Day 07: Damian’s New You Diet Diary*

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Day 7- Week 1 DOWN! I Killed it ūüėÄ

by The New You Plan on Saturday, 29 October 2011 at 23:45
*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

This week has really flown by! The best thing about the week is that I can’t remember any of the hard parts, just the good bits. The days that have been the easiest, have been the days that I had planned out my day the night before. Knowing what time I was going to have a meal at and what obtacles I would have to avoid.

Today for example, I had to go to a family thing. It was an all dayer! I had to leave the house at 9am, ( I know of Saturday, killer!) so I had a porridge just before I left. I also threw my stick blender .a shake pouch and a 2ltr of water¬†into the car. I had to go to a hotel, I presumed it would just be a few sambos, wine, soup etc floating about And I would nip away at some stage to a friends house nearby to whizz up my shake.. But I didn’t realise it was a proper sit down 4 course meal. I knew it was going to be so so awkward! However, I had planned earlier to call to¬†my friends, so i stuck to it and excused myself .. I stayed at my friends¬†for about an hour, and then headed back to the hotel. By the time I got back everyone was just waiting for desserts, so I just declined dessert and just ordered a coffee and it was definitely an awkward situation avoided.

I counted this evening 18 x 2 ltrs of empty bottles of water from the last 7 days! It definitely makes things easier. I feel I am sailing a bit at the moment. Sure, at times it is tough, but once I get past the moments of weakness, I get back in the zone! Some distractions I use are ;calling a friend for a chat,¬†shoping for¬†a bargain on ebay,¬† looking up holidays for 2012, go online and search for something motivational- like¬†comments on facebook, or youtube videos or something. Instead of sitting back and torturing myself in the moment,¬†I get¬†out of the moment! Make the bad moment a good moment ( without wanting to sound too preachy). Everytime I have tried this the moment passed, and I am back to calm, goal focused me ūüôā

Don’t get me wrong the whole thing is hard at times, but I really do want to lose weight, and I don’t want to go backwards. It has just been about balancing whether I am happier eating the wrong things and being unhappy, or replacing what I eat with the¬†NYP and being much healthier and happier! Is food really worth your happiness and health? That’s what I think in my head all the time!

Anyway, I have badgered on loads for a Saturday night! Weigh-in tomorrow hope I do well! Thanks to everyone for all the nice messages they have sent me, they really cheered me up in a week that , besides starting the New You Plan, was incredibly tough. .. In other news… X-Factor is was shockin bad this week ūüėÄ

Take care guys


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