Welcome to the diet pain!

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I was listening to something the other day and the topic being discussed was happiness.

What was being explained is that people that are generally happy, do experience negative emotions and pain but they do not feel afraid by it, they accept the emotion or pain and let it in, they deal with it and it soon leaves them.

Happy people happily accept that life has negative emotions and they welcome them when they arrive and understand they are only temporary and they are there for a reason, to help them learn something about themselves or a situation.

People who struggle to be happy resist negative emotions they don’t welcome them in, they don’t listen to what the negative emotion or pain is trying to say, instead they try to push the emotion away, they don’t want to accept it and learn from it.  This causes the emotion to hang around and play up and cause more drama and pain!

This concept totally relates to dieting and losing weight.

[quote style=”boxed”]If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.[/quote]

People who go on a diet and are successful are fully aware that there will be days and occasions when they are going to experience negative emotions and pain.

This is part of the package, part of the process and part of the transformation. They are ready for it, they accept it and when they experience the negative emotion or they accept it for what it is, let it in, learn from it, and it soon leaves. When the negative emotion leaves, the dieter feels stronger, even more confident and even more happy about being on a diet.

People who struggle and fail on a diet fear the negative emotions and pain. They don’t want to accept the pain or learn from it, they resist it, and when it happens they feel more fear and resistance and the emotion builds up and won’t leave and soon a drama occurs, the diet is broken, and the dieter feels worse, they feel like a failure and feel guilty.

The key message here is that all parts of life have negative emotions and pains. This is part of life and there is no avoiding it. It is impossible not to live life without experiencing negative emotions and pain, but you can still be happy and successful if you welcome these emotions as part of life, welcome pain, let it in, talk to it, learn from it, and it will soon leave you feeling stronger and happier.

When you try to resist negative emotions and pain and reject them and not learn from them, they kinda seem to hang around and won’t leave you, and this is when unhappiness and drama persists.

On your weight loss journey accept that you are going to experience pain and negative emotions, welcome them, deal with them, learn from them, talk to them, don’t stress, don’t panic, just welcome it in, figure out why it is there, understand that this is part of your learning and healing process.

Believe that this is the last time you are on a diet, be determined to get and stay slim and learn from the experience.

So next time you have a negative emotion creep in when you are on your diet, don’t fret, welcome it in and it will soon leave you, and before you know it you will be at your goal, feeling slim, healthy, happy, confident, strong, and proud.

Losing weight is also one of the most exciting, thrilling, delightful, liberating and amazing experiences that you will ever go through! There are a million positive emotions associated with losing weight, getting in shape and feeling fit and healthy!

As Dolly Parton said… “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”

The the key message is accept the process of life and diets, welcome the pain, embrace it, learn from it and it will leave you quickly and you will experience more happiness and enjoy the process and the results.

Good Luck with your weight loss journey. x

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