Day 06: Damian’s New You Weight Loss Diary*

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Day 6 – Happy Friday!

by The New You Plan on Friday, 28 October 2011 at 20:42
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Happy Friday!

Today has been the toughtest so far… I had to go shopping for loads of Halloween treats for the kids (not mine) I am not a big sweets fan, but the smell of freshly baked bread was really tempting..

I am having a big gang over on Sunday for Lunch, so I had to go to the buthcer and get a big shoulder of Lamb. The butcher asked me how I was going to cook it, and as I said the words ” Slow roasted with garlic, and rosemary and red wine jus… ” I was salivating…  I was quick to spot that I was torturing myself, and needed to get out of that frame of mind..

I finished picking up the groceries, and headed for Boots.. I decided to treat myself to a new bottle of Gucci Aftershave- replacing the one I dropped into the Bath smashing everywhere 😀 It really cheered me up, and decided to treat myself some more and ordered some fancy Teas online .. Definitely worth a look

I am back on track now, and feel less tempted. Slightly worried about cooking for 8 on Sunday.. But sure I will manage, plus I will have my weigh in, so it will get me through it. I have realised something today that I think will really help in days to come.. Food is just meant to be eaten when you are hungry.

So if I am in Ketosis, and receiving my RDA of Vitamins and Minerals etc, I will not be hungry. So, if I do crave anything, it is just that, a craving, not a necessity. This then suggests that if I am weak, and succumb to my cravings, it is 100% in my mind, and not out of being hungry. I am now looking at how to make my mind stronger, and am learning about techniques to do so.. I will let you know about them when I do!

My breath is a bit funky!!! Which really sucks .. I tried to get Listerine strips, but the girl in Boots told me that you can’t get them in the Republic of Ireland anymore.. S H ONE T! I am brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day and using mouthwash, I can still notice it. So if I can, I know others can, but are too polite to say. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of it please help!

I woke up this morning with heartburn and indigestion, which is really unusual. I was afraid to take an antacid, just in case. I think the culprit was the sparkling water I drank last night. I ran out of still, so took a bubble bottle to bed with me, I think I will give the bubbly water a miss. It was hellish for about an hour!

I am out of bars now, and running low on hot meals so am a bit worried. The bars are so tasty and so handy when you are out and about and the hot meals are good as they make you feel like you are have some type of a proper meal. I would advise everyone to make sure you order enough bars and hot meals for at least one per day of each! I tend to have 2 shakes, 1 hot meals, and 1 bar a day.

Ok, thats me for this evening! Have a good weekend



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