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Why Choose The New You Plan?

Why Choose The New You Plan?

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Blog Written By Tasha Hynes





Do you ever sit and look at computer thinking should I go for it should I not?

I do it all the time, I am really bad when buying clothes, but this is such a bigger decision … you know … loosing weight!

There are so many diet companies out there now that you have no idea which one to go for!!

So because of this we are going to help you see why you should choose The New You Plan and what make us so much more different to the rest!

Firstly we have so many themed days ion our Secret slimmers group and on our blogs in order to keep your mind off the fact the at you are dieting, we aim to make dieting easy, fun and motivating.

To show you how our slimmers feel about The New You Plan we have captured some of the comments just so we can share and a little bit of a why from myself – Tasha! 🙂

Here are some reasons why our customers Chose The New You Plan:

Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.21.55


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.22.06


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.22.11


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.22.17


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.23.02


Now I am going to tell you a little about me:Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.33.09

My Name is Tasha and I work here at The New You Plan, I have started the diet again as of the 1st of March and I am determined to lose 5Stone 12lbs! I have so many WHY’s for starting The New You Plan!! This is going to be the last time that I do a diet, I know I will be able to gain control of my eating habits my on the plan, because this diet allows you to take back your life!

I have so many things coming up this year that i want to be slim for:

✅ Birthday Party in Glasgow

✅ 2 Year anniversary with my other half

✅ Trip to Paris with my Other half

✅ Girls holidays to Benidorm

✅ Then off to England to see my uni friends!!

These are the kind of things that I don’t want my fat holding me back from! I don’t want to be the person who is walking around a hot country, sweating, panting, looking like I am about to die and suffering with CHUBB RUB!!! I want to enjoy all these events this year without any hassle!




The Amazing WOW moments form our Secret Slimmers!!! 

These Slimmers have been on plan from anything between 1 week to 12 weeks, everyone is always there to show their support and motivation to others! We want to hear how your weight loss journey is going and that is why we ask to hear your WOW’s – below are a number of comments from our lovely slimmers below <3

Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.48


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.42


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.44


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.46 (2)


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.52 (2)


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.52 (3)


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.54 (2)


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.54


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.14.58


If you would like to more about The New you Plan CLICK HERE


IF you want to get involved in all of the fun and motivation and you are a customer of The New You Plan, all you have to do is rquest to become a member of Secret Slimmers. Just CLICK HERE  and I can get you added 😀 xxx




Love Tasha xxx



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