about 9.30pm to stop the snack attack!

      I love a lot of the NY products but at the moment I love the omelette with lots of chilli and the veg chilli too. (I must like it spicy! 😀)
      I also like the tropical coconut bar and the mint choc shake made into a hot chocolate. Yummy.
      I’m loving the orange water flavour made into jelly too. A real life saver!
      I’m loving feeling more like the old me again! Thanks New You xx

    • Author gravatar

      I started new you on 4th January and did fast focus till the end of march, since then I have been doing a bit of a mix of family focus and fresh focus. I have lost 2 1/2 stone, which has taken me below the target I originally set for myself, but I am loving the food, loving feeling in control and loving feeling slimmer so hope to lose a little bit more!

      I always have a new you breakfast, either pancakes or porridge nom noms with a coffee. Then I fill up on peach tea and pfbs until I have lunch of a meal pack (usually carbonara or cottage pie). Then I usually have an evening meal with the family, or sometimes another NY meal as I like them so much! Finally I have a bar as an evening treat when my little one is in bed.

      Doing this mix of NY and other foods has been great, I am still loosing a little bit of weight each week, having lovely food and taking part in family meals times, it’s a perfect balance that is working well for me at the moment, happy days 😀

      • Author gravatar

        Big well done hun 😀 It is good to see that you have lost following the fast and fresh focus plan 😀 You have been making the right food choices and it this is brilliant to see because you know what you have to do when you start to maintain 😀 xxx

    • Author gravatar

      Hi, I’m Cathy. My New You journey started July 2014. I’ve taken the scenic route, compared to others. But I took it at a pace that worked for me.

      I’m on Fast Focus. I feel that works best, where I commit to several weeks/months at a time, where I keep the next family event or holiday as my target.

      My day usually consists of a bar about 2pm (my chocolate fix),a cottage pie or asparagus soup, both such comfort food around 7pm, then my nightcap/treat consists of porridge swimming in a bowl of mint/orange choc made into a warm creamy texture bout 9pm(try it, it’s fab!) I sleep sound after it! The peach tea has become my saviour of late, where I’ve been really struggling.

      It’s been a long journey for me, with plenty of swing+roundabouts in my realizing how much food controls me. But I’ll get there. In my own way. The New You way..

    • Author gravatar

      I started 9 weeks ago on 20th February 2016. Total weight loss 1stone13.2pounds.

      Started on fresh focus. Then changed to family focus 1st April.

      I have omelette or pancake at 8am, noodle nosh or pasta at 12:30pm, shake at 4 pm and re-feed type meal in evening. some days I may be out and about in car or just busy I will have a shake or a bar at lunch time and if I miss having one packet at 4pm I will have it as a supper time e.g. A hot chocolate. Some days if evening meal does not suit I will have a fourth packet instead.

      The ones mentioned above are my favourites

    • Author gravatar

      I started at the end of February early March so far I have lost 18 pounds. That 18 pounds has brought my bmi to 24.0 which means I’m in the healthy range again. I had felt so down about my weight and now I feel like myself again I’ve changed my hair and my whole attitude.

      I am following fast focus tfr.

      My day consists of a pineapple fat burner first thing followed by a hot vanilla shake then for lunch it’s soup for the evening it’s either a pancake with a bar melted on top yum or a pancake and a hot chocolate orange shake loads of water and green tea. My faves are pancakes shakes hot or cold and the triple cookie bar my god that’s yum.

      I’m back at my exercise class and I feel great funny to say but I felt too fat to exercise I’ve booked my first holiday in years and I’ve about 10 pounds to get to my goal so a very happy customer

    • Author gravatar

      I joined New You last year and lost a much-needed two stone ahead of my summer holidays. Bad habits crept back into my life after Christmas, so here I am back again! This is my Official Day One on the New You plan and I’ll be following Fresh Focus for the next month. Eliminating, even for a brief period of time, the temptations of everyday life is important to me as I can focus on the emotional aspects of dieting. I am an emotional eater – I know this about myself – and my journey is going to be about dealing with the triggers that have derailed me in the past.

      My day on Fresh Focus is straightforward. I start the day at 8 am with a Vanilla Latte, and then a soup (Chicken or Asparagus are my favourites) at lunch time. When I get home from work at 6 pm, my preference is for a meal, perhaps Broccoli Pasta or Carbonara, as they are so food-like! Before I go to bed, I enjoy a Hot Chocolate shake and this helps me get ready for sleep. The weekends can differ as I might have an omelette or a meal for lunch.

      I enjoy many of the New You products, but the vanilla and chocolate shakes are absolute essentials!

    • Author gravatar

      So far in the 7.5 wks on this diet, Ive lost 24lbs.
      Im 5ft 5″, started at 13st9lbs, now 11st 13lbs.
      I am on the fast focus plan.
      If off work I start off with cinnamon and apple porridge about 11am, then a shake blended with ice in the nutribullet about 3pm, and at 7pmI will have a double dinner of curry, or a spicey noodle and veg chilli together, or the pancakes alongside one of the afore mentioned dinners.

      If at work, I’ll have a hot choc shake at 10am, then a bar at 2ish, then one of my dinner combos at 7.

    • Author gravatar

      * I am starting (again) today. I’ve previously lost almost 3 stone on the diet but I’ve slipped up a good bit and so I’m back to it with 2 stone to lose to my goal weight.
      *im doing fast focus -can’t trust myself to eat any real food!
      *usually I have a shake for brekkie, soup for lunch, spicy nosh or chilli for dinner and a bar with a cuppa about 8pm
      *my favourite is def any of the bars.
      Thanks x

    • Author gravatar

      I started this awesome plan on the 27th of january and have lost an amazing 20 kg since then!

      I did full TFR for the majority of the time but as I am working hard to get my house ready in time for moving in I have done family focus for some weekends and added a healthy low carb meal at night.

      I start the day with a big jug of tea, 700 mls. Then I have a pineapple fat burner with another 700 mls water. I alternate water, tea and water with the lovely flavours and keep track. I want to hit 3 liters by 3 PM. My first meal is usually oatmeal, pancakes or and omelette around lunchtime. I then have another meal, often a shake, mid afternoon or I save it and have a double dinner.

      My final cup of tea comes with a bar when the kids are asleep.. Me-time.. ❤️ I love the cookie bar, hazelnut shake, carbonara, cottage pie and noodle nosh together and pancakes and oatmeal. Actually, there is very little I don’t like, so I vary a lot.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi I’m still on medication that I take in the evening and I need a full stomach for then so I’m doing 2 products and a healthy no/very low carb meal.

      I have a shake on my way to work at 9am
      A bar or a meal for lunch about 1:30

      Lots and lots of water.

      And a healthy dinner with my family. I make adjustments sometimes to what they are having to make it healthy.

      My favourite new you products are mint chocolate shakes and coconut bars and pancakes.

      I started last year with TFR and lost 2.5 stone. I’m taking the slow route as I had some health complaints start in January.

      Love new you!!!

    • Author gravatar

      I started (this time) 2 weeks ago today. So far I have lost 11lb. I have a pfb & 500 ml of.tea at 6am Porridge at 7, vanilla shake or vegetable soup at lunchtime, chili,carbonara, risotto or noodle nosh about 6.30,then a bar (hazelnut my favourite) about 9pm. Lots of fizzy water,black tea& coffee through the day.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi everyone..
      I started last Friday.. I’ve had a sneaky weigh in and lost 6 lbs so far..I’m amazed.. I am following the fast focus as I cannot loose this fat fast enough.. Lol
      I’m having porridge for breakfast and shakes for lunch and mid afternoon..I’ll have a meal for dinner so I can sit with my family and not feel left out.. I also have an extra product as I’m diabetic and feel the effects of no food..my favourites are the chocolate hazelnut bar and coconut bar..in fact I don’t think I should order any more…or perhaps I should win this competition so I can get get some because I really can’t afford to buy extra..ha ha..

    • Author gravatar

      I started back last year in June. Wanted to be slim for summer, I lost 22lbs in 6 weeks on Fast Focus. I have been maintaining since, using the New you products when I feel I’ve gained a few pounds. I’m now back to lose even more weight for summer 16 ☀️😄.

      I usually have a PFB first thing in the morning,then a shake or porridge. I fill up on fluids during the day, tea, coffee and warm water, then have a double pack for dinner followed by tea and a bar.

      My favorite products are 1, PFB because they give me an energy boost and suppress my appetite and 2, the wafer bars, they are gorgeous! Although all the products are fantastic!! 😍

    • Author gravatar

      I started two weeks ago and have lost 10lbs.
      I’m doing tfr and a normal day is pancakes or omelette for breakfast about 10am. Then I have a bar for lunch at 2pm. I then have a double meal when I get home after seven. Cottage pie or veg.chilli.I drink black coffee and my 4 litres of water over the day

    • Author gravatar

      I’ve been on the plan for 5 weeks and lost 16lbs. I am doing fast focus and have started going to the gym in the last two weeks. I didn’t have any extra packs to start so think that’s affected my losses. I normally have porridge or a shake at about 8.am at 12pm I have a bar and a coffee. At about 3pm I have a shake and about 6pm I have a hot dinner. Last week I started to have a double dinner on the days when I’m working out . Omlette and chilli or double cottage pie or double noodle nosh. The nosh and pancakes are my favourites. I’ve just started making the jelly and mousse and these are nice as something sweet. I usually manage 5 -6 lts of water a day and drink a lot of black tea. I’m never normally hungry and have realised that I used to eat out of boredom. Not anymore! Xx

    • Author gravatar

      I started on 31st March 2016 and have x4 packs and x4 litres of water. I have lost 26lbs in 3 weeks and I am currently in my 4th week. When I’m at work I take a shake 11am and a bar 3pm with me and the have a meal 6pm and a shake later when I am home. When I’m not working I will have a shake or pancakes for breakfast and then a shake mid afternoon, a meal for tea and I love to have a bar with a big cup of coffee in the evening. I try and wake up drink 500ml water before I leave the house. I drink tea and coffee with skimmed milk and fizzy water with flavourings.

    • Author gravatar

      I started the plan on 16th November 2015, and have taken a few weeks off for Xmas and Easter.

      I have lost 54 lbs so far.

      I am following fast focus.

      I start my day with coffee and water (hot with lemon zing) and have my first pack around 1pm which is a shake. I then have either a shake around 5pm, and a meal pack and a hot shake at around 9pm, or, a double dinner at around 7pm and a hot shake at 9pm. With lots of water with the flavourings during the day. If I’m feeling particularly hungry, I have a broth around 3pm.

      My favourite packs are:
      Chocolate shakes (plain, mint and orange!)
      Cottage Pie
      Vanilla shakes
      Spicy Noodle Nosh
      Veg Chilli
      Porridge (plain and apple)

      I haven’t tried any of the bars yet so I can’t say which is my favourite, I’ll tell you next week when my order comes 😉

    • Author gravatar

      Although I found The New You Plan LONG ago I have only got my head around the whole losing weight idea since July 2014. Although not able to stay focused thanks to being so emotional I ended up taking the scenic route. But from Jan this year I did 6 weeks, took a break then got back on it again. So far I have lost 5st 7lb. I am the lowest I have weighed for six and a half years. To say I was happy would be an understatement but I am HAPPY.

      I’m following TFR for faster weight loss and hoping to make it to six weeks again.

      Around 2pm I have a veg chilli omelette (half packs) and the same again around 6pm. About 8pm I have a strawberry bar. I sleep late so at 10pm I have a hot mint chocolate shake.

      If I had to choose 1 favourite product it would have to be the mint chocolate shake as it can be had hot, cold, as a mousse, as a iced lolly or mixed thick to spread on pancakes and I love the hit of mint. Others I love are the strawberry bar (wish they could be bigger!) and the omelette which again can be used to make a variety of recipes (thank you creative SS).

    • Author gravatar

      I started Fast Focus 3 weeks ago on April 4th and have lost 14lbs so far. I previously lost over 5 stone with New You, and am back now to finish it off hopefully once and for all.

      I usually have a PFB in the morning, porridge around 1pm, carbonara at 6pm, chocolate or mint choc shake at 9pm, and a coconut or chocolate hazelnut bar at 11pm. I drink around 2-3 litres of green tea and 2 litres of water every day. About 3 times a week I have a coffee with about 50mls skimmed milk.

      I actually love all the New You products though my favourites are probably the coconut and choc hazelnut bars, and I absolutely love all the wafers but trying not to have any snacks till I lose another stone.

    • Author gravatar

      1. I started on 29 February 2016 and have lost 35 pounds.

      2. I follow fast focus.

      3. I wake up have a hot PFB and a black coffee, drink a lot of water then have breakfast about 11am, usually original porridge or pancakes. Then I keep drinking a lot of water until about 3pm and have soup. I should have drunk at least 3l by now. I eat a meal about 6pm – pasta carbonara is a favourite. Then I have herbal tea and a bar about 8pm as trying to get out of the habit of eating late at night

      Original porridge, pancakes, omelette, veg chili, spicy noodle nosh, pasta carbonara, mushroom soup, asparagus soup, vanilla shake, triple choc cookie bar, nutty caramel bar, lemon bar – it’s all pretty yum!

    • Author gravatar

      I started in February, I needed to wait a few months after having my little boy 😀

      Lost 37lb so far, just had a holiday break, ready for phase two! Following fast focus.

      I have a shake for breakfast while I’m feeding the baby and getting older brother ready for the day, I need something I can pick up and put down easily, I also always add coffee!

      The next two meals are often shakes too, I don’t get much time at the moment and they are great on the go, I love adding extra water and having them ice cold.

      Last thing I have is a meal, pancakes, omelette and spicy noodle nosh are my favourites. I make them up and eat with my family. I add chill flakes, dried herbs and a lot of love.

      I adore the snacks, a bag of crisps, crunchy biscuit or smooth chocolate pudding, delicious! I’m sure it’s shameful, but I like the chocolate spread on the biscuits too… 😉

    • Author gravatar

      I’ve been on & off since Feb ! Never really had my head in the game until NOW and NOW is all that matters 😁 In the past 2 weeks I’ve lost 13lbs my goal is another 2 stone then who know the world is my (blip) 😂

      I follow TFR which I have hunk suits my lifestyle best 👌🏼

      A normal day starts with a litre of council juice that’s water to everyone else 😜 Breakfast – shake or porridge lunch – bar whatever one my hand lands on 😂 Dinner – pasta carbonara supper pancakes with some Delian choc mousse or a shake more litres of council juice added throughout the day always between 3 -4 😊😊😊

    • Author gravatar

      I started 2weeks ago and have lost 9lb in that time.

      I follow 4 packs and 4 litres of water plan

      I have black coffee and hot PFB in the morning
      I have a shake around 1pm then i have double rissotto or pasta brocolli around 6pm and then a bat later in the evening 🙂

      Loving the diet

    • Author gravatar

      I have started on 4th of April and lost 1st 03 lb so far.

      I’ve been following tfr for 3 weeks. For week 4 I’m moving to family focus due to nedication, hope to be back on tfr for week 5.

      I usually have spice noodle nosh for lunch around 12, then a shake around 3pm. Next I have a bar on my way home from work around 4.30pm. Then I have another shake around 8pm.

      My faves are spicy noodle nosh, chocolate shake, orange choc shake, mint choc shake, muesli bar, dark chocolate trufa bar and nutty fudge bar. I also love the pancakes and apple cinamon porridge.

    • Author gravatar

      I started on April 4th, so had my 3rd weigh-in today and have lost 14.2 lbs in total. Delighted with myself!

      I’ve been doing fast-focus only to date and love it!

      I have a PFB as soon as I get up, really gives me a great boost to start my day, as I head for a walk or swim every morning. I usually have pancakes/porridge or an omelette for breakfast around 10 am. Then it’s soup for lunch at 2 pm. I have a meal for dinner around 6 pm and a bar for supper any time after 10 pm.

      My favourites are pancakes, porridge muffins, omelette, veg chili, cottage pie, hazelnut and coconut bars and the mushroom soup, it really is yummy. I also love the chocolate wafers as a snack and the berry and orange jellies are to die for!

      I drink loads of water, strong decaf black coffee and peppermint tea throughout the day.

      I have to say I haven’t felt deprived of anything since I started this plan and the fact that I get to chew food is my saving grace! XX

    • Author gravatar

      After over a year of watching from the sidelines and trying a New You half-heartedly on and off almost every month, I decided to start on the fast focus program properly 2 weeks ago and lost 9 lbs in the first two weeks. Just kicking myself that I didn’t get my head in the game sooner. Happy to be on the right road now though.
      During the week I’ll start breakfast about 9.30 or 10 in work with 3 fat burners and scrambled eggs (as I could never get the omelette right!). At the weekend I go for the pancakes or a vanilla shake. During the day, around 1.30/2 I’ll have a soup, a bar or hot mint chocolate and save a double dinner for when I get home around 6/7. I don’t drink tea or coffee so drink boiling water all day ( I bought a litre size travel mug ages ago😜). The only “dinners” I like now are chilli, noodle nosh or the chicken noodle soup.
      I must say that I LOVE the bars and always have a few in my bag so I’m never stuck. The raspberry wafers are a lovely treat and, as soon as the salt and vinegar crisps come back in, I’m buying a large supply – I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms😆.
      Love this plan – I don’t post really but want to thank you all for the great support and customer service and for making it so tasty and easy. I genuinely don’t feel deprived like I did on other diets for the past 20+ years!
      Thanks to all!

    • Author gravatar

      Hi, I started on January 7th 2016. So far I have lost 3stone and 11 pounds on fast focus with a 2 week refeed after 12 weeks now back on TFR til I have a healthy BMI.

      I love waking up and having a ice cold pint of orange zest on the school run, then come home and have a strawberry shake around 9.30 am and another pint of orange zest. Go do some exercise ranging from running, swimming, Zumba or a bike ride then have a double or triple PFB and a pint of berry blast. Shower, housework, pint of orange zest, then another shake around 1pm. Do more housework or if finished read a book and meditate then a orange zest and back to do school run. Run ragged after the kids, cook their tea, more berry blast, have a vegetable soup or vegetable chilli around 5pm then tidy up kids plates and drink cups, do homework and reading with them, drink another orange zest, get dressed for work, make a drink for the drive, serve my regulars and general customers all night long in a very busy country pub and restaurant generally sniffing everything around me which is very satisfying, munch on my favourite bar tropical coconut, drink more orange zest, drive home and crash in my bed with a smile on my face for achieving another day 100%.

      My absolute favourite products are strawberry shake, coconut bar and the water flavourings, I could not manage without them! xx

    • Author gravatar

      Hi everyone!

      I started my New You journey 26th October 2015.

      I did 8 weeks TFR, broke for Christmas then Momentum Maintainers for January.

      In February I started another 8 weeks, 5 days TFR & 2 days normal.

      April has been total 100% TFR & new gym routine.. for my holidays next week 🙂

      Total weight loss so far 2st 1lb.

      *9am have a yummy double Pineapple Fat Burner.
      *12pm Original Oatmeal Porridge or a Raspberry Shake.
      *2pm I have a soup, Chicken, Veg or Asparagus…. If I have the gym at 6 then I double up and mix two of them together. My fav is Chicken + Asparagus. Though all combos are beautiful.
      *730pm I have my last meal(s) Spicy Noodle Nosh OR Pasta Carbonara OR Vegetable Risotto.

      If I have only had one soup then I treat myself with a Chocolate & Hazelnut bar… or a Truffa Bar…oh, oh, or a Triple Choc Cream Cookie bar nom nom.

      The rest of the evening I’m then back to concentrating on my water. I LOVE the water flavourings. I like them hot and cold. Although if I’m hungry it’s the yummy broth all the way.

      Thanks New You xx <3

    • Author gravatar

      1. I started New You September 2015 doing TFR. I have lost over 3 stone since then. I took some breaks for several holidays and Christmas due to my NY plan coinciding with taking early retirement (voluntary redundancy) from teaching. I thought I should kick up my heels and create some much needed TIME FOR ME after a stressful career with some I’ll health and several sibling deaths in quick succession.

      I know I could have lost more in this period but maybe my body likes to pace itself and lose slowly!!
      To date…I’ve lost 3 st 2 lbs. My current weight is 13st. I’d ideally like a total loss of 6 stone so less than 3 st to go!

      2. I am doing the TFR or Fast Focus programme which commits you to complete focus on New You with 4 packs and 4 litres of water intake per day. I mainly enjoy this type of plan and you achieve faster weight loss when sticking to it 100%. For me this generally means 4 lbs weight loss per week…aided and abetted by my magical pfb (pineapple fat burner) every single morning!

      3. A typical 100% New You day might consist of:

      9am pfb hot or cold (hot in winter)!!
      10 am coffee with skim milk allowance from my 250 Mls per day


      1 12 noon 1st pack…porridge or shake of choice
      2 3 pm 1 TFR bar if out for coffee (a lifesaver)!! Otherwise a shake (hot if winter with cinnamon)
      3 & 4 6 pm Double pack dinner eg veg and asparagus soup together with herbs or veg chili/risotto or veg chili/omelette with herbs
      Snack where allowed 3/4 times weekly…eg wafer or crisps or mousse.




      ALTHOUGH not at my goal weight yet I have great belief in the New You programme and it’s flexibility in terms of fitting in and around our individual lives and needs. I am learning to appreciate food in a constructive way and to deal with my food addictions in a much more healthy and responsible manner for my own future success to goal and to leading a clean and slimmer lifestyle. Whilst not always as dedicated to my weightloss as I wish to be I am learning to use the New You #Mchallenge goals and mindset for ultimate success to goal in the near future and to a healthy maintenance routine and a permanent slimmer and happy fulfilled New You Me!!

      Thank you so much for my new lease on life…all at New You.♡♡♡ Couldn’t succeed without your invaluable help and guidance…my filling and nutritious NY products…and the constant and invaluable support of the unique and wacky Secret Slimmers Club.♡♡♡

    • Author gravatar

      Only started new you a week ago today & have lost 13lbs.
      I am doin the fadt focus.
      I luv the variety of products available.
      I have had the strawberry chocolate and mint shakes. I love the omelettes and pancakes-so like the real thing & such a treat. I have the cottage pie & spicy noodle. I luv all the bars & the cinnamon biscuits are soooo yummie. Cant forget the pineapple fat burners so refreshing. Such great variety 2 choose from

    • Author gravatar

      Your Total weight loss so far – tell us when you started and how much you have lost from then.

      I followed New You Plan last Sept/October and lost 20lbs and was only a few lbs from goal when I decided to follow 5:2. I wasn’t really as good as I should have been and put on 6lbs. I’m back on again now as I have a family wedding in two months. I would like to lose these last 10lbs and perhaps even a another 4lbs as a buffer.

      Which plan you are following (family focus – you have 1 healthy meal in the evening, Fast focus – You take 4 products a day, fresh focus – you do the diet 2 days of the week and eat healthy for 5 days of the week)

      I am doing Fast Focus now with 4 meals and 2 pfbs a day for a month and then I am going to switch to fresh focus as I feel the balance of both will help me reach goal and stay there.

      Your Daily Meal Plan – tell us what products you have, what time you have them, also tell us your favs.

      I love the bars soooo much that I have had to stop buying them as I wasn’t able to limit myself to just one a day especially love the tropical coconut one. That said I found one in a handbag and am going to have it this evening for my birthday. I loved the sour cream and onion crisps which I used to have with soup each day about 3.30pm. Miss them. I quite like the salt and vinegar crisps but they seem to always give me heartburn.

      I keep all the shakes and soups in a box under my desk in work so I can have whatever I feel like each day.
      My usual menu plan looks like this:
      Between 9.30 and 12.30 I have two PFBs and water.
      12.30 I have a shake – I have tried all the shakes and still have a few around but I just love the chocolate ones the best. I also kinda like the banana ones which is very strange as I don’t eat bananas at all?!?
      3.30 I have soup. I adore the asparagus soup with the croutons but as it is higher calories than the other ones I try to alternate between them.

      6.00 Once I have collected my little people, the first thing I do is put on the kettle and pick out my meals – I usually have vegetable risotto with another meal which could be veggie chilli or spicy noodle nosh. Or if I have time I will make omelette and chilli and make a wrap from it. I find having two meals together fills me up. Plus my almost 2yo loves picking which meals I am going to have.
      After that I’m busy with kids and bedtime and preparation so I treat myself when I’m all done to a water flavouring jelly. I love these and they hit the spot.
      Weekend is similar but i have pancakes for breakfast and then soup at lunch and double meal in the evening about 5 with jelly or chocolate mousse snack as treat.

      I find all the meals are so tasty and easy to prepare and the recipes that Secret Slimmers have come up with are really yummy too. It honestly doesn’t feel as if I’m only consuming 700-800 calories.

    • Author gravatar

      Hi! I have a Pfb at 6am when I get up, this wakes me up enough to make sure I make sensible packed lunches for everyone! I have another at 1pm, at the end of my lunch break. The lifesaving one is at 4pm when I get home from work & the blips are calling me. They give me a great energy burst & stop the hungry feeling.

    • Author gravatar


      I started 27 days ago (29th March) and so far I’ve lost 1 stone 12 pounds.

      I’m doing four products a day so today I started off with a bar (museli), lunchtime in work I had a soup (chicken) and then the evenings I had a meal (spicy noodle nosh), I also had a raspberry wafer then with a cup of tea 🙂 and then I finished off with a strawberry shake.

      I cannot speak any higher about this diet it is amazing! I’ve tried other popular meal replacement companies sole sourcing etc and this is the only one I find that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything as I love nearly all the products!!!

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