The #Mchallenge – Creating Habits for a Happy Healthy New You!

The #Mchallenge – Creating Habits for a Happy Healthy New You!

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The New You Plan is ALL ABOUT helping our customers to “Get Slim, Stay Slim & Live Life!”

Julz Muldoon – Founder of The New You Plan

The #Mchallenge is all about building in the healthy habits that support a healthy and happy lifestyle in the long term.

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The #Mchallenge has been created by Julz Muldoon as a result of working with 25,000 people who want to lose weight, and over 13 years of study of personal development, goal achievement and happiness. 

We all know that what we eat is a major part of our weight, at the end of the day if we eat junk we are going to be unhealthy and overweight.

But why do we eat junk food?

A lot of the time it is because it makes us “feel good”.   After working with over thousands of people who have lost weight with our meal plan, there is a strong trend that a lot of people gain weight because of 3 main causes;

1.)  They are Emotional Eaters – they eat when they are sad, bored, depressed, stressed and happy!  

2.)  They have Roller Coaster Routines –  some days they eat very little and then other days they overindulge.

3.)  They are Renewing after Recovery from a life event that caused them to gain weight.

Does one of the above resonate with you?  

If so then the #Mchallenge is going to be perfect for you, because it is not just about losing weight, but it is about building in the healthy habits that counteract emotional eater, support us when life is a rollercoaster, and help us to find inner peace and strength after a life event that knocked us for six. 

Building in positive healthy routines helps everyone…

1.)  Emotional Eaters

The more positive routines you have, the more inner peace and happiness you have, and the less you will feel bored and unfilled.

2.)  Roller Coaster Routines

The more healthy habits you have in place, the less you will suffer from the roller coaster of life as you will over indulge less and recover faster.

3.)  Renewed After Recovery

Building in healthy habits after a life event that hurt you, helps you to feel empowered and heal faster and be stronger in yourself.

Our life and our destiny is ultimately the result of our routines and habits in life.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Taking part in the #Mchallenge is a fun and motivating way to build in healthy happy habits for the long term.

With the right routines & habits in your life, you will get the right results.

When you sign up for the #Mchallenge you will get a daily video for a couple of weeks that will go into detail on the different healthy habits you can build into your life.

You do not have to build in all habits at once, the key is to pick the habits that you want to do, and build them in to your life, and then when or if you want to build in more you can do that when it suits you.

The #Mchallenge Overveiew

Lets create a #Movement!  The idea behind the #Mchallenge is that we can share a positive #Message of being Healthy & Happy 🙂

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Did you know that what we post on social #Media – creates an impact 5 people deep?

If you post a positive inspiring message, this can create a ripple effect that changes lives.

In January I had the habit of posting something positive every morning on my personal facebook page.  I had around 10 messages in that month from people simply thanking me for my posts and saying that my posts had inspired them to go and do something positive.

For example; one person said that they had started swimming every morning.  I wonder how many people he inspired by doing that? and then in turn how many people they inspired? It is impossible to know!  Research indicates that it goes 5 people deep. It is the butterfly effect in action!

Another girl started adapting her own personal morning routines because of my post, this had such an impact on her life that she sent me a beautiful thank you card and a gift a few months later.

All I did was post positive photos of the simple routines and thoughts that shaped my day to make it better.  It was so easy to do, and it kept me feeling accountable, plus it inspired others.  If 10 people messaged me, think about how many people where inspired that didn’t let me know!  A lot more I am sure.

We can all create this positive ripple effect in the world.

There is so much negative crap in the news and on social media, the #Mchallenge is all about us creating a #Movement by taking daily action to be happier and healthier and then posting our actions on social #media so that we can inspire other people to take action to be healthy and happy.

This isn’t just about losing weight, it is #Much #Much #More than that.

As you can see below the number of #Mchallenges we have for you to post about!

Please look for opportunities everyday to post something positive.  When posting your posts, photos, videos on social media, please use the #hashtag #Mchallenge

Here are some examples of how you hold yourself accountable to be healthy and happy, and inspire your friends and family in the process! 🙂 

What an amazing day! I love it when the sun shines 🙂

#Mchallenge #Mindfulness


Chilling out in bed watching movies with my family 🙂

#Mchallenge #MagicalMoments


A massive shout out to Tasha for inspiring me with her weight loss journey!
I love this girl and her kick ass attitude to life!

#Mchallenge #Mentions #Mates #Muse


So proud of Hannah for completing her first run!!!

#Mchallenge #Move #Mission #MassiveInspiration



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Over the coming days you will see videos from me that will go into each of these topics below of the #Mchallenge in #More detail…

This overview is to give you inspiration for what is ahead!

When you read this list, just think about how different your life would be if you could implement all of these!

What #Mchallenges would make the biggest difference in your life? What can you start doing today?  

#MONEY – To kick the challenge off we are giving away £500 in cash points in the next 2 weeks!  Every day we will be giving away cash points from £10 up to anyone who posts a public post on facebook or instagram and uses the hashtag #Mchallenge

1.)  Before You Get Started on your M Habits, you need to get your “head in the M game!”

#Mission – What is your WHY? Why do you want to be slim and healthy? What does it mean to you? How will your life improve? How will it benefit the people you love? What opportunites will you have because you are more confident and happy with how you look?  How will your health improve?

#Me – Who are you? What are your beliefs about yourself? What are your values? Who do you want to be? Why are you afraid to shine? How would your life be different if you had the courage to step fully into a better version of yourself? What are your goals and dreams?

2.)  M Action’s To Be Slim & Healthy

nd136-ff9e8982-2bfe-4764-9fa9-6eadb9990d39-v2#MondayWeighIn –
Starting Monday 4th April we will have a weekly weigh in every Monday.  Share your weight loss goals with us!

#MakeoverPrize – If you are feeling determined to create a jaw dropping transformation this Spring, then make sure you register for our Spring Transformation Makeover Prize.  You can find out how to enter when you sign up for the #Mchallenge.

#Meals – If you want to get slim and stay slim the most important element is to eat healthy foods.  We recommend to follow our FAST FOCUS plan if and when possible to lose weight, and to maintain your weight with a clean healthy diet.  If FAST FOCUS is not suitable for you for medical or lifestyle reasons our other 2 meal plans, FRESH FOCUS & FAMILY FOCUS, will help you to lose weight, it will be at a lower rate but the most important thing is that you to be moving towards your healthy target weight.

#Metabolism – Boost your metabolism and you will boost your weight loss.  We promote that you drink 4 litres of water throughout the day.  The main reason for this is that drinking around 500ml of water boosts your metabolism by 30%.  Therefore if you can drink a large glass of water every hour your metabolism will be boosted throughout the day helping your body to effeciently burn your body fat.  We also have a pineapple fat burner drink that is great to take first thing in the morning for an extra metabolism boost.

#Muscle – Getting fit and healthy, means improving your body strength.  Muscles also help your body to boost your metabolism.  Toning and strength exercises are an important part of your healthy routines. You can do this through a way that appeals to you; from yoga and pilates, to home exercise routine to you tube videos, to joining a gym or crossfit class.

#Move – A little bit of cardio every day helps to keep you fit and healthy, in your body and your mind.  If you think you do not have time to exercise, then think of how you can add in 5 mins fo intense exercise in the morning and evening.  10 minutes a day adds up to 60 hours a year!  The more you move, the more you want to move, and the more energy you have to move with!  Movement gets your endorphin’s going. Endorphins are released in your brain when you exercise with intensity, they helps you to relieve stress and feel happy!  A good walk is also great for your mood – always remember – Emotion comes from Motion!  If you want to feel better, MOVE!

pizap.com14585803487381#Maintenance – Maintaining your weight begins before the maintenance stage of your weight loss journey. If you catch your thinking…. “I can’t wait until I get to my goal so that I can eat that double cheeseburger, extra large portion of chips and double chocolate muffin all washed down with a large coke”…. then immediately become aware that you need to change this thought process.  The best way to change it, is to educate yourself, learn about nutrition and build in your new identity and way of thinking that will help you to maintain.

#Measurement – The best thing you can do is find out where you are right now and then measure your improvement.  Track your success, measure your weight, your waist, take photos, track your fitness, your strength. What can you measure and aim to improve? When you sign up for the #Mchallenge you will be sent #Measurement forms to complete.

#Milestones – Setting yourself mini goals and milestones is a great way to stay focused on your journey. What is your next weight loss goal? Fitness goal? When you achieve your milestone how are you going to celebrate and reward yourself??

#Momentum – When you are “in the zone” it is so important not to break your momentum.  Stay with it.  Protect your ketones if you are in ketosis.  Do not lose your momentum! Keep going! 🙂

#Mates – It is so important that you have friends that will support you on your New You Journey.  That is why we strongly recommend you join our Secret Slimmers community on facebook! We have so much fun in this group, and everyone understands your weight loss journey, there is no judgement and you will soon make good friends who will support you on the highs and lows of this incredible life changing journey!

Week 1 - 4 side

Click here to sign up up for the #Mchallenge!

3.)  M Habits to Build In For Happy Healthy Life 🙂


Water on the go#Morning – How you start your day, determines the type of day you have.  If you start your day feeling stressed, rushed, disorganised and disconnected… that sets you up for a hard day ahead.  If you can start your day the right way and create a morning routine that sets you up for success and makes you feel energised and focused on your mission, then you are going to have a great day!  Our life is our days in minature, if you want to have a great life, create great days, if you want to have a great day, create a morning routine that supports you and makes you feel AMazing!

#Miracles – Count your blessings and be grateful for all the little things in life. Life is full of miracles, the more we see them, the more they show up.  It is so easy to take life for granted, when we don’t see the miracles all around us, and we don’t appreciate our friends and family, then life losses it’s appeal.  Stay grateful and make the habit of counting your blessings everyday.

#Merit – It is so easy to fall into the trap of living in the “gap”.  Take time everyday to look at what you have achieved.  Yes you might not be where you want to be yet, but you have made progress.  Write down what you have achieved and feel proud.  Give yourself credit for your achievements. Go to bed every night feeling proud, and wake up every morning feeling determined.

Tuesday OTG#Mindset – One of the most important skills you can learn is the ability to pivot a problem into a challenge.  Life is always going to throw us curve balls.  How we deal with them will define our life.  It all comes down to mindset.  A change in perspective; changes everything instantly.  Make the habit of turning the negative into positive.  Turn the “I Can’t!”, into “I Can!!!”.  Turn the “I will try…..”, into “I will do it!”, turn the moaning, into happiness.  It all comes down to MINDSET.  The quality of our life is based on our emotions, our emotions are based on how we decide to view things.

#Mellow – Your mindset to your New You journey will be more enjoyable and more successful if you can stay mellow.  Accept the journey for what it is.  Enjoy the journey for what it is.  Don’t worry about what other people think or say.  This is your journey, your life, breathe in…. and connect with your mission and stay mellow 🙂

#Motivation – You need to take responsibility for your own motivation.  It is something that you need to take action with everyday and everyone is unique.  I am motivated by listening to positive audio books or you tube videos.  I also love vision boards or dream boards.  Writing out my goals everyday is another way I stayed motivated.  What can you do everyday to keep you motivated and focused on what you want to achieve?

Candida's life has changed thanks to The New You Plan!9381756#Mantra – Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your brain.  What is your biggest limiting belief? I will never be slim. I will never find true love. I will never be fit. Turn that around, and build in a mantra that you repeat to yourself over and over every day to reprogram your brain. We are what we tell ourselves we are.  Create a new story for you, and it all starts with a mantra.

Laura social#Memories – It is important to take note everyday, about your wins, and capture that memory. It is so easy to forget our wins, and focus only on”what we haven’t done” or “what we should do” – make a point every night to write out at least 3 things that you achieved that day that are wins that you want to capture and remember.

#Mindfulness – Take a moment to take notice of the world around us. The beautiful sunsets, the flowers, the clouds, the smiles on faces,. the birds in the trees. Be in awe of being alive and watch how your mood changes.

#Mapping – Map out your week every weekend and Map out the next day every night before you go to bed. Planning your days and making sure you schedule in time for your healthy habits will help you to stay healthy and happy and create that sense of momentum and achievement that you are moving confidently towards the life of your dreams.

#Meditation – We live in such a busy noisy world, having time to sit still, and be quiet and not think about the busyness of life, is a great way to recharge.  You can do this through prayer or meditation.  If you haven’t tried mediation before, try a free app to meditate called Head Space.  To benefit from meditation you need to make it a daily practice, it only takes a few minutes a day. Studies show that it reduces anxiety, depression and emotional eating.

#MagicalMoments – Life is all about creating magical moments and appreciating them. The more we seek out to make these moments, the more magical life will be. From the simple; cuddle on the sofa, making someone you love a cup of tea, a walk at sunset, a fun day out to the beach to be big magical moments like the holiday of a lifetime. The little moments and the big moments are what make life magical and what we will remember the most when we look back on our life. Make it your mission to create special memories for the people you love and for yourself.

11358896_397656517084887_1422064800_n#Makeover – How we look and our environment play a big role in how we feel. From a new toothbrush, to a new foundation, to a new cushion for the sofa. Little changes and improvements keep us looking fresh and healthy, and keep our environment inspiring and relaxing.

#Manifest – We all have the power to manifest our dreams. All it takes is a big dream, and then everyday asking ourselves, what step could i take today to move closer to my dream? Read a book, make a phone call, enroll on a course? Everyday we have the opportunity to move closer to our dreams or to stay stuck, it all comes down to having the courage to take the next step.  You don’t have to see the full staircase, just the next step… take the next step towards your dreams and the next step will reveal itself to you.

#Meaning – We get to assign the meaning that we want to our life. When we go through bad times, we get to decide what that means for us. Be empowered to assign a meaning that makes you stronger and that serves the world.

#Magnificent – Life is what we make it, Dare to make it magnificent. Don’t be afraid to shine, you have one life and you need to live it on YOUR terms. Don’t worry about what other people think. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

#Mercy – The only way to have true happiness is to FORGIVE. People are always going to hurt you, betray you, steal from you. Have mercy on them and don’t hold onto the anger. It will eat you up like poison.  When you feel full of anger and resentment because someone has wronged you it is impossible for you to be healthy and happy.  Your own resentment will hurt you more than they could ever do.  Let it go…. and focus on being healthy and happy.

11301447_397656520418220_1094932955_n#Mastery – Healthy eating, healthy living, healthy mindset – it all takes practice. If you want to be slim and healthy and stay that way, you need to decide to master it. That takes education, reading, learning, and more importantly doing it and applying what you read and learn.

#Morphing – Understand that you are always going to be creating your new you. You are always going to be morphing into a better version of yourself. There is no end date. This is a life long journey and one that you will inspire many people on!! 🙂 

#More – A simple rule to live by, is always expect More from yourself than others could expect from you. The more you give, the more you get. The more you put in the more you get out. Don’t cheat yourself and others by doing a half a job. Leave things better than you found them.  What more can you do on your new you journey?

#MakingAdifference – From a simple smile to a stranger, to encouraging a friend in need, to having a heart to heart with a friend who is overweight and healthy, to random acts of kindness, to donating money to a charity, to volunteering. There are so many ways that you can make a difference in the world.  Make the habit of making a difference 🙂

#Mind-Blowing – When was the last time you did something fun that scared you? When was the last time you did something that made you go WOW! Every 90 days plan something that is WOW. Keep life fun and exciting!

#Muse – A Muse is a source of inspiration.  Be a source of inspiration to those around you.  If you want your friends and family to be healthier and happier, then make that your mission to be their muse. Inspire them with your own progress and journey.

#Mention – When someone inspires you, let them know! A little mention and acknowledgement really encourages people to keep going.  Never under estimate the power of a word of encouragement or support to someone who is trying their best to do good in the world.

New You Plan Strawberry Bar#MakeUp – One for the ladies! Sometimes a little make up can go a long way in making us feel better about ourselves.  Make up is fun and a great way to make you feel more confident and sexy!

#Music – What are your favourite songs? Do you have them on a playlist? Music is one of the best ways we can change how we feel.  Create a playlist for your New You Journey 🙂

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How different would your life be if you started to add in the #Mchallenge everyday?


julz march 16thStart with what you want to do now, and you will feel the momentum build!  

Don’t forget to #hashtag your posts on Facebook and Instagram with #mchallenge – if your post is PUBLIC we will be able to find it and you could be in with a chance of getting a piece of the £500 cash points we have to give away the next 2 weeks! 🙂 #goodluck 

I will be looking for your social #media #Mchallenge posts today! 🙂

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