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Why Meal Replacements Can Break Your Bad Eating Habits

Why Meal Replacements Can Break Your Bad Eating Habits

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Meal replacements

Today, New You Plan Founder Julie-Ann shares why meal replacements are the perfect way to break your bad eating habits and sort out your relationship with food, once and for all.

Are you sceptical??

  • Do you think you CAN’T lose weight.
  • Do you think our plan DOESN’T WORK.
  • Do you think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be 100%.
  • Do you think you are TOO OLD to be slim?

Yip, if you do think any of these then you are like most people 😀  

We all can be sceptical when it comes to what we believe we are capable of.

And there is even more scepticism around diet claims, as there are so many “fake” results out there.

Pills, patches, diet drops and magic potions will not help you lose weight.

Nutritious food will.

Meal replacements

Losing weight all comes down to eating healthy nutritious foods and creating a calorie deficit so that your body can lose weight.

There are 3500 calories in just one pound of fat.

That is why losing weight with traditional healthy eating plans is very hard.

Every day we get an email from someone sharing their story about how “clean eating” and killing themselves at the gym is not working.

If you create a deficit of 500 calories a day, you will lose approximately 1 pound a week.

500 calories a day for 7 days = 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat

If you have 3 stone to lose – that means it would take you 42 weeks to lose that weight if you create a 500 calorie a day deficit. That is almost a year. So if you start today, by next May 2018 you could be 3 stone lighter….. If you are good every single week between now and then.

If you have 6 stone to lose – that means it would take you 84 weeks to lose that weight. (If you can actually stick at it for that length of time. Most human beings can’t.)

Meal replacements

For most people the thought of long diets for 1 or 2 years is soul destroying and they end up losing motivation and start to believe the story in their head that they are destined to be fat and unhappy with their own body.

And we all know that with conventional diet plans, it doesn’t always mean you lose weight every week. How many times have you thought you have been good all week just to stand on the scales and see you have GAINED??

Horrible feeling that isn’t it?? 

Most people are addicted to foods so it is so easy to “cheat” on a conventional diet plan.

You have a lot of weighing, cooking, counting to do – to make sure you achieve that 500 calorie deficit everyday, and on top of that your body will feel hungry as you are eating less than what you normally do.

If you are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs… It is much easier to remove these from your life.  You can go cold turkey. With food it is a different story. We need food to live!

New You Plan awesome

This is why I LOVE meal replacements.

Meal replacements give us a total break from conventional foods.

They give us an opportunity to RESET our body, to break bad habits, to get rid of our addictions to processed foods.

Using meal replacements means you do not have to weigh foods, count calories or points, or cook for hours every week.

Simply having 4 meal packs a day you know your body has all the nutrients it needs to get 100% of your RDA, and to create a massive calorie deficit.

On average, with our meal plan you can create a calorie deficit of almost 1500 calories A DAY.

Meal replacements

Each of our meal packs has around 135 calories and we recommend you take 4 a day.

Plus we have a great variety: Chocolate bars, pancakes, porridge, spicy noodle nosh, cottage pie, vegetable chilli, pasta carbonara, 7 shake flavours, and more!  Over 35 meal choices to choose from in total.  And all made simply by adding water.

The great news is that because our meal packs contain everything you need to be healthy, you feel great, and you do not feel hungry because they contain the right amount of carbs to keep your body in a state called ketosis, that blunts feelings of hunger and increases energy.

This massive calorie deficit, while feeling great and not being hungry, means you get exciting results – with ease!*

One of the biggest ways for people to stay focused on a diet is to get MOTIVATING RESULTS.

If you can see the scales drop every week, and your clothes feel looser every week, you soon start to believe in yourself.

Your inner talk goes from…

“I will always be fat and unhappy with my body.”


“Oh my goodness… I am actually going to do this!  I am going to be slim, healthy and proud of how I look!”

Once you start to believe in yourself, you start to think of yourself in a new way, and most importantly you start to look at your relationship with food in a new way.

Meal replacements

Having a total break from over indulgent foods and alcohol is a great way to RESET YOUR BODY AND YOUR MIND.

To believe that you can be slim and healthy, and that you do not need to eat or drink to be happy – is the biggest mindset shift you can make.

In fact most of the foods that we eat for enjoyment are keeping us trapped feeling unhappy and unhealthy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. A total body reset can change so much.

How long does it take to change??

21 days of total food replacement can help you to break down old habits. The first 21 days is known as the combat stage, most people will find it much easier after 21 days.

66 days of total food replacements can help you to instil new habits and thinking.  This is proven by science that it takes 66 days for you to instil new habits so that they stick.

Not only can you totally change your thinking and habits around food in 66 days, but you can also dramatically change your weight and even reverse diabetes type 2.

Research released last year by the Journal of Diabetes showed that by following 8 weeks of meal replacements (600 calories a day) the average weight loss of 30 people with diabetes was 2 stone in 8 weeks, and that 12 people reversed their diabetes 6 months after.

It was also reported that the average person in the trial maintained their weight loss by reducing their normal calories intake by one third.  The results of the trial have been hailed exciting by experts in the UK.

The use of meal replacements to fight obesity, diabetes and to help people to reset and change how they think and what they eat is really exciting. Because it WORKS.

Food and nutrition is the key to a New You – it is the key to weight loss and the key to maintenance.

7 Ways Meal Replacements Make Losing Weight Easy!

  1. Your body gets all the nutrients it needs to be healthy—4 packs a day gives you 100% RDA vitamins and minerals.
  2. Your body creates a calorie deficit without you having to think about counting calories, carbs, proteins etc.
  3. You achieve motivating weight loss results*! This is the biggest factor to success. Studies have shown that the more motivating the results, the more chances people have of sticking to their diet.
  4. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with menu planning, meal prep or cooking.
  5. You get a total break from conventional food, time to reset your palate and the addiction to junk foods and foods that made you fat, unhealthy and miserable.
  6. You get to break the emotional attachment to eating. Plus you learn to cope with your emotions in more positive, healthy and empowering ways.
  7. You lose weight without feeling hungry.* When ketosis kicks in around day 5 things get easier. The longer you stay 100%, the deeper into ketosis you will go and the more you settle into your new way of eating, and the easier and easier it gets.
  8. You have ample energy and a general feeling of well being. Being in ketosis and losing weight makes you feel empowered. Instead of feeling tired like you might by reducing calories normally, when you use meal replacements, you do feel energised.

Meal replacements DO WORK!

There’s still time to make this year a time of amazing transformation, good health, happiness, empowerment and excitement, so pick your start date, get started, get focused on losing that first 10 pounds as fast as you possibly can, get motivated, get empowered and enjoy the journey! Woohoo 🙂

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.


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